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      Tabitha's Take
      by Tabitha Korol
      The 'Dona Quixote' of the media spin, working toward the Impossible Dream.

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      Tabitha Korol began her political writing with letters to the editor after her retirement, and earned an outstanding letter-writing award from CAMERA (Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America).

      Her essays have appeared in Right Truth, RenewAmerica, JewishIndy, NewMediaJournal, and others. She proofreads/edits for a monthly city newsletter, and has revised a book of Holocaust survivors’ accounts for publication.  

      Nissan 14, 5774, 4/14/2014

      From Hijab to Jihad

      Did Minneapolis’s democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges not get it?  This was no game, not dress-up playtime or Carnival.    Then I wondered if she ever found occasion to dress in the ethnic clothing of her city’s other ethnicities – the Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, English, Poles, Irish, French Canadians, Native Americans?   Perhaps she had not done her homework about the Somali immigrants, and it took her only 100 days into office to don a hijab for an alliance.   

      Surely, she has heard all the recent news about the subjugation and severe treatment of women in the Islamic Middle East; the Honor Diaries film that the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is trying to suppress; the controversy over Brandeis University’s bestowing and then rescinding an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the pressure applied by CAIR that forced Disney to cancel a movie that Muslims find “offensive,” and more.  Then why would she don the quintessential symbol of inequality and bondage – the shroud of the Islamic woman.

      Interestingly, the mayor has a strong admiration for Wonder Woman, the most popular female superstar in figure-hugging, stars-and-stripes regalia, with bracelets that make her invincible. Hodges is a collector of Wonder Woman dolls and has recently hung a photograph of this shining symbol of strength and sexual equality on her office wall.  Rather than emulate her heroine, however, she abandoned the image with which she allegedly identifies, this icon of bravery and justice, for cowardice and deceit.

      Perhaps she is a Lost Soul, one without direction, without ties to ethics or principles, unstable in today’s culture and society.  Unwilling or unable to stand up for American ideologies, she too easily acquiesced to the preferences or demands of the archenemy of humankind. Whether Hodges was clueless and diplomatically inept or has emerged with a heretofore concealed agenda remains to be seen, but both choices do not bode well for the office she holds.      

      What began as the 7th century Bedouin woman’s attempt at privacy and protection in the desert, these shrouds have become a symbol of woman’s indignity and servitude.  As Nonie Darwish so aptly explained in her book, Cruel and Usual Punishment, woman has come to represent the totality of evil and inferiority in Islamic teaching.  Considered lacking in intelligence and religion, women are seen as half, and sometimes a quarter, of man's worth in a Shari’a court (Islamic law).  They may be beaten by their husbands and forbidden to leave the house unless accompanied by a male relative. They may be killed by their fathers if the parent deems his honor compromised.  In this oppressive society, women are the ones who preserve the honor of the male, so that he may avoid responsibility and disrepute for any unpleasantness or trouble.

      The hijabs and burqas serve the purpose of enforcing obedience to Shari’a and to men.  With the obligation of defending their enslavement under constant threat of their own destruction, they may become very self-justifying when challenged. Some may even try to earn honor and respect by joining the radicals for violent jihad (holy war against the infidel). But there’s more.  To cultures that relish freedom, these hidden women are deemed victims of sadism, forced to endure the insufferable heat of the subtropics under layers of clothing, and prevented from enjoying the summer sun and cool breezes.  In fact, medical experts have noted that women so covered in northern climes, with less sunshine, are suffering more from osteoporosis from the lack of Vitamin D, and experiencing an increased risk of pelvic fracture during childbirth.  Their newborn babies are more prone to getting seizures from the same deficiency.

      Islamic law is concerned more with raping, beating, flogging, and stoning women than it is in honoring them.  The Shari’a demand that women be covered from head to toe is also the Islamic way of solving the problem of male sexual temptations.  Rather than teach the men self-restraint and respect, the onus is on the woman to hide herself, her sexuality, her body, her shame.  Tragically, because there are women who want to appear as being obedient to their god and faith, it becomes the burden of other women to withstand being hated, ridiculed, or become targets of fatwas.  Women face divisiveness or derision at every turn, and their society discourages, and even hinders, women from establishing friendships, particularly where polygamy is practiced.

