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A Glimpse of Behind The Scenes At Arutz 7 Radio

By Tamar Yonah
7/1/2007, 12:00 AM

Ever get curious of what the Arutz Sheva INR studio looks like? How about a peek at the staff that you ordinarily don't get to see?  Here are some informal shots of the A-7staff that work hard gathering up the news to report to you....

Here's where it all starts, in the news room where we have the great (Rabbi) Hillel Fendell who writes the top news stories that you see at .

Followed by our great news anchors Mordechai Shenkar and Ernie Singer.  (Both single by the way,  are there any nice Jewish women out there looking for a shidduch?????)

Mordechai Shenkar (above), Ernie Singer (in below photo)

Malka Fleisher with Alex Traiman, hangin' out pre-show time. Below, Ben Bresky with technician David Samuels, keeping the station 'afloat'.

Rivka is the office manager, and the heart and lungs of the daily operations of the station.  She also manages the Juke Box.  If you want to hear some great, kosher Israeli music, click HERE and choose your genres.  I like the Israeli music the best, and then I choose the Israeli Selections #1-10, but she offers you Hassidic, Mizrachi, etc.
Leave your captions for these last two photos. Winner gets a prize!

(Photo below)  Me and Tovia battling it out on the TnT dynamite show!!! Now if I hear anyone say how cute Tovia is, I am going to have to ask for an air-sickness bag.

Whoever comes up with the best caption for this photo of Tovia and I, I am going to send them a free T-shirt or CD.  The caption has to be funny.  Leave your humorous entires in the 'Post comment' section below this blog entry.

My favorite photo of Yishai. I'll give another prize for the best caption for this photo.  Leave it in the 'comments' section.

I wish I had more photos of the staff, but I usually come in to the studio, do my shows, and then split.  Most of my work for preparing shows I do at home.  So forgive me please, rest of the A-7 amazing staff!  

And readers,,,  don't forget your 'caption entries' for the last two photos!  Leave them below in 'Post comment'.