The Religious Are Taking Over!

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Tamar Yonah
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There he was, lying in the middle of the road, bloody and unconscious.  His bike was under the front left wheel of a white sedan.  The driver of the car was also bloodied and mangled in the front seat behind the steering wheel.

About a week ago, I attended the goodbye party for the volunteers of the emergency medical ambulance organization called MaDA, Magen David Adom.

My 18 year old daughter (left) is a volunteer there and has been riding in the ambulance and arriving on the scene to take care of those who needed emergency medical care.  The party's organizers which handed out certificates of thanks, and a small gift of appreciation to the many hours the volunteers worked that year, also had a simulation, a road accident involving a bicyclist and a car.  The re-enactment was  realistic.  A 'body' was lying on the pavement in the parking lot of the MaDA building, all bloodied up  with red paint make-up.  A bicycle was placed purposely under the front tire of the car and another 'actor' played an injured driver, with moaning sounds and all.   One of the head medic teachers announced a play by play, how their rescue crews arrive at the scene of an accident. He explained each step the paramedics and MaDA volunteers were performing to get the accident victims to the hospital as soon as possible, after administering the first aid that is given on the scene.

Short video clip I took of the simulated accident at Jerusalem's Magen David Adom Emergency Ambulance end of year party for the volunteers.

What struck me was the amount of kippot (yarmulkes) at the party.  At least half of the volunteers were religious.  Young men and women, Haredi as well as Knitted Kippah / National Religious.  My daughter was also among the number of religious girls, and me being a Jewish mother, well, I was very proud of her.

Kippaot and Payot (sidelocks)

I thought about the overflowing amount of religious people there and thought I would do some research.  In a country where only 20% - 30% of the population is religious (with around 40% identifying themselves as 'traditional' {meaning that they may light Shabbat candles and celebrate the holidays in some way} the religious are taking over many of the institutions in Israel.

Knitted Kippah Jew with Haredi friend with sidelocks (payot) - MaDA volunteer.

According to a report on the current birth rate in Israel, Haredi women are having three times as many children as their secular counterparts.  That's three Haredi children for every secular child born today.

TzitTzit, the ritual fringes, here worn under the MaDA uniform shirt

Another news item that came out reports that the IDF, Israel's army, has a representation which far outweigh's it's numbers in civilian life.  Approximately half of all officers in the IDF are religious.  "They are becoming the IDF's backbone" says Ben Caspit, the writer of the news story.  "Their presence in the army is several times larger than it is in the general population."

The new branch instituted in the IDF, the Nachal Haredi, now has it's own place in the respected ranks of the Israeli army.  The Netzach Yehuda battalion ( Nachal Haredi) has just received their own 'sticker' proclaiming the merits of their branch.  Their slogan is "The most combatant, the most Hareidi."

Posing with one of the actors who played an accident victim.

The 'Hesder' program which combines Torah study and army service, is seeing a steady increase in it's numbers as well.  In the mean time, more and more secular Israelis are choosing NOT to serve in the IDF, even going so far as to submit fake marriage certificates to get them out of their service. Called, 'draft dodging', they are coming out of the closet more and more, ending the tale that only religious Jews don't serve.  Statistics today in this post-Zionist state scream something different.

Religious soldiers in the Hesder program.

In the field of education, it seems that secular teachers are opting OUT. Non-religious Israelis today are abandoning the teaching profession. This is the arm which shapes the minds of our children, into tomorrow's adults. 

According to a survey from the prestigious Guttman Institute of Applied Social Research, published in 1993, more than half the Jews in Israel light Shabbat candles.  Approximately 70% keep a kosher home. Almost 80% celebrate the Passover Seder. Over 80% of Jewish males have a Bar Mitzvah, 92% have a brit milah (circumcision) and 98% go to the trouble of putting up a mezuzah on their front doors.

The birth rate - three to one, the armed forces filled with relgious officers, the education branch filling with more religiously identifying Jews, are all now in the hands of the religious.  So, the Seculars, the Post Zionists, and the Self-hating Jews, can all go home. Perhaps they should open the Good Book and learn their history and the prophesies in store. The future is almost here, and it looks like it's going to be a Jewish one!