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Fun and Easy Dual-Loyalty Test

By Tzvi Fishman
7/5/2007, 12:00 AM
There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding whether a Diaspora Jew owes his national allegiance to the gentile country where he is living in exile, or to Israel, the home of the Jews. This is because over the long course of exile away from our homeland, Judaism was denuded to being a religion like any other, lacking its all-important national component that the Land of Israel provides. To help people determine where they stand on this crucial question, we have devised a Jewish identity test. While we have chosen the example of America as our Diaspora nationality, Jews living in other countries can substitute pictures from the lands of their exile, whether it be England, France, Australia, or the North Pole.
Dilemma of the Diaspora Jew
Which flag is the flag of your nation?
Flag of America
Flag of Israel
Which photo is a picture of your nation’s capital?
Washington D.C.
Which historic national landmark moves your emotions more?
Statue of Liberty
Which picture evokes in you a prouder more patriotic response?
Walk on the Moon
Conquest of Kotel
With which of these two mountains do you identify more?
Mount Rushmore
If these two armies were at war with each other, which would you support?
U.S. Marines

Which of these men made a greater impact on the history of your nation?
John Kennedy
David Ben Gurion
Which historic figure do you consider the forefather of your nation?
George Washington
Which of these foods do you consider a national favorite?
Hamburger and Fries
Where would you prefer to be buried?
Arlington National Cemetery
Mount of Olives
Jews who have identified with America in five or more questions are recommended to come to Israel for a visit and learn about their true national identity as Jews. Some serious Torah study is also certain to improve your score the next time you take the test. 
Hope to see you here soon, in the Land of our Forefathers.