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David Bannister,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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David Bannister
David Bannister has an extensive background in creative media, which has included works featured in international film festivals. David's main passion is the real search for the missing Ark of the Covenant and shedding light on other Biblical related mysteries. Get a free Trail Pass here to follow this adventure. Trail Pass

Join Trail of the Ark 

A dramatic audio fiction serial

Dean Borack is a fictitious hero searching for the missing Ark of the Covenant. He’s an average guy, interested in Biblical mysteries, while having no religious beliefs to motivate his quest. Trail of the Ark sets the way forward for a new genre of entertainment. As the dramatic series features Dean getting into life threatening situations, the audience are also treated to a rich tapestry of real life information related to Dean’s adventure. And this is the shape of a new and exciting story-world that merges fantasy with fact.

Discoverer’s Trail Project

It is presented by the Discoverer’s Trail project that is focused on exploring emerging facts related to some of the world’s most captivating mysteries, mainly associated with the Biblical narrative. It has been described as a magical journey through a Divine Kingdom. And that is probably an understatement!

The project relies on the transmedia story world experience to get its message across. We have all probably been exposed to transmedia in some way or other. Take for example a typical popular comic adventure story like Superman. While the hero from rural America struggles to keep the world safe on each page of a comic, this super hero also made the transition to television series, and then the big screen in Hollywood. But that was not all! His story migrated to other media platforms as well, such as video games, social network fan forums, among other popular media networks.

Discoverer’s Trail seeks to merge Biblical mysteries between its almost legendary aspects, which will be introduced through ground-breaking media platforms such as virtual reality and transmedia story worlds, together with educational components that will include courses, sharing appropriate archaeological discoveries, and other associated means.

Real information on latest finds

The pilot show introduces extracts from interviews with key experts in their respective fields. The show’s producer has been involved in the archaeological excavations and research field for many years, and shares emerging information through both the new radio show and its related transmedia components. For those interested in being more fully immersed in the real world search for the Ark, the Discoverer’s Trail Project is offering a free trail pass. You can gain access to the latest information and much more through the pass, which is offered free to the Arutz Sheva community.

Join us on this journey

The magic happens in the final ten minutes of the show when we are treated to the full pilot episode of Trail of the Ark, featuring Dean’s epic journey. Due to the immense hours of voluntary work needed to produce this pilot show, further episodes will be subject to audience feedback. So here is a chance to get involved in a worthwhile project. Plans include sponsoring real time excavations in Israel.

Get your Free Trail Pass that will help you on this epic journey.

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