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And The Winner Is....

By Tamar Yonah
7/11/2007, 12:00 AM

Gosh you guys are good!  The captions that you left for the pictures were very creative.  I also asked Yishai to pick out his favorite of the captions for the photos. 

   Here are the winning captions.
 Winning Caption:

Tamar: "I get the last word in today!"
Tovia:   "No, you don't!"
Tamar: "Yes, I do!"
Tovia:  "No, you don't!"                                                       Tamar: "Yes, I do!"
Tovia:   "No, you don't!"
(repeat ad nauseum...)
Moshe Meir, Calif.


Honorable Mentions:

"Did you say something intelligent, Tovia?"
Shlomo Wollins, Sderot-Golan

Tamar tells Tovia how to make chicken soup.
Yaz, Hoboken NJ 

Winning Caption:


"El Presidente says: "Make Aliyah or else."
Dan, Jerusalem




Honorable Mentions:

"I heard that there is a Jew somewhere between East Timor and Sulawesi who has not made aliyah yet. Let's go get him!!!"
Moshe Meir, S. Carlos, CA, USA

ISRAEL - Come for the Cuban Cigars, stay for the holiness!                                                                          Jeff, Jerusalem

WINNERS: Will the winners please email me with their snail mail addresses and their preference for a Hebrew/Jewish Music CD or T-shirt? (If a T-shirt, please let me know the size you want, S-M-L-XL )  A link to my email is above in the right hand column.

Honorable Mentions:  No prize, but you made me laugh and you get a mitzvah for that!

Thanks to all of you who left a caption.  Many more were really funny and brought a smile to my face.  Again, you all are really creative!