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If I Were Prime Minister

By Tzvi Fishman
5/17/2007, 12:00 AM

One of the major problems in Israel today is that nobody has a vision or plan. We react to events rather than taking the initiative. If I were Prime Minister, here is what I would do:

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# First and foremost, any enemy attack on the soldiers, civilians, or cities of Israel would be avenged with a devastating counter attack and the total destruction of enemy infrastructure. Both the perpetrators and their leaders would be killed. All foreign governments leaders, terrorist organizations and parties aiding the perpetrators will be placed on a "hit list" for immediate termination. For example, when the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped at the start of the recent Lebanon War, Israeli warplanes circled the offices of Syrian President Assad in Dasmascus, as a warning. If I had been Prime Minister, those offices and Assad would have been rocketed and destroyed.
An international transfer plan will be negotiated and implemented whereby the Jews of the Diaspora will immigrate to Israel and live in the cities and refugee camps abandoned by the Arabs, and the Arabs leaving Israel will be given the villas and luxury apartments of the Diaspora Jews.

# Upon taking office, I will immediately order the Israeli Air Force to destroy the atomic reactor in Iran, and to deploy a small nuclear bomb on the city of Teheran, to prevent retaliation, and to serve as a warning and deterrent to surrounding Arab states.

# I will establish a Prime Minister’s Office Advisory Board, comprised of Former Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Avraham Shapira; Former Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu; and the Elder Kabbalist, Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi. I will meet with the Advisory Board twice weekly to formulate national policy.

# All of the Arabs in Israel will be relocated to other countries. An international transfer plan will be negotiated and implemented whereby the Jews of the Diaspora will immigrate to Israel and live in the cities and refugee camps abandoned by the Arabs, and the Arabs leaving Israel will be given the villas and luxury apartments of the Diaspora Jews.

# In order to insure the successful immigration of Diaspora Jews, golf courses would be built in the Galilee, the Gaza Strip, and in the proximity of Ramallah, areas where the majority of Diaspora Jews will be housed. The Israel Ministry of Commerce will encourage discount chain stores like Marshall’s and Ward’s to open branches in Israel. Diaspora Jews over the age of 30 will not be required to serve actively in the Israel Defense Forces. Instead, they will receive training in Civil Defense to be available as back-up manpower in cases of national emergency, G-d forbid. All foreign savings accounts of Diaspora Jews will be closed, and a 20% government tax on their savings will be levied with funds earmarked to the poor in Israel. A large, modern, motion picture studio under the technical directorship of Steven Spielberg, will be built in the Negev, along the model of Universal Studios, to provide employment for the Jews of Hollywood, who will be put to work making Torah films for world distribution. Also in the Negev, the world’s biggest Hi-Tech Industrial Park, to be called the "City of Vision," will be built for the relocation of Diaspora brain power. To speed Israel’s transformation into the world’s dominating superpower, facilities will also be constructed for research and development projects in the fields of computer engineering, nuclear science, space communication, medicine, military technology, and the like. The work on building the city and its infrastructure will provide jobs for both Olim and veteran Israelis, erasing unemployment. Before coming to Israel, all Jewish men from the Diaspora who are married to non-Jews will be forced to leave their wives, as in the days of the prophet, Ezra. Halachic conversions will be available for serious candidates only.

# Israelis who had direct participation in formulating and implementing the Oslo Accords will be brought to trial before juries comprised of Israeli victims of terror and their families. Persons convicted will be given life sentences and imprisoned in former detention facilities for Arab terrorists. Similarly, the politicians responsible for the Evacuation of Gush Katif and Shomron Settlements will be tried and sentenced to hard labor, rebuilding the very communities that they destroyed and building a network of new settlements throughout Judea and Samaria. All textbooks published by the Israel Ministry of Education which glorify the Oslo Accords and the so-called "Peace Process" will be shredded. New, accurate textbooks will be written and published in their place.

