BGU Post-Zionist Professor Equates Naqba with Holocaust

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Ben-Gurion University is host to many of the worst anti-Israel extremists, tenured traitors, "New Historians", and "Post-Zionists" in Israel academia.  Some openly call for Israel to be annihilated.  Unlike other universities where such people are repudiated by the institution officers and officials, at Ben Gurion University they are celebrated and endorsed by the university officers as fine scholars and sensitive peace lovers.  This has earned Ben Gurion University its frequent nickname, the "Bir Zeit of the Negev."  BGU is so obsessed with hiring and promoting anti-Israel extremism that it sometimes trashes academic standards of scholarship altogether.

While Ben Gurion University is also home to many serious researchers and to some departments that are scrupulous in maintaining serious academic quality, it hosts academics who endorse law breaking and terror, who call for Israel to be boycotted, and who denounce Israel as a Nazi apartheid regime.  University officials there have never been bothered by any of that.  In fact, they celebrate their Post Zionists as heroes!

Among the many extremists at BGU is Professor Dan Bar-On, a "Post-Zionist" professor of psychology who used to be Dean of Social Sciences at BGU.  Writing in the pro-Palestinian Middle East Times of April 27, 2007 with an Arab co-author, Bar-On mimics so many of the vogue radical haters of Israel in drawing moral-historical comparisons between the Nazi Holocaust of Jews in World War II and the "Naqba" (catastrophe in Arabic), the fashionable nonsense term that is often used by such people when describing the "sufferings" of Arabs when Israel was first created. 

Bar-On, who was active in the movement to organize mutiny and insurrection among Israeli soldiers until Israel capitulated to the demands of the Far Left, writes:

The Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem and the ruins of Deir Yassin may be in geographical proximity, but a world apart in the psyche of Jews and Palestinians. While the first commemorates the systematic mass extermination of European Jews under Nazi occupation prior to and during World War II, the second marks the village where Palestinians were massacred at the hands of Jewish extremists in April 1948, and symbolizes Palestinian dispossession and their struggle for self-determination....Israeli Jews have generally refused to take even partial responsibility for the Nakba (the Catastrophe) that befell the Palestinian Arabs in 1948. Such an acknowledgement, in their mind, creates a moral obligation for the Right of Return or its equivalent, thereby undermining their majority in the State of Israel....It may be not a coincidence that the new exhibit of Yad VaShem in the form of a deep mountain tunnel opens up unwittingly toward the hill where Deir Yassin was once located. That, for sure, was not the intention of the architect. It takes a new kind of courage to recognize the symbolic importance and implications of both Yad VaShem and Deir Yassin in order to go beyond them and envision a better future for both Israelis and Palestinians.   

He has been arguing that the Holocaust and "Palestinian suffering" in 1948-49 are moral equivalents for many years.  He signed a statement claiming Israel was about to perpetrate genocidal atrocities against Arabs the moment Allied forces invaded Iraq, but never apologized when this proved completely false.

Elsewhere he writes: "Some of the aggression that the Jews did not exercise against the Germans, they are expressing against Palestinians."  He has been active in producing and promoting textbooks that present the historic falsehoods that comprise the anti-Israel "narrative" as at least as valid and true as actual history.  For example, terrorists were always described also as freedom fighters.