      To have surrendered her dignity, self-esteem, pride in her American heritage and culture, goes beyond Hodges’ courtship of a voting bloc or fulfilling a promise to constituents.  She is responsible for having her female police chief and city council representatives wear the hijab on February 28, proclaimed Hijab Day at City Hall.  Rather than guide these new immigrants in becoming Americans, as previous ethnic groups have done, she is accepting their customs and laws over our own.

      When the intruder or invader makes demands (no matter how subtle) that are met with compliance and submission from the host culture, this is conquest, not assimilation.  I am deeply concerned as to how Hodges and her administration will address future demands, as they will surely be forthcoming – whether for Islamizing children in the classroom, serving only halal foods in the cafeterias, observing Islamic holidays on the city calendar, or all manner of accommodations in everyday life.   

      Hodges’ decision may well have been meticulously planned. Her hijab is stealth jihad.

      # # #

      Adar Bet 23, 5774, 3/25/2014

      But Not for Steves

      Mark Twain said, ""Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness..."

      But Not for Steves

      By Tabitha Korol

      One radio station that I seldom listen to, in order to keep my blood pressure at its normal low, is NPR, National Public Radio, which I once renamed, "Notorious for Palestinian Revisionism."  However, while surfing the stations the other day, I paused at NPR long enough to hear, "settlements," a term exclusive to Israel’s housing developments.  Someone was spewing the usual Islamic propaganda about Israelis constructing housing for Israelis in Israel.   It was one of the station's fundraising programs, and the guest spewer was Rick Steves, a Washington state-based, self-proclaimed travel guru.

      He then proceeded to assure the listeners that the "settlements" are illegal, which is absolutely not the case.  He probably knows, but emphatically denies with purpose, that Israel's boundaries are explicitly defined for the Jews in the ancient Hebrew Bible, the Torah, and established by the League of Nations in 1920 and the United nations in 1948.

      Meanwhile, Jordanian Muslim scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, has joined others who declare, “Allah gave Israel to the Jews.  There’s no Palestine,” admonishing those who distort the Koran.  Blogger Elder of Ziyon quoted the Koran, saying Allah assigned Israel to the Jews until the Day of Judgment (Sura 5:21), and that the Jews are the inheritors of Israel (Sura 26:59).  Adwan continued, “I say to those who distort … the Koran: from where did you bring the name Palestine, you liars, you accursed, when Allah has already named it ‘The Holy Land’ and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment.  There is no such thing as Palestine in the Koran.”

      These settlements – more aptly, neighborhoods – in the territories are entirely legal, although politically contentious.  Most of these communities were built on undeveloped land during 1967-77 (after Israel won the defensive wars) in order to provide security for the Jews from their aggressive Muslim neighbors.  After 1977, communities were built on unallocated government land, and by 2005, there were about 150 communities -about 200,000 Israelis - living on less than two percent of Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank).  The Jews' right to settle is a "legal right assured by treaty and specifically protected by Article 80 of the UN Charter, and precisely equal to the right of the existing Palestinians living there."

      Nevertheless, the Palestinians thrive on public relations and propaganda, not unlike the Nazi propaganda that led up to World War II,  to make their claim for the land they covet, just as Muslims have done to conquer the rest of the Middle East over 1400 years.  And revisionists and anti-Semites are more than eager to broadcast those assertions against the 3500-year-historical, legal, and security-related claims of the indigenous Jews.

      Without his ingrained mindset, Steves might have acknowledged history - that the Gazan Muslims and their descendants (not citizens of Israel) who chose to leave Israel when their fellow-Arabs attacked, were indeed from Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan.  The Muslims who chose to stay in Israel are now, with their descendants, two million-plus citizens of Israel.  He might then have concluded that despite originating from those warring countries, they were not permitted to return to them for, as squatters, they are regarded as valuable pawns in the never-ending Muslim jihad war against the Jews – the quintessential way of harnessing world opinion against them.

      Further to Steves' lies, his website illustrates that he has joined the Muslim jihad at war with the West. He indulges in Islamic taqiyyah (lies for Allah) by choosing the most anti-Israel groups to reinforce his accusations, by referring to a distorted PBS documentary about the "Holy Land" (whose very name aims to discredit Israel's sovereignty), and the George Soros-supported, pro-Hamas, virulently anti-Israel lobby in Washington, DC, J-Street, that solicits funds for the congressional candidates who are openly hostile to Israel.

