How Obama/Kerry Aides Woke Up and Smelled the Jew Brew

Baruch Gordon,

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Baruch Gordon
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In a hugely important article to be published in the June 18th 2018 issue of the New Yorker, writer Adam Entous provides an account of how the most senior advisors of Kerry and Obama woke up and smelled the Jew coffee that was brewing in Judea & Samaria, AKA the West Bank.

It was late in Obama’s 2nd term when –
Secretary of State John Kerry brought to the White House a stack of maps of the West Bank that were prepared by the State Department and vetted by U.S. intelligence agencies. Kerry spread out the maps on a large coffee table. As Frank Lowenstein, one of Kerry’s top advisers, put it to me, the maps allowed him to see “the forest for the trees.” When the settlement zones, the illegal outposts, and the other areas off limits to Palestinian development were consolidated, they covered almost sixty per cent of the West Bank. “It looked like a brain tumor,” an official who attended the session told me. “No matter what metric you’re using—existing blocs, new settlements, illegal outposts—you’re confronting the end of the two-state solution.”
Correspondent Adam Entous, a personal friend, told me that the unnamed official quoted above was a senior Obama advisor.

Adam learned that only the very senior aides to the US President and the Secretary of State were in attendance at the meeting, and that after viewing the maps of the Jewish cities and villages in the region, they were forced to face reality: the two-state solution is dead.

The Jewish birth rate and desire to live with freedom and dignity in the ancient Hebrew cities overcame the mighty world powers of the United States and European Union who sought with all their diplomatic prowess to ethnically cleanse the Jews from the region.

What boggles me is why it took these brilliant men so long to render the establishment of an Arab state in Israel’s borders impossible.

Here’s a great site which documents the precise number of Jews living in Judea and Samaria: West Bank Jewish Population Stats. By signing up, you instantly receive by email the most recent stats report. You also get a monthly summary of diplomats, intellectuals and dignitaries who have also thrown in the towel on a two-state solution.

Entous’ article is revealing and makes for an entertaining read about behind-the-scenes contacts between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government. Adam says that both liberals and conservatives told him the article was balanced. Now that's a feat!

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