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The Vote is in...

By Michael Freund
9/18/2005, 12:00 AM

In local balloting held this past week in several cities in Judea and Samaria, the Palestinian electorate sent the world a loud and unequivocal message: they want anti-Israel terror to continue.

Initial results appear to indicate that candidates of the terrorist group Hamas succeeded in capturing three of the four Palestinian-controlled cities, defeating Fatah by a wide margin.

Indeed, a headline from Ha’aretz said it all: “Landslide victories for Hamas in key cities”.

This fact alone should give people on the left pause – after all, if Israel were to withdraw from most of the territories, it is clear that the Palestinian entity that would emerge would rapidly turn into a Hamas-controlled state bent on destroying its Jewish neighbors.

Hamas_sucks_bigtime As the results of the Palestinians elections demonstrate, that is the will of the majority of Palestinian voters, who knew quite well for whom they were voting.

So don’t let the media and all those talking heads fool you into thinking otherwise – creating a Palestinian state is a grave danger to the future of this country.