      In his brief time on NPR, he used guile to deceive his audience by speaking of the Israeli children who played with toy guns, as he, himself, "once had as a young boy, " in order to shoot at the Palestinians, adding that it would be so much better if "the wall" were dismantled so that the children could get to know each other.   He failed to mention that the Palestinian children do not play with toy guns.  Rather, they indulge in the deadly drive-by, rock-throwing attacks at Jews.

      For the sake of misinformation, he did not acknowledge that Jewish, Christian and Muslim children do attend school and play together in Israel, but that Mahmoud Abbas vowed that no Jews would ever live in a future Palestinian state.  Palestinian children are taught by their teachers, TV programs, imams and the Qur'an that Jews are "dogs and pigs" to be hated and killed, and their leader refuses to recognize that the Jewish children are there, so playing together in a Palestinian state is entirely out of the question.

      As a world traveler, Steves undeniably knows that there are walls throughout the world that keep one people safe from another, and this wall and fence combination is actually a protective shield that Israel had to erect to keep her citizens safe from those whose raison d'etre is to kill the Jews who will not accept Allah as their god.  In fact, since the erection of the barrier, the number of attacks is said to have declined by more than 90 percent.  So, surely, Steves understands that removing the wall would provide easy access for the Palestinians to attack and kill Israelis, but perhaps that is his objective.

      If Steves could face reality, he would grasp that Muslims are in the United States for the same reason that Israel built the shield.  They showed their hand when they bombed the World Trade Center on September 11, with the Fort Hood massacre, and with the Boston bombing, to name the most infamous.  Another sign of "arrival for a purpose" is the increased number of mosques nationwide, requiring footbaths in public places, allocating Islamic books to libraries throughout the US, and funding and distributing Islamized textbooks to our K-12 schools and universities.

      If he were functioning properly, Rick Steves would realize that Muslim emigration to foreign countries results in gradual changes, from non-assimilation to riots, terrorism, violence and death, to Islamic rule, as they institute Shari'a law.  He would then come to understand that the bloodshed throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia are a natural outcome of more than 14 centuries of such invasions and arrive at the realization that unless he too fully acquiesces, he will surely bleed as did all the others when they were decapitated, a favorite Islamic technique. ☼

      Adar Bet 10, 5774, 3/12/2014

      Rape, the Whirlwind

      Sweden is the seventh richest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita  and its high standard of living.  It is famous for supporting the Norwegian resistance during World War II; for helping to rescue Danish Jews from deportation to concentration camps; and for its native son, Raoul Wallenberg, who rescued up to 100,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.

      We recognize Sweden as the country that gave us  the incomparable Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo, writers Ingmar Bergman and August StrindbergIKEA furniture, high-quality steel production, the Volvo, the pop group ABBA, and Pippi Longstocking.

      But Sweden’s latest source of prominence, its third largest city, Malmo, founded c. 1275, is now known as the City to Leave.  Its Jewish population is fleeing, as Malmo has become home to Muslim immigrants, antisemitism and violence, which has earned for Sweden the dubious distinction of Rape Capital of the World.  How is it possible for the Muslims to comprise a mere 6% of Sweden’s population, yet be responsible for 77% of the rapes committed?  According to the Counter Jihad report, one in four Swedish women will be raped, some killed, as sexual assaults increase by 500%.

      Now, since President Obama invited 80,000 Muslims into the United States, with a promise of 100,000 per year over the next five years, and studies show that Islamic immigration brings a rise in rates of rape and molestation, there can be no doubt that we will see a corresponding increase in rape crime in America accordingly.  

      Is rape a fundamental part of Muslim culture?  Egyptian-born Nonie Darwish, in her book,  And Now They Call Me Infidel, explains the Muslim mentality that is formed by their family dynamics and  interaction and by constant dissatisfaction.

      Youths may not date, fall in love, or even communicate with the opposite sex.  Women are severely oppressed from childhood, and not allowed to form friendships. A woman is the source of a man’s pride or shame. She is made to suffer ritual female genital mutilation; her physical appearance must be concealed; she is prohibited from living as freely as men; and she must obey strict Shari’a law – to either suffer in a polygamous marriage that encourages jealousy and diminishes her importance, or to become an Islamic slave in a brief marriage – as brief as a few hours. Divorce is the male’s option, as easy as saying “I divorce you.”  Since there is no common property between husband and wife, and his property does not automatically go to the wife after his death, the “one-night stand” is legal under Shari’a law.

