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Is Israel Ready for the Next War?

By Michael Freund
3/11/2007, 12:00 AM
Just in case you thought that Israel's leaders had learned their lesson from last summer's disastrous war in Lebanon – think again.

In today's YNet, an Israeli reserve soldier describes his recent experience after being called up to take part in a training exercise.

His article reads like a laundry list of failures – outmoded equipment, lousy planning, and complete and utter disorganization.

These are all precisely the same complaints that were hurled against the defense establishment over six months ago, at the war's end. And yet it seems that little has been done in the interim to correct them.

The reservist's conclusion, although based anecdotally on his own narrow experience, is nonetheless chilling: "If, G-d forbid, war breaks out tomorrow, the situation will be very bad. At this rate, we will not win it."

Is anyone in power paying attention?