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      The Eye of the Storm
      by Batya Medad
      A Unique Perspective by Batya Medad of Shiloh
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      Batya Medad made aliya from New York to Israel in 1970 and has been living in Shiloh since 1981. Recently she began organizing women's visits to Tel Shiloh for Psalms and prayers. (For more information, please email her.)  Batya is a newspaper and magazine columnist, a veteran jblogger and recently stopped EFL teaching.  She's also a wife, mother, grandmother, photographer and HolyLand hitchhiker, always seeing things from her own very unique perspective. For more of Batya's writings and photos, check out:

      Shiloh Musings



      Cheshvan 13, 5768, 10/25/2007

      I'm Not That Dumb!

      Please, take a look at these maps, a good look.


      Now, did you look at the numbers, the distances?

      Do you honestly think that Israel could survive if we allow Condeleeza Rice's dream to come true?

      Do you honestly think that there's room for another Arab State in the Land of Israel?

      Do you honestly think that Israel should take any more advice from US's Bush and the rest of the international busybodies?

      Do you honestly think that Israel should attend the upcoming "conference" no matter what they call it?

      Do you honestly think that Israel's present government is leading us in the right direction?

      Or do you honestly think that something "stinks?"

      Don't be shy.  We have a country to save!