      There are also a number of taboos and laws that not only undermine a woman’s security and self-respect, but also dominate her relationship to her children and others.  The result is an environment that sets women up against each other, poisoned with distrust, grief, isolation, and financial insecurity.

      What better way of defining the exploitation of sexual favors, forced labor or services, slavery or similar practices of servitude of one person (an underage female) by her parent to another adult (called a husband), than by human trafficking – particularly deception and coercion, as used when the parent transfers parental custody to the stranger, and there is an exchange of payment in return.

      Men are also impacted by Shari’a law.  Because his honor is determined by the female’s behavior, he becomes despotic, and may even kill his wife and children to endorse  his dignity.  The men are first raised by their unhappy, demoralized mothers  in a sexually oppressive society, where he is also economically unable to keep up with the older men who can buy any number of liaisons and support as many as four wives. The first-born son is also needed as protection of his mother against her husband’s unjust treatment.  All this leads to interlocking loyalties, fears, and unusual bonding, if any.

      Polygamy deprives everyone of the intimacy and security found in a monogamous or faithful marriage. Although the man governs his women, in all other circumstances, he endures indignity, humility, and degradation from all who live within a brutal regime.   With abuse in every part of his life, including the workplace, he is disaffected, angry, ripe for fundamentalism – even eager to give up his life for the promise of heaven and the elusive sexual satisfaction.   

      The populace is taught to stay in the tribe, to never befriend the outsiders, and to fervently focus on hating Israel and the West, even if they know nothing about those countries or people.  The hate becomes their identity, blaming the West for their culture's failure.  If their military leadership fails, if life is difficult, the economy bad, they feel less victimized if they can place the blame elsewhere. It's a simple fact that no one takes responsibility for anything in Islam and everyone blames everyone else.

      A polygamous society lacks cohesion and fellowship and is based on distrust, with hatred being at the surface, boiling and ready to explode against the most vulnerable. This is nihilism* – the man’s harming the woman, stealing her humanity and security.  It is what the jihadist hopes to do to the civilization that he has invaded.

      And this all leads to an article that came to my attention – students in a biology class at the University of Iowa are being taught that rape is “human nature.” Regarding criminal sexual assaults as human nature is obviously offensive and dismissive, a way of allowing or even encouraging the behavior to continue.  While certain university professors suggested rape “has an evolutionary origin … genetically developed strategy sustained over generations of human life…a successful reproductive strategy,” it is entirely unacceptable in a civilized society, an act for which the perpetrator must be severely punished.   

      The sanctioning of rape is being insinuated into our culture through our youth as yet another tentacle of Islamization.  We will not accept cruelty and criminal behavior as human nature.  We have evolved considerably since a code of high morality, ethics, compassion and justice was put into place by the Hebrews during the Bronze/Iron age.  We will not sink to the depths of degradation offered by a culture that, centuries later, brought the antithesis of our society to the world.

      What the students should be learning is that not all cultures are civilized, that it is important to realize and nurture our own exceptionalism compared to those that are bent on humanity’s destruction, and that an ideal civilization controls, contains, and rejects the elements of human nature that harm and devalue others – women, for example.  This is one of many of the proverbial slippery slopes, where the liberal thinker accommodates the Islamist, and rejects morality,  the American Constitution, and the future designed for us by our Founding Fathers.


      1.             total rejection of established laws and institutions.

      2.             anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity.

      3.             total and absolute destructiveness, especially toward the world at large and including oneself.

      Adar 30, 5774, 3/2/2014

      A Quest for Commonality

      A Quest for Commonality

      By Tabitha Korol

      The Adult Catholic Education program, held recently at a local Catholic parish hall, was entitled, “Under Abraham’s Tent: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the World Today.”  The evening, designed to “foster peaceful relationships” of three religions through their shared patriarch, Abraham, attracted about 200 guests.

      The first speaker, Rabbi “J,” related the story of Abram, who smashed all but one of his father’s idols, leaving a hammer in the hand of the largest.  When his father, Terach the idol carver, returned to the store and saw the damage, Abram alibied that a war had ensued among the gods, and the largest idol won.  Terach scoffed, saying, “The idols have no life or power,” to which Abram responded, “Then why do you worship them?” 

