Reminder: Attraction is crucial for human survival

Vladimir Minkov,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Vladimir Minkov
I came into the world in the autocratic Soviet Union as early as before the Second World War, in a Jewish and a bona fide Soviet family. The Soviets were a unique brand of Russian Orthodox Christianity, which worshipped in reality a human God being the ruler of the country and where Jews and Christians were spiritual enemies. In the 1970s, I immigrated to America, where democracy and the true Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible to begin the search for the true meaning of this incomprehensible God above us the humans and for the forbidden in the Soviet Union Torah. I discovered that the One God, the Torah, Judaism in their intellectual interpretations are the basis for determining the purpose of our stay in our world, the basis for defining Good and Evil. I discovered the basics of Western Judeo-Christian civilization where Jews and Christians, while being religiously different, have a common spiritual Torah-based foundation for creating a better world for everybody,...

America now in a state of madness over sexual harassment accusations. Our news media and politicians are in this state of madness – not the men and women for whom attraction to the opposite gender is natural.

What is the reason for a young woman to dress provocatively? If she thinks the reason is just to make life beautiful, she is not truthful to herself.

The real reason is, even if a young woman does not think so, to make her more attractive to the opposite sex. That is how our humanity was created.

Thus, when a young woman dresses provocatively she should expect a man (a sort of ageless man of any age) responding to her appeal and the woman has to be prepared to respond properly.

And the best response would be to dress attractively, not provocatively.

The proper response should be not to use her attractiveness to get a better job or to be promoted, although that is what frequently happens in the entertainment or political business.

The proper response should be not to rush to the news media and then to the lawyers to get a monetary reward or free advertisement.

The proper response should be based on the Bible-guided balance – equally valid for both men and women - between the biological normal attraction and the spiritually normal respect for human dignity.

If we live by the Torah/Bible guidance and laws, there is a very good probability that we find this balance.

We would remember that God created everybody – the men and the women – in His image and likeness. The man will recognize this image in the young woman and the young woman would recognize this image in the man.

If  a woman and a man first respect human dignity in each other, there is a good probability they decide correctly what to do.

However, if they are guided not by Judeo-Christian morality but rather by anti-Bible “politically correct” rules of be‎havior, we will get what we learn these days from our news media.    

An example from the news media:   

Fox News: Roy Moore, Alabama's embattled GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke to would-be supporters Tuesday night in his first major public appearance since five women came forward alleging he pursued them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. Moore mentioned the allegations mounting against him and asked: "Why do you think I am being harassed by people pushing forth allegations in last 30 days of this election?" He also said: "They've spent over 30 million dollars trying to take me out."

NYT: Social media has overflowed with sexual misconduct allegations during the last few weeks.

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