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      Hollywood to the Holy Land
      by Tzvi Fishman
      Tzvi Fishman was awarded the Israel Ministry of Education Prize for Jewish Creativity and Culture

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      Before making Aliyah to Israel, Tzvi Fishman was a Hollywood screenwriter. He has co-authored 4 books with Rabbi David Samson, based on the teachings of Rabbi Kook, Eretz Yisrael, Art of T'shuva, War and Peace, and Torat Eretz Yisrael.


      Kislev 9, 5768, 11/19/2007

      I Wonder What Will Be With Ehud Olmert?

      The Israeli Prime Minister and his government officials have announced an official freeze on all building in settlements. Isn't it the job of the Prime Minister and his government to build and expand settlements in Israel and not to freeze them?
      Does Ehud Olmert really believe that he can stop the rushing tide of Jewish Redemption?

      Have we returned to the Land of Israel after 2000 years in foreign lands to prevent further Jewish settlement in Israel? Does Ehud Olmert really believe that he can stop the rushing tide of Jewish Redemption? Does he really believe he can defy the Prophets of Israel and the promise of the Almighty that the Jewish People will return to all of the far and wide borders of our Land? As if his share in the Disengagement from Gush Katif, and his order to smash young Jewish skulls at Amona weren't sufficient, now he has ordered a stop to all settlement and he is scheming to divide Jerusalem and surrender all of the heartland of Biblical Israel to murders, liars, and thieves. With this, he has insured his place in history with the rest of his cronies.

      Why can't these arrogant ones learn from the past?

      The one who laughs last laughs loudest.

      After Menachem Begin razed the Jewish settlement of Yamit and surrendered Sinai to the Egyptians, his beloved wife passed away and he ended his days a broken man, in a deep and terrible depression.

      "Keep applauding, Yasir, and he'll start to dance for us."

      After giving away guns and chunks of the Holy Land to Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin was assasinated.

      What white teeth she has!

      After destroying Gush Katif and settlements in the Shomron, Ariel Sharon's brain was destroyed.

      Why is this man smiling?

      I wonder what will be with Ehud Olmert? 



      Kislev 8, 5768, 11/18/2007

      The White House Ain't White, Brother

      In yesterday’s Torah reading, we got to know Lavan a little better. Lavan means white in Hebrew. He called himself that even though he was as black as could be. Time and time again, he lied to Yaacov, pretending to love him as a part of the family, but deceiving him at every opportunity, like when he switched Leah for Rachel on their wedding night, and then cheated him for years and years on his wages.

      The White House isn’t white either, even though it is called "HaBayit HaLavan". Like Lavan, its occupants are black inside. Wolves dressed up as smiling grandmothers. The bayit of Lavan.

      Grandma Bush

      Time and time again, the White House and its Presidents have deceived the Jewish People and stabbed us in the back. The White House knew about the concentration camps long before the end of the WWII, yet didn’t do anything to stop the transport of millions of Jews to their deaths.

      Why didn't America bomb the tracks?

      The White House was a part of the Partition Plan that stripped Israel of enormous tracts of land that were bequeathed to it by the League of Nations, including parts of Saudi Arabia, and all of Transjordan. Our friends in the White House sat by as half of Jerusalem was handed over to the Arabs, along with the Biblical Israel that comprised Judea and Samaria and the Golan. The White House betrayed us during the Yom Kippur War, had spy ships gathering intelligence off the Israeli coastline, not to mention withholding from Israel knowledge about the Iraq atomic reactor that caused Jonathan Pollard to jeopardize himself to save the country he loved. The White House has always demanded a freeze on Jewish settlements in Yesha, and our loving brothers in the White House worked overtime to bring us Arafat and Oslo, the evacuation from Gush Katif, and the birth of a Hamas/Iranian state in Gaza.

      Yaacov, Ishmael, and Esav

      Now the White House’s “Road Map” and Annapolis Peace Parley are craftily designed to strip Israel once again from its control over Jerusalem and Biblical Israel, the very places we are reading about in the Torah today.

      If this isn’t Lavan reincarnated, what is it? In the same gesture of clapping us warmly on the back, and spouting their belief in the Bible, they force us into signing documents that threaten our existence, strengthen our enemies, and ridicule G-d’s promise to the Jewish People that all of the Land of Israel is ours. They don’t believe in G-d or the Bible – they believe in themselves.

      Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai taught us this lesson long ago. When a fellow rabbi praised the occupying Roman legions for building markets, and bridges, and bath houses in Israel, Rabbi Shimon answered, “Everything they built, they built for themselves. The opened markets to place their prostitutes there; they built bath houses to luxuriate in their own comfort; and they built bridges in order to collect taxes from the Jews” (Shabbat 33B).

      Esav hates Yaacov. It is a fact of nature, learned from the Torah and all of Jewish history.

      Make no mistake. The White House is no friend of the Jews. Whatever they do, they do for themselves, whether to win Jewish votes for themselves, or to prevent a total Arab takeover in the strategic Middle East.

      While there are a lot of gentiles all over the world who are true friends to the Jews, in their national formats, the gentile nations of the world hate the Jews. That’s what the Halacha teaches. Esav hates Yaacov. It is a fact of nature, learned from the Torah and all of Jewish history.

      America looks out for America. Come Annapolis, the Jewish People have to remember the lesson of our forefather, Yaacov. We have to look out for ourselves.    

      Kislev 5, 5768, 11/15/2007

      The Secret of Shabbat

      I know there are readers who dislike my writing about issues of Jewish sexuality. They can by-pass this blog and rejoin us after Shabbat. For everyone else, I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this important and holy essay by the revered Kabbalist, Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi.

      Secret of Shabbat

      By HaRav Eliahu Leon Levi

      My brothers and friends, I have many things to say to you to help you reach a greater love of G-d, and foremost is the need to achieve a true reverence of Heaven. The matters discussed in this essay will bring you great blessings from G-d’s treasure of love. First, my dear son, you should strive to do everything you can to properly keep the Shabbat. In order to do this, you must know with a clear and utter certainty that a great deal of work is demanded on Friday to prepare for the Shabbat. It is my upmost advice to finish all of this holy work some three hours before Shabbat begins. Therefore, give your thought and energy to helping your wife as much as you can, for your wife is termed by the holy Zohar, “the lower Shechinah.” By preparing for the Shabbat in a united spirit together, you will draw down an exalted Divine Assistance which will enable you to finish all of the preparatory work with great joy, and after you have finished, you will have time to thank and praise Hashem in song, and to invite the Sabbath Queen, “Come my Bride, Come my Bride, the Queen of Shabbat.”

      Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi

      Occasionally it happens that your wife feels that something is lacking in the house, or she can’t find something she needs, or some work hasn’t been finished, which brings her to get angry and to start making excessive demands. For instance, this can happen if she lacks some spice for her cooking, or something similar which she needs in the house. This can cause her great sorrow and panic, believing that the Shabbat won’t be as honored as she would like. Please know that these afternoon hours on Friday are packed with pressure for her, with feelings of self-criticism that can explode into bitter criticisms of the husband and flare into a quarrel of joint incrimination. If this occurs, you both are the losers, for the anger and criticisms will open the gateway for impure spiritual forces and impure spiritual husks called “klipot” to enter your house, and they will take their place at the Shabbat table which you so industriously prepared in honor of the holy Shabbat. They will cause your honored Sabbath guest, the Shechinah,  the Sabbath Queen, great sorrow, for these impure and damaging spiritual agents will greedily nurture from her holiness. Can there be a greater desecration of Shabbat than this? 

      Therefore, if you see that you wife is on the verge of getting angry because something is missing in her eyes, you should keep silent and understand that very often a woman’s reasoning is short-circuited by her emotions, so that if she feels that she is missing something she needs, it seems to her that there is nothing at all in the house, for her emotions tell her that without the needed item, it is impossible to properly welcome the Sabbath Queen on time. Because of this feeling, she becomes terribly pressured. Therefore, my dear son, you must pay special attention to your wife and home on Friday, with added understanding, for this is an important and holy time, more than the other weekdays since the sixth day of the week is the “Yesod” which leads the way to Shabbat . By hallowing Friday, you sanctify the “lower Shechinah” which is your wife. Therefore, you are called upon to speak with your wife in a calm and pleasing manner, and be especially tolerant with her on Friday, with great understanding, and you must strive to win her affection with loving words so that she will feel appreciated and truly feel that all of her labor is sincerely valued by you. By relating to her in this manner your house will be filled with contentment and joy, and this will draw down a wealth of Divine blessings on your home and family.

