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Israeli university students pay only $2500 per year tuition. Not per course, but per year.


The pampered university students in Israel continue to strike because they do not want to pay tuition. Paying any tuition at all would mean, according to the student spokesmen, that "college education is only for the rich." Paying for any other good or service though does not make it "only for the rich."

Israeli university students pay only $2500 per year tuition. Not per course, but per year. A three year BA degree costs less than the cars owned by the students, cars in such great numbers that they choke the entrances into campuses.

Providing a year of college costs the system between 15 and 20 thousand dollars to provide. The students pay only 2.5 thousand. The students whine that tuition in Israel should be based only on what students pay in certain EU countries, where tuition is free. Since when is the price of something in Europe the proper basis for setting its price in Israel? It certainly is NOT when it comes to professors' salaries! But why shouldn't Israeli professors work for free so that students need not pay tuition?  What happened to the "C" word - costs?

The REAL issue is who should pick up the cost of those expenditures of at least 12.5 thousand dollars per year that college students are not paying now in tuition? The government wants the students to pony up an additional 1.5 thousand dollars per year as their share. The students want the low-income taxpayers, the welfare mothers, the impoverished old people, the Ethiopian immigrants, the workers in factory jobs and living in development towns, and similar people to cover the costs for them instead, as a sort of gratuity to the students. The students, who will almost all be joining the middle and upper classes upon graduation, want Israeli taxpayers, three quarters of whom never attend college and so make far less income than college graduates, to cover the costs of producing their nice degrees.

A far better proposal would be to make all college students pay for at least 60% of the actual costs of providing them with an education and degree. Speaking of comparisons with overseas countries, for those students short on funds, other than suggesting to them that they sell their nice cars, let's tell them that they can borrow the money in student loans and pay it back after graduation!  Like students do in lots of other countries!