Watering an elections' hope of making a thriving nation

David Bannister,

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לבן ריק
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David Bannister
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While Israel is gripped by election fever, how many have actually stopped to consider the importance of seemingly ecological issues upon the future well being of Israel? Probably very few, as it seems to be something unworthy of our attention. Yet, this article seeks to show that by allowing the PA to overshadow our major appraisal of priorities, we might be falling into a trap of further weakening unity among our nation, which could just help benefit our adversaries. There is a link between seemingly unassociated topics that could help to bridge that gap between problems that faced ancient Israel with those facing us today. 

Islamic view of the Ark of the Covenant and its connection to water 

‘Waters will rise and the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed.’  According to some scholars of Islam, a Muslim leader named Mahdi will rise to power after the Ark of the Covenant itself rises from beneath the waters of Lake Kinneret. There exists much historical conflict between the children of Isaac and those of Ishmael pertaining to the role of water in the region. Furthermore, as water is also alluded to as being a metaphor for spiritual knowledge, this critical element plays an integral role in the unfolding drama taking place in Israel today. After all, the conflict involves the spiritual values of the offspring of Israel and Ishmael. Mahdi as a future messianic leader stands opposite to the Jewish concept of one. 

We have ample Biblical evidence about serious disputes taking place in southern Israel over the digging of wells. These wells have often been described as also symbolising the future wellspring of the divine uprising of spirituality through the building of the third temple in Jerusalem.

Water as a life source for both body and soul

Water as a life preserving force is naturally required to provide the material body with a means of providing a home for the spiritual component of man. Conversely it is the spiritual soul that sustains the body with its higher life source.  Accordingly, there is a symbiotic relationship between both body and soul, which we can see has been connected with water. Yet the body of the children of Israel also requires earth to thrive upon. That land of course bears the same name of its settlers, Israel. And also, that same land depends upon the consistent flow of water to be able to provide life and subsistence to its inhabitants. This is where we enter the modern day problem, which is far more reaching than most readily appreciate.

Recent wars have focused on oil supply, from fossil sources, which provides mankind with energy to sustain our industrial and personal external needs. However, the importance of regional water resources seems to be given less significance in the local political arena. And yet, oil and water have greatly different functions and one should not lose sight of water providing us with its life force. How does this figure in local politics?

The miracle of water in Israel

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the KKL-JNF, together with the wonderful support of overseas donors, Israel stands proud in how it has managed its sparse supply of water resources. Sewage water has been purified and reused as less polluted effluence to help farmers provide us with food. Surplus water has been redirected back into the aquifer to help regenerate supply, rather than create further waste. Over 200 reservoirs have been built providing not only many million cubits of water for our personal needs, but also beautifying the environment, and providing additional ecological benefits for plants and wildlife. But despite all these great initiatives, are the very real dangers related tor future water resources in Israel, fully understood by the general public?

The Mekorot Company supplied some sobering data. The average daily household rate of consumption had risen by 23% in recent times. In real figures, there is a staggering 95% increase in overall household consumption compared to other sectors of society such as industry or agriculture. And this is where it gets more interesting. The Palestinian Authority is among the greatest users of water supplied by Israel, without any known serious attempts to curtail its daily consumption rates. Think about this sobering thought for a moment? Doesn’t it strike resonance with the earliest Biblical accounts of disputes over this valuable commodity? But while this needless wastage continues, which political party is bothering to address such critical and consequential issues, the simple answer is none! But it gets even more intriguing.

Israel has four main sources of water. Lake Kinneret is a major source, of course well known to all. Then comes the coastal source, which cannot be so readily gathered, mainly due to pollutants. Desalination does provide a solution here, but the great amount of energy required in the process is both uneconomical and bad for the ecosystem. The third source we discussed already, being the recent water reservoirs provided by the KKL-JNF initiative.

There is another source that provides excellent potential for Israel’s future water needs, yet it also sits within the explosive realm of global politics. Beneath the mountains of the Shomron lies a massive underground lake, with incredible reserves of water. Not surprising really, considering there is Biblical reference to waters being found under Israel.

Shomron as a major source of our nation's water supply 

Yet this same reservoir is associated with an area of land that too many Israelis are not prepared to see as part of the sovereign nation. How can such an error of foresight be so overlooked?

We have been so conditioned into seeing the key focus of the election surrounding only political events on the surface that we have failed to appreciate other critical factors of major consequence. Sadly, ecology has been seen as the sole reserve of the left and liberal parties. Yet here lies an excellent opportunity to galvanize a broad consensus across the political spectrum to stand behind an issue that seriously impacts upon our daily lives. I leave the question of local Arab rights aside to others far better equipped to answer them. But it does seem patently obvious that if we fail to neglect this issue that affects the country’s well being, we are simply allowing ourselves to run around in ever diminishing circles over the same old other issues that will continue to keep our nation in stagnation. Water should not become stagnated too. 

What is being suggested here, is to awaken the public into the critical importance of retaining its presence in the Shomron, based upon its need for future water resources alone. Of course it would be nice to think that the welfare of its local inhabitants matters, but one step at a time! Doesn't it seem kind of odd that this election hardly bothers to mention anything deeper than what we see on the surface? Oh well, I guess meanwhile it will be a few more months yet before our cell phones become free of constant bombardment and free to use again. Wishing everyone a happy trail! 

The Trail of the Ark makes surprising discoveries beyond exploring the fate of the lost Ark of the Covenant. Maybe there is a connection between the Ark, water as both a spiritual and material element, and the land of Israel after all?

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