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By Tamar Yonah
5/9/2007, 12:00 AM

This is being passed around on the email circuit. You have to FIND THE DIFFERENCE.
On the show today, I asked people to send me a creative caption. Many were very witty! Feel free to leave your own caption/comment below this post.


Guess What The Difference Is?
from the email circuit

Guess What The Difference Is? ....from the email circuit.

Tamar, no comparison!!! Shrek is so Handsome!!!
Stella from Canada.

The jacket is different...

Ha! Shrek is better looking than Olmert! Even a better shade of green :)
Val from Virginia

One gives us lots of laughs the other worships golden calves.

One is kind and the other not so kind.
Alondra, Fl

The difference - it's that shkrek is jewish and olmert is less jewish.
Sofia, Sweeden

One is a shm-ck, the other is a Shrek.
Chris, Portland, Or.

One is Shrek , the other is Dreck -- Mark

kudos to Jake for these gems...
Shrek talks to an 'ass' while Olmert is one.
One is an ogre and one is Shrek
One has humongous ears and a creepy grin, and the other one is Shrek
One is married to a princess and the other has a daughter who's into princesses
One has come to terms with being a green ogre while the other had eyelid surgery

Add your own 'captions' by leaving a comment below.