# Israel will embark on a five-year isolation policy in order to cleanse itself from foreign influences and ideologies. During this inner healing period, an Israeli Constitution will be formulated based on the Torah. The Israeli judicial system will be revamped and based on Torah Law. The Sanhedrin will be re-established. Shabbat will be enforced nationally, along with compulsory Torah education. Adult Torah education classes will be mandatory, accompanied by heavy fines for non-attendance. New modern mikvaot will be built in every neighborhood, and married women will receive generous stipends to safeguard the laws of family purity. An education campaign on the laws of modesty will be initiated nationally with a yearly budget equaling anti-smoking and traffic-safety campaigns. Women who violate the laws of proper dress will be fined. Prostitution will be eradicated in the Holy Land. The six-meter high dividing wall, which is presently being constructed to separate Arab sectors and Jewish sectors, will be dismantled and set up all along the country’s coastline beaches in order to prohibit women from frequenting the seashore in immodest swimwear.

# The leftist-controlled media will be terminated. The Israel Broadcasting Authority will be governed by a board of Rabbis. Cinemas and theaters will be converted into lecture halls for adult Torah education classes. Internet will be banned. A special satellite scrambling system will be developed to prevent cyberspace reception in Israel. Concurrently, a network of powerful satellite dishes and space transmitters will be developed in preparation for the conclusion of the five-year isolation period. At this time, Israel will return to being the healthy heart of the nations, as in the days of King Shlomo, when Torah shall go forth from Zion to all of the world, along with unsurpassed scientific and medical knowledge. A special World Outreach Department will be established to prepare vast amounts of media material in all mediums for worldwide distribution, to instruct non-Jews in the Seven Commandments of the Sons of Noach. Israeli leftists who worked in all branches of Israeli media for the last 30 years will be tried as national traitors and sentenced to forced labor, pasting the bindings and book covers of Bible translations that will be distributed globally.

# The Israel Defense Forces will be revamped and placed under the command of Nachal Haredi and Hesder Yeshiva officers. Haredim will be drafted and serious Torah scholars will be allowed to continue learning Torah on Army bases. In times of battle, half of these students will continue to learn on the base, and half will accompany troops into the field where they will continue with their learning at the site of the battle, as in the times of King David. At the appropriate time, to be determined by the Prime Minister’s Advisory Board, and with the approval of the Sanhedrin, all territories comprising the Biblical borders of Eretz Yisrael will be conquered and placed under Jewish sovereignty. Also on the approval of the Sanhedrin, selected oil fields in neighboring Arab countries will be conquered and put under Israeli control.

# In the matter of Jerusalem, a step plan will be initiated for the development of the Temple Mount. Mosques will be dismantled and shipped in pieces to Saudi Arabia. A synagogue will be built in a permitted area on the Mount until the renewal of prophecy, when the exact site of the Altar can be determined. At this time, if not sooner, may it be the will of G-d, the Beit HaMikdash will be built. In preparation for the mass aliyah to Jerusalem of pilgrims attending the three major Jewish Festivals of Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot, East Jerusalem will be converted into a Festival Park to house visitors to the city. A monorail system will be built to transport passengers to the Old City. Dozens of luxurious ritual baths will be constructed, along with a palace for the Mashiach, may he come soon. In conjunction, the genetic engineering of a pure red heifer will be given top priority.

# I will send a personal emissary to meet with the President of the United States with the message that until Jonathan Pollard is pardoned, Israel will not share with the US any of Israel's secret Mossad and military intelligence regarding Al Qaida activities, terrorist organizations, and Middle Eastern regimes.

# Teacher salaries will be increased tenfold. Stipends for families with multiple children will be reinstated and doubled. Haredi Jews who avoided active military service will be enlisted in a national work project to repair and renew the decrepit sewer system in Israel’s major cities. The nation anthem, "Hatikva" will be replaced by the 13th Principle of the Rambam, the song, "Ani Ma’amin," expressing our national yearning for the coming of Mashiach, may it be soon. Amen.

# Finally, to insure that my government will be a government for and by the people, I invite all readers to send additional suggestions and policies that you would like to see implemented during my tenor in office.