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Below I have posted some fascinating video clips and news stories in brief:

Autistic child speaks of coming FINAL WAR.
Roadside  bomb in Iraq video footage.
Get to know Jerusalem, a FUN historical quickie tour via video.

Autistic child speaks of coming FINAL WAR.

Below is an interesting email I received today about Facilitated Communication.  It was sent to me by a previous guest of mine, Dovid Gross, who has a website reporting what autistics in Israel are saying.  They apparently 'talk' to us using a method called, "Facilitated Communication". Some people claim that this method cannot be relied upon because it uses the hand of a facilitator, and their sub-conscious may influence the hand of the autistic.  Others say that FC is an astonishing breakthrough, and is proven by the concise and original answers the autistics give.  You can make up your own mind how you feel about FC.  I am only passing on this information, as I know this will interest some of the readers here.
Below is an excerpt of the email I received:

Greetings friends,
My purpose in sending this email is
to share information with those who are
skilled at thinking "outside the box".
It is my hope we can all awaken in ourselves and in those around us
renewed dedication to doing acts of Kedusha (holiness), to help create more world stability.
This is especially important right now, as it appears the Israeli Army expects military trouble, Hashem Yishmor (G-d protect us):

...In the months preceding Rosh Hashana, the autisitic students who learn in
the Jerusalem special ed. school were unusually agitated, and were continually
giving warnings and messages about future global conflict.
Ben Golden ( a famous autistic here in Israel) gave a new message right before Yom Kippur.

The message was given over through a method called Facilitated Communication.
The process is explained on my site here
Over the years, the various messages  from the autistics have had a similar loshon (language) and phrasing, which supports what the Amshenover Rebbe told me, that these messages are coming from a "nivrah ruchani" (spiritual origin) that has re'shut to speak, and it is coming to help those who will listen.  The Rebbe told me to take them seriously, and told me it was proper to publicize them.
In the message you will read below,  Ben lists the "players " in the expected war.
If you know the prophecies, these words are especially meaningful:
"All that was prophesized and written in the prophetic sefarim (books), are in 'standing position', ready for action.
Iran is Paras,
Iraq is Babel,
America is Edom,
Europe is Edom
Yhi Ratzon, Hashsem should save us from the terror of a major war like Gog uMagog.
But all indications are, that the world is very close to something very frightening.
Dovid Gross
To read in English what this autisitc person, Binyamin Golden said, click here: THE LAST WAR : Our world is really about to change.  It may frighten you, but it may save you and your family.

Roadside bomb in Iraq video footage.

This was a really fascinatig video someone sent me of an IED that went off in Iraq.  Watch it, it's only about 10 seconds long and is of good quality.

Get to know Jerusalem, a FUN historical quickie tour via video.



This video was done by two very talented people I know.  Watch this short video clip about Jerusalem's Old City and pass it on to others.  Check out the other videos on the website this came from called, Israeli Living.  (Don't click on photo, as the link is not working properly)  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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