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By Tzvi Fishman
3/25/2007, 12:00 AM
Jews! Wake up and remember who you are – a Holy Nation, and not the bikini-clad tribe of dark-skinned Mediterraneans that the Israel Foreign Ministry is trying to sell.

Last week, Reuters reported: “HOOTERS, the restaurant chain with the scantily clad, buxom waitresses, announced that it was opening an eatery in Israel. The first branch is expected to open in the Tel Aviv area, followed by others in Eilat, Haifa and possibility Jerusalem. Don't expect to find any kosher chicken wings. The restaurants won't be kosher.”

Another, equally distressing news item appeared last week on the Jerusalem Post website:

“The beer 'n' babes magazine Maxim will send photographers to Israel next week for an Israeli women photo shoot that Foreign Ministry officials hope redefines what the magazine's hormone-charged readers think when they hear television reporters say ‘the situation in Israel is hot.’ David Saranga, the consul for media and public affairs at Israel's Consulate in New York, said, ‘All the surveys we have done shows that the biggest hasbara problem that Israel has is with males from the age of 18-35. Israel does not seem relevant for them, and that is bad for branding. In order to change their perception of Israel as only a land of conflict, we want to present to them an Israel that interests them.’ Which is where good-looking women in skimpy bikinis come in. The magazine features revealing pictorials of scantily clad actresses, models, singers and the girl next door, interspersed among articles on sports, cars, movies, booze and relationships. The Israeli models, Saranga said, were a Trojan horse to present Israel as a modern country with nice beaches and pretty women. ‘We want to show that we are a normal society like all others.’”

Our Sages have warned us that just before Mashiach’s arrival, the Empty Ones of Israel will form alliances with Ishmael and Esav to the detriment of the Jews. We have already witnessed how the lovers of peace among us have given rifles to the sons of Ishmael, set up a terrorist haven for them in Aza, and surrendered Jewish land to them, while destroying flourishing Jewish settlements, synagogues, and yeshivot. At the same time, these same Empty Ones are working hand in hand with Esav to bring Esav’s sick, pornographic culture to our shores, in order to destroy our holy nation from within. Under the flag of “freedom of expression” the Israeli Supreme Court approved Playboy Cable for the Holy Land. Leading Israeli newspapers and the Israel television are the champions of the “freedom of smut.” Certainly they know that the G-d of the Jews hates licentiousness. But “davka,” for this very reason, they have made a pact with the devil of Esav in an effort to evacuate G-d from the Land, just as they evacuated the Jews of Gush Katif.

Brothers and sisters, I have been dwelling on these matters because I want to wake you up to the terrible danger we face from these betrayals to our Holy Torah and to our Holy Land. Betrayals camouflaged in the media with photos of hugs and handshakes between the Empty Ones and the leaders of Ishmael and Esav, as if they were our friends.

In explaining, I want to paraphrase the words of the Torah giant, Rabbi Aviezer Felitz. He teaches that when our forefather Yaakov battled with the angel of Esav, it was a sign for all generations. The angel of Esav is the impurity of the culture of Esav. While Yaakov overcame this arch rival of Israel, he was wounded in the “thigh,” meaning that Jewish People would always be vulnerable to Esav’s attacks on our sexual purity. Ever since this Biblical battle, a war was declared against Israel, to destroy our sexual holiness, the Covenant and Brit which attaches us to G-d. Ever since Yaakov’s struggle, we have been battling with the angel of Esav.

Over the pageant of history, the angel of Esav has dressed up in the cultures of Persia, Greece, Rome, and Nazi Germany. In his present reincarnation, he wears the modern business suits of Europe and America. Today, he doesn’t come against us in outright war, like the sons of Ishmael, but surreptitiously, by importing his polluted culture to our shores, Hooters Restaurants and Maxim photographers, to destroy us from within. Insidiously, the culture of Esav infiltrates into our homes, and into the minds of our youth, working in a treacherous partnership with the Empty Ones amongst us who have sold themselves out to his smiling embrace.

Brothers and sisters, we are at war. A war of survival. The Nation of Israel is battling the angel of Esav, and we are losing. A plague of immodesty has polluted our Land. The Empty Ones have surrendered the keys of the house of Yaakov to Esav, declaring that his ways are more enlightened than ours. Shell-shocked by the constant cultural bombardment, the holy daughters of Israel have adopted the immoral fashions of the West and strut around the streets of our cities like Hooters waitresses. They line up in hundreds, praying to be chosen by Esav’s photographers, for the chance to appear without shame, practically nude, in Maxim’s slick sleazy journal. The polluted culture of Esav has us in his clutches. The war is being waged in every Jewish heart. It is battling for control of our minds. And yet almost no one is fighting back.

It would be easier if we could fight back with swords. At least against Ishmael, the enemy is clear. But this war with the angel of Esav is spiritual. The enemy has infiltrated our camp. He is already within us. We ourselves have let him in. In order to fight back, we have to recognize this truth. Then we have to summon all of our inner strength, the proud Jewish faith that lies imbedded in the genes that we have inherited from our forefather, Yaakov. The chromosomes from his victorious battle against the angel of Esav are within us, waiting to be released in this crucial battle for Jewish survival.

Jews! Wake up and remember who you are – a Holy Nation, and not the bikini-clad tribe of dark-skinned Mediterraneans that the Israel Foreign Ministry is trying to sell. G-d chose us from all of the nations to be His beacon of moral light to the world. Holy women and daughters of Israel, don’t let the emissaries of Esav defile you with their cheap nickel tips and glossy photo spreads, not in the Holy Land, and not anywhere else.

The situation is grave, but we can still win. We have the inner resources to overcome the angel and culture of Esav. The verse states, “It is a time of tribulation for Yaakov, but from it, he will be saved.” From the tribulation itself, comes the salvation. Yes, we are on the ropes. Yes, we have even fallen down to the canvas. But if we use this fall to come to our senses and summon our deep inner strength, then we can get up and defeat the angel of Esav, by embracing the Yaakov within us, by returning to our true identity as the children of Israel, the proud and holy nation of G-d.