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The Next Expulsion of Jews

By Michael Freund
3/1/2006, 12:00 AM

Not content with having emptied Gaza of its Jews, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has now turned his sights to a neighborhood in Hebron.

According to media reports, the Israeli army issued expulsion orders this morning to the 8 Jewish families living in the Shalhevet neighborhood of the ancient Jewish city, giving them until January 15 to leave their homes or be forced out.

The neighborhood in question is named for Shalhevet Pass, a Jewish infant who was murdered by a Palestinian sniper in 2001. It lies on land that was owned by Jews until 1929, when Hebron’s Arabs massacred 69 Jews and forced the remaining members of the community to leave. Subsequently, Arab squatters moved in to the area, and turned it into a marketplace.

After young Shalhevet was murdered, Jewish families moved in to the neighborhood to reclaim the land and restore a Jewish presence there.

Once upon a time in Israel, this was seen as the proper Zionist response to Arab terror: The more they tried to kill us, the more determined we were to cling to this land.

Sadly, that is no longer the case. Now, it seems the more they try to kill us, the more our leaders seek to run away.

To learn more about the planned expulsion, visit: Write your representatives, inform your friends and family, raise your voices in protest and in prayer. The Jews of Hebron need our support.