      Stemming from this, when you engage in the marital union on the night of Shabbat , it will be crowned with all of the blessings that are written in our holy Torah. Love and true friendship with grace your coupling, and this will bring great contentment to our Father in Heaven, just as a father is pleased with the happiness of his children.   And this will hasten the day when love and peace will grace all of the holy Jewish Nation with the coming of our Mashiach, may it be soon.

      You should also know that on Friday, beginning five hours after sunrise, there is an elevation of spiritual worlds, and a great and holy flame shoots forth which causes all forces of spiritual impurity to flee and to descend to an underworld cave where all of the impure and damaging spiritual agents are imprisoned until the end of Shabbat. For this reason, Shabbat  is free of all impurity and spiritual pollution, such as klipot, destructive spiritual agents and accusers that always try to cling to a holy Jew, the pinnacle of Creation. The opposite is the situation during the weekdays when the klipot zealously attack, accuse, and draw curses upon a Jew in their jealousy, seducing him into transgression with all of their many strategies, especially getting him to gaze at forbidden images, so that he will emit semen in vain and thus pollute all of his body. 

      My brothers and friends, know that HaKodesh Baruch Hu commanded us in his holy Torah, “Remember the Sabbath day to make it holy.” The meaning of this verse according to the secrets of Torah is that the faculties of spiritual intelligence (mochin) in a man are called “holy,” and that Hashem, may He be blessed, commanded us that on the night of Shabbat, we are to sanctify the “Yesod,” which is the “Brit,” through the sanctity of the marital union. This causes “mochin” which are called “holy” to descend on the “Yesod” of the husband, and then when he unites with his wife, this brings holiness to the “lower Shechinah,” which is your wife.  Therefore, it is necessary to engage in the holy marital union of the holy Shabbat night, which is a much more important time than other nights of the week, and we are especially enjoined in this matter.

      In the event that your righteous wife is tired, angry at you, or feeling ill, or upset by other things that have created friction between you, then you must immediately make peace and placate her, and do whatever is needed to rectify the bad feelings and the mistakes that were made unintentionally, and to forgive one another with a full heart, since the Holy One Blessed Be He is not happy when in the holy houses of the Jewish People, whom He has selected from all of the nations, the husband and wife are at odds, whether because of anger, either big or small, or because one is too stringent with the other, especially on the holy Shabbat night when Celestial Angels accompany a man home from the synagogue and are present in the house. For due to even the slightest feelings of resentment or anger between the husband and wife, the holy angels become greatly offended, and this is certainly not becoming behavior for the Jewish People, the sons of kings. Therefore, if there be contention between husband and wife, or grudges and complaints, this will cause great sorrow and distress to the exalted guest, who is called the “Sabbath Queen.”

      Therefore, husband and wife must immediately mend their character traits, for anger and other negative feelings prevent them from uniting in the holy marital act, Heaven forbid, which is a most essential thing, and the Torah cautions us about this by saying, “And the Children of Israel shall keep the Shabbat.” According to the Kabbalah, this verse means that the Torah is exhorting us to know that a husband and wife should conduct marital relations on the night of Shabbat . This is indicated by the initial letters contained in the verse, “ "ושמרו בני ישראל את השבת  which spell ביאה, the marital union. This means that the Torah wants us to keep the Shabbat, specifically by engaging in marital relations on Shabbat night. It is all for naught should the husband or wife offer all kinds of excuses why they refrained from sanctifying the Sabbath night in this manner, even if should they bring different explanations of this verse from assorted holy books – it is all a waste of time and effort. For our holy Torah has already determined  that you are commanded  and obligated to conduct marital relations of Sabbath nights. One should not take lightly something that our holy Torah commands us clearly in saying,  “And the Children of Israel shall keep the Shabbat,” and the verse, “Remember the Sabbath day…” and many other verses of the Torah.
      Please note: if, and only if, your wife is in the time of her menstrual Niddah period, then certainly the marital union is forbidden until after her ritual immersion.

      Furthermore, if there be a truly genuine reason for not engaging in the marital union of Shabbat night, then it is proper to postpone it to the following Shabbat night, for engaging in the marital union when a mutual desire and holy intention is lacking, this causes great loss to both partners, which takes much effort to redress. 

