PA Post-Abbas Prediction: Death, Violence & Instability

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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PA Post-Abbas Prediction: Death, Violence and Instability

Terrorist in tailored suit Abbas's days are numbered.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas admitted to hospital
President Mahmoud Abbas is in hospital for a third time this week, according to Palestinian media.

Abbas is elderly with multiple health problems, so one doesn't need a crystal ball to know that he won't live much longer.

Even though technically, Abbas was elected to his position, it was supposed to be for a limited term. The "expiration date" came and went; no elections were ever held. So, for all practical purposes, Mahmoud Abbas is a dictator, and like many dictators, in order to hold onto his position, perpetuate his rule, he hasn't groomed a successor. And we all know what happens once a dictator dies or comes incapacitated, others violently compete to succeed him. And there's always collateral damage. That means others, innocent bystanders get killed.

Unfortunately, there's a chance that the violence will spread outside of Ramalla and other cities and towns included in the so-called  PA-Palestinian Authority. Gd willing, they'll keep their violence and killing within the family, and it will end quickly.

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