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One Conspiracy Gone

By Yisrael Medad
10/23/2007, 12:00 AM

Last night here in Israel, all the TV channels showed portions of the police video recording of Yigal Amir, the killer of Yitzhak Rabin, during his first interrogation.

Many conspiracy theories exist about that assassination.  One of them, a staple of the Left-wing, is that the cause of the murder, what sent Amir to pull the trigger, was a "campaign of incitement", foremost, that of "the Rabbis".

It doesn't perturb these kooks that the most active inciter, the person who appeared the most in the media, was, of all people, a GSS agent - Avishai Raviv.

But as I watched the video clip, I heard the police investigator ask: "When did the idea to kill the Prime Minister first enter your head?"

The answer was "Since the Oslo One agreement".

Dear readers, Oslo One was signed on September 13, 1993.

Even if we grant Amir a bit of lattitude and extend the time line of Oslo A for even a half year more into 1994, the so-called "campaign of incitement" didn't start until the second half of 1994 and the beginning of 1995.  The chanting of the kids, the Zion Square rally, the Succot pushing-affair, the Pulsa D'Nura ceremony and the faked swearing-in ceremony, all these are 1995.

So, what "incitment campaign" are we talking about that had a direct affect on Amir?