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Yochai Arye's Brit Milah!

Arutz 7's Hollywood blogger, pictured here with my A7 blogging husband, did a great mitzvah by attending the Brit Milah of the latest member of the clan.

photo by me

After Tzvi's return home to his computer, he wrote about my favorite Parsha, Lech Lecha,

Now, don't be shocked, but I disagree with what he wrote.  Davka, I have no doubt that Avraham Avinu came from an elite family of the "America" of its time.  Chazal even say that his father had started the journey, but somehow got distracted.

We all know people like that, G-d fearing, good Jews with such plans to make aliyah... after... and then ...after another after...

Chazal say that G-d talks to everyone, but not everyone listens.

Think about it.

G-d didn't send Avraham a certified receipt that he and his wife and followers had nice homes waiting for them, or even some rooms in a "Merkaz Klita."  No job was guarranteed, nor places in a full-time time ulpan with free childcare.  No way to check out the local schools or sick funds, since Avraham wasn't even sure where he was going. 

"Just listen," G-d said.  "I'll tell you when to stop when you get there."

For this Avram left his comfy home and job in daddy's business.  He had a great life and was able to devote his life to lofty ideas.  He and his wife, Sarai weren't blessed with children, but their tents were never empty.  He lived in a Great Neck of the Hollywoods.

Everyone was horrified when he announced he was leaving.  "Are you crazy?" was one of the more polite things he heard.  "Save more money."  "Go to grad school."  "How will we be able to contact you, if you don't even have an address you can give us?"

But Avram marched to a different drummer....

to be continued