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Why is the Mastermind of the Munich Massacre Roaming Free?

By Michael Freund
1/29/2006, 12:00 AM

With all the attention focused on Steven Spielberg’s controversial new film about the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, barely a peep has been said about the mastermind of the carnage.

Until now.

Munich Speaking to Germany’s Spiegel TV, Mohammad Oudeh (known also by his nom de guerre Abu Daoud), said he “regrets nothing” about the incident. 11 Israelis and one German police officer were killed after Oudeh and his fellow members of the Black September Palestinian terrorist group took Israeli Olympians hostage.

“You can only dream that I would apologize,” he said defiantly.

According to the German TV station, the interview with the 68-year old Oudeh, who lives openly in Damascus, Syria, was conducted in Cairo.

This means that not only is Oudeh being allowed to live out his days in peaceful retirement, but he also does not fear traveling abroad or visiting other countries on holiday.

This is nothing less than an outrage. German police issued a warrant for Oudeh’s arrest seven years ago, after he admitted in his autobiography that he was involved in the Munich attack.

Why, then, are the Egyptian authorities allowing him to visit Cairo undisturbed? And why isn’t the US government, which gives Egypt $2 billion in aid each year, or the Israeli government, which maintains relations with the Egyptians, insisting on Oudeh’s arrest?

Justice demands that Oudeh be made to pay for his crime. There is no statute of limitations when it comes to murder, and it is time for the aging Abu Daoud to at last see the inside of a prison cell for his gruesome offense.


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