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Getting Used to Terror?

By Michael Freund
3/2/2006, 12:00 AM

Once again, a Palestinian rocket has struck an Israeli city, and once again an assault on innocent Israeli civilians has been met with no reaction from the Government.

Kassam2_1Palestinian terrorists operating in Hamas-controlled Gaza on Thursday fired a Kassam rocket at Ashkelon, hitting the city’s southern industrial zone. Workers in the area heard a loud explosion, and many were forced to go sit in bomb shelters or secured rooms until police and firemen signaled they could emerge.

One workman told a reporter: “We sat in the security rooms for about 20 minutes until they allowed us to come out,” he said. “They asked us to be a bit more alert today. To our regret, we're starting to get used to this reality of Kassam attacks in this area.”

If you’re looking for one of the greatest dangers facing Israel today, it can be found in that workman’s simple statement of hopelessness and despair – “we’re starting to get used to this reality of Kassam attacks”.

When a society begins to “get used to” being a punching bag for its foes, and when it stops demanding that its own government stand up and defend the country – that is a sure sign that things will only be getting worse before they get better.

We must never accept terrorism as a routine part of life, like waiting in line at the bank or paying taxes. And we must never allow our government to overlook or ignore the threat that is brewing along our borders.