      Thus did Abram show the folly of idol worship and introduce the belief of monotheism into civilization.  “J” further explained that the Jews, through Moses, were also the first to bring laws of morality and humanity to humankind, the Commandments by which civilizations have prospered since.  Regrettably, she did not offer a definition of Judaism, the role of Jews in world history, or the significance of Israel to the Jewish people.

      Although Jews had resided in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Mesopotamia, and despite their persecution through the centuries, they nevertheless did not declare these lands as theirs.  She might have dismantled the accusation that Jews are colonialists, had she noted the Jewish claim to the land has very specific boundaries set forth in the ancient Torah – the same boundaries established by the League of Nations in 1920, and again by the United Nations in 1948.  

      It may be that the rabbi simply forgot these exhaustively documented facts, or she felt compelled to abandon her own and her religion’s survival for the fashionable multiculturalism and diversity. 

      “J” related an anecdote about being asked about the origin of people Cain met after his banishment from Eden.  The Torah explains that Adam fathered many children before he died at age 930, and Cain may well have met these others in Nod, where he married and built a city.  Rather, she responded that she told “our story,” and that could be another’s story, thereby allowing for the intrusion of a revisionist narrative!

      She also mistakenly said that Ishmael was Muslim. In this, her timeline was off because it is well known that Mohammad did not proselytize for Islam until the 7th century AD, some two and a half millennia later.  In fact, Ishmael was an Arab, but not a Muslim.

      Another fact is that Mohammad’s conquests for an Islamic people began with the slaying of Jews, Christians, and idolaters of Mecca and Medina – beheading the men and raping and enslaving their women and children.  Hence, the first Muslims were children of all four groups in the Middle East. 

      To a prompt about the 1967 origin of “Palestinians” (in quotation marks because before that date, the term meant any Jew or Arab who lived in that geographical area), “J” replied, “I don’t want to go there.”  It is a well-documented reality that Yasser Arafat began using that terminology to provide a false bond for these usurpers to the land, but she saw it as a threat to multiculturalism and Islamic revisionism.   

      A reminder to the rabbi: throughout history, Jews have argued that if they abandoned their traditions and rituals, and conformed to their host society, they would be less likely to face persecution.  But during the Spanish Inquisition, Jews who embraced their heritage were either converted, murdered, or expelled en masse in 1492.  And, of course, during the Holocaust, Jews who trusted the concept in the 1930s and ‘40s were savagely annihilated.   

      Father “C,” the second speaker, also referred to Abram’s belief system as the beginning of monotheism, and to Jesus Christ’s ministry for the beginning of Christianity.  He seemed distressed when an audience member asked, “Do Muslims and Jews need to trust in Jesus to get into heaven?”  Whereas the Catholic Church may mandate conversion as an entrée to heaven, the Father seemed to abjure an exclusionary viewpoint.  He did not reference Catholic Charities’ efforts to convert Muslims to Christianity or Muslim efforts to convert Jews and Christians to Islam.  Neither did he reveal that the Qur’an restricts Muslims from designating zakat (charity) to any but Muslims, except for outreach and conversion.    

      Imam “M,” the last of the three, speakers, stated he would discuss historical accounts, revisionism, the universalism of Islam, and the “pre-Islamists” (Jews and Christians) who rejected Mohammed’s message. 

      His  claim that Islam’s history is akin to Judaism’s, and that the two religions “shared ethics,” is fallacious.  The Jewish Bible exclusively introduced the early Noahide Laws and Ten Commandments that provided God’s universal and timeless standard of right and wrong for all civilizations. In stark contrast, Islam’s laws contain none of those ethics and morals, and their purpose, as stated by modern-day imams and throughout the Qur’an, is to require strict adherence to Mohammed’s stern teachings by virtually everyone.    

      Further omitted was that Islam combines both political ideology and religion; they are inextricably linked.  “M” stated that Shari’a law is based on scripture, words of the prophet, and human intellect (an ambiguous statement), but failed to inform that 83% of the Qur’an deals severely with the infidel.  Shari’a laws are meant to regulate non-Muslim as well as Muslim life.

