Racial moral incompatibility is not racism

Vladimir Minkov,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Vladimir Minkov
I came into the world in the autocratic Soviet Union as early as before the Second World War, in a Jewish and a bona fide Soviet family. The Soviets were a unique brand of Russian Orthodox Christianity, which worshipped in reality a human God being the ruler of the country and where Jews and Christians were spiritual enemies. In the 1970s, I immigrated to America, where democracy and the true Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible to begin the search for the true meaning of this incomprehensible God above us the humans and for the forbidden in the Soviet Union Torah. I discovered that the One God, the Torah, Judaism in their intellectual interpretations are the basis for determining the purpose of our stay in our world, the basis for defining Good and Evil. I discovered the basics of Western Judeo-Christian civilization where Jews and Christians, while being religiously different, have a common spiritual Torah-based foundation for creating a better world for everybody,...

A classical definition of racism is a belief that race is the determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

For America, and Israel as well, one part of the definition is true and the other part is false. Mixing both parts together creates a wrong impression that America (and Israel) is a racist country and make impossible to find the way to overcome the race-based upheavals in America.

The true part of the definition is “race is the determinant of human traits and capacities” – the false part is “that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”. 

The Supreme Power above us humans - called God - created all humans equal in “His image and likeness” but different (remember the Biblical Tower of Babel?) to let the humans advance their capabilities in different areas of “making the world a better place” and compete with each other (remember – competition is needed to reach the best!).

The “different humans” formed different peoples such as Africans, Russians, Chinese, Jews, Arabs, Anglo-Saxons, Indians, Americans, etc. Different peoples may differ from each other by the color of their skin but the fundamental difference is not in the color of the skin but in the unique different moral values and traditions, which make their human lives worthwhile for them. Those values and traditions guide them in their unique way to relate to each other and their gods, to define what is Good and what is Bad, to decide what is better - individual opportunities or government care, etc. All that creates people’s own unique social environment within the borders of a people’s country.

When individual families are relocated to another country with different morals and traditions – forcefully (like in the case of original American black population) or freely (in search of a better life) – the problem of incompatibility arises. That is what is going on in the USA because of immigration policies after WWII, which did not take into consideration that all humans are created equal but different.

Before WWII, America had only one but extremely mighty incentive to come there and become a true American citizen – the unique opportunities to realize your own creative potential in many areas of political, social and economic life under American-style Judeo-Christian spiritual order. If you failed, you blamed yourself – you did not blamed the country.

After WWII especially for the last 20-30 years, America was transformed – slowly, step-by-step – from the country of great creative opportunities under the Judeo-Christian spiritual order to a country of great welfare opportunities without any spiritual order at all.

And many individuals of all colors and all moral orders moved to America to get welfare opportunities while continuing to live under their own non-Judeo-Christian (American style) spiritual orders without any allegiance to their new country America.  

Those welfare-eager newcomers to America created a spiritual union with some unhappy black citizens (just some – many of the American blacks have become perfect American citizens) who are descendants of the slaves who were brought to the country about two centuries ago. They also do not feel an allegiance to the country, and one of their truly successful intellectuals, Spike Lee, has expressed their feelings in the following video:


We cannot change his, and his spiritual friends, feelings – this cannot be resolved by any financial adjustments or legislative actions – it is spiritual incompatibility. What to do? Probably nothing. Just stop talking about it and in the hope that Spike Lee and Co. may realize that there is no other way to succeed in America but to be loyal to the country and its Judeo-Christian order.

Just a history reminder. In 1860s, at the same time when America abolished slavery, Russia abolished their own slavery (called feudalism in Russia) – their slaves were their own peasants. In a few years, Russian slavery became a part of Russian history – the peasants received (or rented) farming land or were hired as laborers by former slave owners, and stopped complaining. And we in America continue to complain – even 150 years later. Why? Because former Russian slaves and slave owners were part of the same morals and traditions as the rest of Russia while the morals and traditions of American slaves were different from that of the country’s majority.

The following video is perfect proof that individuals of any color may become perfect citizens of a different country if their morals are compatible with the morals of a new country which they are making their home. 


The video was made by Christian TV outlet TBN, and describes how the colored Jews from China, India and Ethiopia, who are the descendants of the Lost Tribes, found their happiness in Israel. Why? Because their morals and traditions are compatible with those of Israel.

So, what to do what to do with racial disturbances in America? It looks like the best approach is to stop talking about it and  wait until the arrival of the next generations with no spiritual compatibility problems.