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Remember who killed 241 US servicemen in Lebanon?

By Michael Freund
7/13/2006, 12:00 AM

As the TV screen fills our living rooms with frightening scenes of rocket strikes throughout northern Israel, it is hard not to shake the feeling that we have seen all this before.

Once again, Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon have been launching indiscriminate attacks against Israeli towns and villages, injuring dozens of innocent civilians and killing at least two people.

And once again, Israel now finds itself being drawn back into military action across its northern frontier.

To its credit, the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has taken the offensive, holding the regime in Beirut responsible for allowing Hizbullah to turn southern Lebanon into a launching pad against the Jewish state.

Thus far, strategic military and infrastructure sites in Lebanon have been hit, as have Hizbullah offices located in Beirut.

Media reports have also shown plumes of smoke and fire rising from the fuel storage containers at Beirut's international airport.

Watching those scenes immediately brought to mind the following photo, which shows a cloud of smoke rising over the US Marine barracks in Beirut after it was blown up by Hizbullah terrorists back in October 1983.

Beirut_barracks_bombing_in_1983_by_hizbu_1A total of 241 US servicemen were killed in that gruesome attack, which was one of the first suicide bombings to take place in the Middle East.

As international criticism of Israel's actions in Lebanon is sure to mount in the coming days, it is worth recalling the photo above – if only to remind ourselves, and public opinion, that Hizbullah is not just an enemy of the Jewish people, but of the entire Western world, too.