      At this point, “M” reminded us of earlier statements – that Jews argued with God (that God must live up to His promise to the Jewish people), that Christians agree with Jesus, and that, “Under the Qur’an, all people would agree to be one faith, one religion, follow the laws of their prophet/role model, have the same behavior, attitude, and there would be no fighting.A quick check at the countries around the world disproves that easily enough.He also assured the audience that Muslims kill other Muslims more than they kill Jews and Christians – a hardly comforting gen.

      He went on to say that Muslims have a high degree of illiteracy.It is a fact that domination and oppression thrive as long as the masses are kept in ignorance. The importance of education goes back to Biblical times and is inherent in our Constitution.

      Before closing, the imam added, “The ethnic people of the Middle East includes Palestinians,” yet another invention left unchallenged.The Philistines from Crete are long gone, and the current Palestinians are traceable to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, from which they came to the nascent Israel in search of employment.Adopting “Palestinians” for their appellation was a stealth war tactic to provide a false bond to the region they coveted.

      It became quite evident that a mountain of historical revisionism was required to create a very false and tenuous harmony. Only when the Jews diminished their history, when the Christians moderated their beliefs, and when Muslims eluded questions that there could be any semblance of sharing and understanding.So this was not educational, but indoctrinal.

      If the church members brought these three philosophies together in the name of harmony and understanding, then at least harmony prevailed for a couple of hours.But I knew that the morrow would bring more news of violent Jew-hatred, church burnings, and other catastrophic acts of jihad, and the parishioners would remain terribly misinformed.In the name of multiculturalism, diversity, and political-correctness; they were left with dishonesty and self-congratulatory egotism.☼

      Adar 28, 5774, 2/28/2014

      Wooing Wyoming - Update

      I was pleased to hear from Shannon Smith, executive director of Wyoming Humanities Council, but disappointed to learn that she disagreed. When people disagree with facts, it means they cannot abide information that conflicts with their belief system. Did she not grasp that our world is afire? that our World Trade Center was bombed and 3,000 citizens killed? that Christians are being slaughtered in Africa and Asia? that Jews are fleeing Europe again? that Sweden and Norway have been called the rape capitals of the world? that the violence occurring around the globe is caused by one group and one group only?

      The books gifted by the Muslim Journeymen were described as containing "history, faith, and Muslim culture around the world." Islamic history, antithetical to all we believe and trust, is severely misrepresented in their accounts. They do not divulge their 1400-year history of violence, slavery, destruction of 270 million people and their cultures, the permanent land grabs, and the forced imposition of Islamic ideology to 1.3 billion people. They do not disclose their cruel Islamic law,Shari'a, and its incompatibility with our heritage and Constitution. Our God is not their God; our Torah and Bible are not their Qur'an, of which eighty percent deals with killing the infidels. The adherents will not live harmoniously with other nations and ideologies and they are a danger to all humanity. Their literature warrants inspection.

      Of the five novels the libraries received, Smith and her staff read Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, and admitted it was disturbing. So was In the Country of Men, by Hisham Matar. Both are stories of a desolate future and inappropriate, vulgar material. In the former, Marjane lives in Iran, a country in transition from secular to Islamic religious extremism; in the latter, nine-year-old Suleiman lives a frightening life in despotic Libya. Both books deal with issues of repression; abandonment and neglect; explicit sexuality and drugs; both have unsavory characters, and deal with issues of unhappiness, anxiety, martyrdom and death, and "life is pain." These are very different from the decent, moral literature that produced the people who created our great nation.

      The immersion in degradation is intentional. The books were chosen to discourage the innocent from reading and creative thinking, to produce "common" and "standard" (Common Core Standards) workers who are compliant and easily controlled, like the masses who lost their will to rise up against the Islamic and socialist regimes. In the words of Montesquieu, "As virtue is necessary in a republic...so fear is necessary in a despotic government."

      The reading material is selected to ruin the minds and imaginations at an early age. By the students' mid-teen years, they will have been force-fed a strong diet of social problems and other dark, bleak subjects, learning that socialism is good and capitalism evil, and the white man evil and the black man victimized. By the time they reach the higher grades, the students will be tarnished, no more able to develop a taste for wholesome material, or relish words and ideas. Their minds are being raped and dehumanized, so as never to be fascinated by a story.