      It is most unfortunate that a large portion of our holy Jewish People do not know the exalted honor and level of holy relations on Shabbat night. This is due to the exile of our souls, and all of the sorrows and tribulations that surround us, which prevent our minds from having the proper exalted thoughts and intentions regarding these holy marital unions. Because of this, the Shechinah is denied the great influx of spiritual blessing contained in these unions, and the Shechinah is tragically left without joy. How sad it is that we lack the understanding of the secrets of Torah, and thus do not know or appreciate the exalted influences in the upper spiritual worlds brought about by the marital union on the nights of Shabbat.  Because of this lack of holy knowledge, these unions are looked upon in a trivial, inconsequential light, G-d forbid.

      My holy bothers and friends, please know in good faith, and please be cautioned, that anything that a husband or wife does to interfere with and prevent marital relations on the holy night of Shabbat, or if they mutually agree to refrain without a genuine reason that can convince the Heavenly Court of the justification for their refraining, this is a great sin, which, G-d forbid, causes themselves, and their children, exile. This exile, may G-d have mercy, can manifest itself in a wide assortment ways, including problems in the home, financial difficulties, fighting between husband and wife, even leading to their separation, G-d forbid, or other harsh punishments that I can’t bring myself to relate. May these tribulations fall only upon our enemies, the haters of Israel, and not on the husband or wife who unjustifiably caused the Shabbat night to pass without engaging in the holy marital union.

      Notwithstanding the supreme importance of this, when there is a true and justifiable reason for refraining, such as sickness, excessive tiredness and weakness, or if the couple are guests and they don’t have private quarters, then their refraining is considered something forced upon them against their will, and marital relations should be postponed to the following Shabbat without further ado. In such cases, certainly the Heavenly Court will pardon them, as it says, “I have pardoned you as you have requested.”

      I wish you and all of Am Yisrael that you be fruitful and multiply like mighty warriors assisted by Hashem, and that your marriage be blessed with love and intimacy between you, shalom and joyous friendship. Amen, may it be the will of G-d.          

      Kislev 2, 5768, 11/12/2007

      Ishmael, Esav, and Yaacov To Meet in Annapolis

      What a wonderful Torah we have! It’s the only book of Truth in town. All the other supposedly “holy” books of the nations are mere fairy tales and fanciful legends, ancient comic books written by creative conmen whose deceitful musings managed to deceive the rest of humanity, severing the world from its Creator, and bringing great darkness and evil to mankind instead of true Divinity and light.
      What's the difference between Spiderman and Zeus?

      In contrast, the Torah of the Jewish People is the word of G-d. The Almighty Himself is the author. The Torah is the only true, Divine code of law, created by G-d and given to His Chosen People. As we say at the end of our morning prayers, “Blessed is our G-d who created us for His glory, and distinguished us from the mistaken ones, and gave us the Torah of Truth.”

      In contrast, all of the world’s Korans, Kama Sutras, Greek Mythologies, New Testaments, Sufi Ways, Tao Te Chins, and Rigvedas, are the inventions of crafty charlatans and hucksters. Their imaginative tales are filled with falsehood, spiritual impurity, and idol worship.
      "Hi there, you suckers!"
      Some religious canons, like Christianity and Islam base themselves on the Jewish prophets, then take off on magical mystery tours whose flying horses and virgin births lead to a sick and immoral world, festering with murderous crusades, mass atrocities, and 9/11s in the name of their religions and beliefs.

      Only the Torah can lead the world and its demented civilizations back to its true Creator. Because only the Torah is G-d’s one and only truth for the world.  The history that unfolds in the Torah is the one and only true history. Just look at the stories of our holy Forefathers in the Book of Bereshit. They are a microcosm of today, a blueprint of our times, the historic genetic codes that dominate world headlines. Avraham is father of the Jews. His wild beast of a half-son, Ishmael, is father of the Arabs. Avraham's grandson, Esav, the red monkey of a man, is the ancestor of Edom, the Romans, Germans, Russians, Englishmen, and Americans of today. Avraham's other grandson, Yaacov, became Israel. In a nutshell, the whole history of the world is the battle between Ishamel, Esav, and Yaacov for world dominion. While Ishmael and Esav long for material dominion, to subjugate the world under their swords and material cultures, Yaacov longs for a spiritual dominion, to uplift the world to the knowledge and service of G-d. It's a battle to the finish.
      Guess who?

