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"I Was Just Following Orders"

By Tamar Yonah
8/13/2007, 12:00 AM

It sends a chill up my spine, those words: "I was just following orders".  It's time we citizens expose those who squirm out of being 'a creation of G-d who was given a brain and a free will' to identify evil and not participate in immoral acts.

While the video below may bring up negative feelings towards our security forces, it is important to remember that there are many WITH a brain who use it to THINK and actually refuse orders if the orders are immoral or illegal.  These soldiers often 'look the other way' as they did for the marchers wanting to go to Homesh this last weekend.

(above photo) Remember, we are all brothers.  Kfar Maimon minyan (2005)

Hear an interview I did on Sunday, with a 17 year old girl who said that the soldiers who were sent to patrol and block the route to Homesh, a destroyed community in the Shomron, were actually helping those trying to reach Homesh.  The soldiers even distributed food to the people.  Some soldiers even sat and sang Shabbat songs with them.  Don't forget that our army is full of good boys too. Most soldiers are still Zionists, love the Land of Israel, and would give their lives to protect it if a war was launcehd agaisnt us.  And many DO die for us.

I gave rides to 2 soldiers this week who were hitchhiking.  One a male, one a female.  I started talking to them, and told them, "I don't know your name or who you are, so you can feel free to tell me...  Would you follow orders to throw out Jews from their homes like they did in Gush Katif, Amona, Hebron, etc...?"   Both soldiers answered that they would refuse orders.  The female soldier said she had a sister who lived in YESHA, so she wouldn't do it.  The other soldier said that he would not do it, that he was relgious and thought it was horrible for the army to even ask the soldiers to do this dirty work.

The minority of soldiers who do dastardly deeds (and have to be trained for it by the way) with the claim that they were 'under orders' - should be exposed, and they should be afraid to use any sort of illegal violence or sexual toned aggressiveness on protestors.

With that said, check out this video:

The faces and names of Israeli police and military who expel Jews.

Misdar Zihui-Hebron, expulsion from Shalhevet Neighborhood - מסדר זיהוי, גירוש משכ' שלהבת בחברון
Kudos to the Israeli who went out of his/her way to video this.