      Mary Calamia, a clinical social worker in Stony Brook, New York, testified to the New York State Assembly about the effect of such books on her ever-increasing number of patients. The books are biologically inappropriate, and children are wetting their beds; experiencing stomachaches, nosebleeds, headaches, insomnia, depression and even self-mutilation. According to Vladimir Lenin (1921), one of the rules of overcoming democratic civilization is to distract the youth with a focus on the superficial, an interest in sex, sensual entertainment, sports and other trivialities, while the administration seizes power.

      Wyoming has accepted these books, but if the Council agrees that they are disturbing and do not depict the Muslim culture flatteringly, why would they want to "bridge" our two cultures? According to the grant, said to provide discussion on rarely discussed topics, the program is to focus on the following goals:

      ·         Open avenues of discussion towards a better awareness, understanding and tolerance of diversity
      Why should we accept and tolerate their distressing culture?

      ·         Engage community members and increase understanding of a culture that we typically see only through news stories, often filtered or detail-deficient,
      Why should we better understand and accept their forced female genital mutilation, marriage of prepubescent girls to older men, women enshrouded, women stoned to death based only on accusations, stabbings, explosions, honor killings, and the bleak existence of repressive societies?

      ·         Provide a new awareness of cultural similarities and to ease any distrust of "the other" There are no similarities. They are welcome to assimilate and enjoy our freedoms here, but not impose their Shari'a on our culture – or they may return to the lands of their discontent.

      Many believe the covert purpose of the books is to adjust the readers to accepting life under Islam as we slowly accept their customs, rather than endeavor to overcome complacency and mediocrity –dhimmitude.

      I submit that House of Stone by Anthony Shadid, an American foreign correspondent for the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe and Associated Press, was chosen to conform to another part of the Islamic agenda. While he appears to focus on returning to Lebanon, where "violence is as common as the wind," to restore his great-grandfather's ancestral stone house, he dwells on an oft-repeated, nuanced theme to discredit and delegitimize Israel and her people. He recalls not the Lebanon where various factions of Muslims, Maronite Christians, and communists fought for centuries, or the occupation of Hezbollah forces that took root to enforce Islam on the masses and used the town as a base from which to destroy Israel, but time and again cites Israel's "occupation," when the Israel Defense Forces came to repulse the advancing terrorist army.

      Broken Verses, by Kamila Shamsie, concerns a Pakistani feminist/activist, Samina Akram, who disappeared 17 years ago. Her lover, a poet known for government criticism, had been brutally murdered by government thugs two years earlier. When Samina's daughter, Aasmaani, suddenly begins receiving cryptic letters that only the couple could have written, she begins her pursuit through modern-day Pakistan. The story combines political intrigue, social and political upheaval, civil war, the plight of women, repression and religious fanaticism. Included are the family dynamic – pain of abandonment, rejection, resentment, jealousy, exile, distrust, fears and imprisonment. Is there value of submerging the students in such feelings that deaden the human spirit, so typical of those identified in Common Core? What we do not see are traits for which America is known – strength, courage, character, honesty, respect, determination, creativity, aspirations, and achievement.

      The author of Dreams of Trespass, Fatima Mernissi, was born in 1940, in seclusion in a harem, an enclosed domestic sprawl of extended families in 9th century Fez, Morocco. The compound consists of children, in-laws of several generations; divorced, widowed, dependent female relatives, and ex-slaves. Fatima can only escape her imprisonment, restrictions and powerlessness in her imagination, until educational opportunities become available. Now, as Wahhabi fundamentalism returns to the Middle East, and women must again accept the veil, the past is the ominous sign of the future. Today's Islamic women face the same captivity and hopelessness that permeated their ancient society.

      The Muslim Journey program is purported to be a search for freedom of religion and speech, which are already guaranteed under our Constitution; these are not a beleaguered people here. The underlying purpose of gifting such books could be to distract from the truth, which is far worse – a way of adapting the American psyche to "when" the Muslims succeed in establishing their caliphate in America. This is, therefore, a foothold for propaganda to desensitize the American reader, a form of indoctrination, and a way to replace the books of the past. How is this different from the Hitlerian fetes when the classics were hurled into the raging bonfire?

      In a courtroom, we expect to hear from both the defense and the prosecution. I hope that these Humanities Councils will eventually approach this case with equal objectivity. Else, in the words of Lewis Carroll, "If you drink much from a bottle marked, 'poison,' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later."

      © Tabitha Korol

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