      Today, Ishmael is the same wild ass of a man that he was in the days of our forefathers. Esav is the same cunning murderer whose lips are filled with pretty words and speeches, but whose hands are filled with blood. Both of them despise Yaacov until this very day and long to trick him, cheat him, kill him, and steal his Divine inheritance and Land. Two weeks from now, the three will meet in Annapolis. Make no mistake. The Torah’s truths are eternal. It is the same Ishmael, the wild ass of man, who will be a wild ass no matter how well he speaks and how nice he looks dressed in a suit and a tie. And Esav is still the great pretender, with lying words on his tongue and a dagger always ready to strike.

      Only Yaacov is not the real Yaacov. The Yaacov who will be at Annapolis representing the Jews is a sad shadow of the Yaacov of old, a treacherous imposter who, instead of defending his Divine heritage, is negotiating to give it away.  But G-d will help. The Eternal One of Israel will not lie. His will for the world will win out in the end. Yaacov will wake up from his 2000 year slumber. Yaacov will stir like a proud lion and throw off the yoke of the goyim. Yaacov will cast off the chains of the exile, rise up and roar like a lion. The Torah of truth will shine forth from Zion, and in its splendorous light, all of the world’s false cultures and doctrines will  be obliterated from the earth. On that day, Ishmael will flee from the Holy Land in shame, and the arrogance of Esav will be shattered. The agreements of Annapolis will be like shredded papers discarded on the wind, and the whole world will come to know that there is a living G-d in Israel, and that only His Torah is truth.

      Amen, may it be soon.


      Cheshvan 28, 5768, 11/9/2007

      Brain Damage

      Thank you for your comments to our previous blog. I learned something from all of them, even from the usual gallery of crazies. As they said about Hamlet, "Though it be madness, there be reason in it."

      It says in this week's Torah portion, "Dwell in the Land, which I shall tell you, live in this Land, and I will be with you, and I will bless you, for to you and to your offspring I will give all of these lands; and I will perform the oath that I swore to Avraham your father; and I will multiply you as the stars of the heavens, and I will give to thy offspring all of these lands, and in your offspring all the nations of the earth will be blessed; because Avraham obeyed My voice, and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws" (Bereshit, 26: 3-5).

      Can anything be more straightforward than this? G-d wants the Jewish People to live in the Land of Israel, which He bequeathed to us and only to all for all of eternity. This is not only for the sake of the Jewish People - our living in Eretz Yisrael is what brings blessings to the entire world.

      When I was making a protest film against the evacuation of Gush Katif, I interviewed the Torah giant, Rabbi Avraham Elkana Shapira, may his memory be for a blessing. I asked him if it was permitted for a Jewish govrnment in Israel to surrender land to the gentiles. He answered, "Why do you ask me this question? Ask any six year old in Heder. You don't have to come here to ask me an obvious question like this."

      Any child who reads the Bible knows that G-d wants the Jews to live in Eretz Yisrael. So why don't they all come? And how can a Jewish government in Israel even consider giving away to enemies the cherished Land that G-d promised to our Jewish forefathers and to their Jewish offspring forever?

      The verse quoted above says: "I will give to thy offspring all of these lands, and in your offspring all the nations of the earth will be blessed; because Avraham obeyed My voice, and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws"  

      Remember, the Torah had not yet been given. So what are all of these charges and commandments and laws that Avraham performed? The mitzvah of coming to live in the Land of Israel, and the mitzvah of brit milah. We can learn from this that whoever keeps the mitzvah of living in Israel, and whoever guards his life in sexual purity is like someone who has kept all of the Torah.

      In the book, "Orot," Rabbi Kook explains that Jews become alienated from the Land of Israel when they don't learn the secrets of Torah. I recommend that everyone read his important essay. The "Tikunei Zohar" explains tht when the secrets of Torah go unlearned, the upper celestial waters of wisdom are shunted and blessing is prevented from flowing to the Jewish People. This causes galut and destruction, G-d have mercy. In a personal sense, the brain is dried up and people start thinking all kinds of distorted and crazy notions, like it is OK to live in galut.

      Sometimes a little shock therapy is what you need.

      A similar and connected phenomenon occurs because of sexual trangression. Since the seed of life originates in the brain, when the seed of life is wasted through sexual transgression, the seat of wisdom, called Daat, in the brain dries up and people start thinking all kinds of distorted and crazy notions, like it is OK to give away pieces of Eretz Yisrael. To understand this concept in greater depth, readers are encouraged to read the essay, "Tikun Now," of the holy Kabbalist, Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi.

      In short, for the optimum in physical and mental wellbeing, it is best to live a holy life in the Holy Land.

      Shabbat shalom.