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Oiy, O Jerusalem!

By Yisrael Medad
9/27/2007, 12:00 AM
Many of us remember the book "O Jerusalem" which served as a sort of second "Exodus" of Leon Uris.  Written by Lapiere and Collins, who authored together "Paris Is Burning", it was assumed to be a definitive history of the 1947-49 war that Israel has to fight against the Arabs.  Many college students studied it despite its many shortcomings.
The book, you should know, is now a film.  It'll be out shortly.
At the movie's web site, they have a timeline.  I picked just one example from it to illustrate the problems.
When does the timeline start?  In 70 AD - when Jerusalem is destroyed.  Well, by ignoring the previous 1500 years of history, when no Arab was near here, and skipping over the Jewish connection (Patriarchs, Judges, Kings, etc.), this allows the Arabs to still claim they were here before the Jews.  How?  Because, they assert, they were the original Jebusites.
At a website, Jerusalemites.Org, I found this:
The Jebusite Arabs founded the City, according to current available archaeological artifacts some 5,000 years ago, during the bronze age, and named it Uru Salem – the City of Peace.
Wow, can you imagine that?  Melchitzedek was not a Canaanite but an Arab.  Were the Hittites also Arab?
The next date in that timeline is 636 when "Calif Omar conquers Jerusalem and the Muslim occupation begins" as they write.  Okay, I'll grant them two points for using the terms "conquest" and "occupation" in an Arab context.  But what happened to Bar Kochba and his revolt against the Romans in 132-135? What about the Mishna and Gemara, composed and redacted during 250-500?
What, we Jews weren't here at all?
Now, if you take this "minor" point and begin to multiply it by the many minutes of the movie, you will realize that it's not "O Jerusalem" but "Oiy, O Jerusalem!".