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Humor & Pot Luck

By Tamar Yonah
10/23/2007, 12:00 AM

Sometimes I have items I want to post that don't really deserve to take up a whole blog entry.  I have decided to post them as add-ons.  That means, that you should should check my blogs frequently, as I will be adding on items to the present blog (last blog posted) and you may not want to miss these little gems.  I will also be making a 'Reader's Corner' where, if you have any pearls you'd like to send me, I can post them.  One reader, Dan from Herzelia, often sends me quite funny tid bits where he writes satires on today's news.  I will be posting them there as well.  Please participate and send me your own, and I can then post them if appropriate.

Now, for some fun. These are some things I thought up, and would love for you to send me your own.

Shortest Books Ever Written:  (Some, only Israelis will understand and laugh at. Sorry.)

Safe Sex - by Yasser Arafat
Minding My own Business - by Condeleeza Rice
Things I Like About The Jews - by Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinajad
Standing On My Own Two Feet - by P.A. Leader, Mahmood Abbas
How To Be A Model Prime Minister - by Ehud Olmert
Intelligent Strategies for Foreign Affairs - by Tzippi Livni
My Beauty Secrets - by Yuli Tamir
How To Stop Rocket Attacks - by Former Defense Minister, Amir Peretz
The Art of Knowing When to Go - by Shimon Peres
Why You Can Trust Me - by Bibi Netanyahu
Why BB Loves Me - by Moshe Feiglin
Learning From My Mistakes - by Ehud Barak
Without Daddy's Help - by George W. Bush
Things I Love About Israel - by Bar Rafaeli, co-authored by Avraham Burg
There's More to Blogging Than Sex and Aliyah - Tzvi Fishman (Just joking Tzvi)
Things I Don't Like About Myself - Tovia Singer                         
Things I Like About Tovia - Tamar Yonah (ha ha ha - We are really good friends folks, don't worry, it's all tongue in cheek)

Add your own 'shortest book' ideas.  Post them blow in the COMMENT section.

Reader's Corner:

News Items from Dan:

Palestinian delegation no-shows in Annapolis
The Palestinian delegation failed to show up at the talks in Annapolis.  After a few phone calls, it turned out that the members of the delegation were told that the conference would be in "A-Nablus," so they expected that the conference would be held in the city of Shechem.
Car-parts harvesting season begins in the Palestinian Authority, but ...
The car-parts harvesting season, one of the important events in life-cycle of the Palestinians, begins this week in the Palestinian Authority, when every night Arab youths go into Jewish cities and "liberate" the parts from the automobiles of the Zionist occupiers and sell them to the chop-shops in Hevron. 
However it will not be a festive day for Shareef Omar, 65, of Kalkiliya, and manager of a car-parts harvesting business. His sons will not be able to work at the Palestinians' traditional livelihood because they will be stopped by the fence or security barrier.
The Longest Speech
The year 2015:  the Guiness world's record for the longest speech is broken, when Ehud Olmert's cell-mate asks him, "What are you in here for ?"