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      Tuvia Brodie
      by Tuvia Brodie

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      Tuvia Brodie has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh under the name Philip Brodie. He has worked for the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham College and American Express. He and his wife made aliyah in 2010. All of his children have followed. He believes in Israel's right to exist. He believes that the words of Tanach (the Jewish Bible) are meant for us. His blog address is http://tuviainil.blogspot.com   He publishes 4-6 times a week on his blog. Please check the blog regularly for new posts. 

      Tevet 7, 5774, 12/10/2013

      Israel headlines: more Mandela-Abbas-peace

      Hundreds of headlines appear each day in Israel. Over the course of 24 hours, headlines ricochet back-and-forth between dozens of topics.

      Can you follow it all?

      In this report, you’ll see a way to make sense of--and discover patterns appearing within--the news. First, you’ll find an organized selection of headlines from Israel’s press. Then you’ll see comments.

      Today, we look at—and comment on—some headlines for December 8-9, 2013. Tomorrow, we’ll look at the remainder.

      The war against Israel

      -Netanyahu: The conflict did not begin with Israel refusing the Palestinians a state (12/8/13, Haaretz)

      -Ya'alon: There's No Peace Partner, Only Incitement

      -Arabs Wave PLO Flag in the Center of Haifa (12/9/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Hamas: We Won't Cede a Single Grain of Soil(12/8/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Hamas Vows to Oppose Interim Peace Agreement(12/9/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -PLO Opposes Interim Peace Agreement (12/9/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -PLO: Palestinians won't accept current proposals from Israel  (12/9/13, Jerusalem Post)

      -Report: Kerry to Postpone Terrorist Release to Pressure PA (12/9/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Report: PA Won't Agree to Delay in Prisoner Release (12/9/12, Arutz Sheva)

      -PA Demands Terrorist Prisoner Release on Time (12/9/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Palestinian official: Kerry's peace ideas will lead to 'total failure' (12/9/13, Ynet)

      -Palestinian throw firebomb at Israeli bus south of Nablus, no injuries reported (12/9/13, Haaretz)

      Today’s news cycle began with a statement by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (“Netanyahu: The conflict did not begin with Israel refusing…”). Mr Netanyahu reminded the world that the Arab-Israel conflict did not begin with Israel refusing the Palestinians a state. The current Arab-Israel conflict began more than 65 years ago when the Arabs chose to start a war. They attacked Israel. They wanted the new-born state to be Jew-free. The Arabs, Mr Netanyahu wanted you to know, are still fighting that war.

      If you don’t believe this assertion, check out the story about Hamas in this news cycle (“Hamas: We Won't Cede a Single Grain of Soil”). Hamas is not interested in living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security—as the West so often tells us. Hamas has the same goal the Arabs had in 1948: the only Palestine they want—and will accept--is one that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

      You can’t get any clearer than that.

      If you do not understand Middle East geography, you should know that the only land in this region that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River is Israel. Hamas wants its ‘Palestine’ to replace Israel.

      Don’t think the PLO/Fatah is any different. In another story from this same news cycle (“PLO Opposes Interim Peace Agreement”), the PLO Executive Committee reiterated its demand that any permanent agreement for peace had to include a complete Jewish withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, and the establishment of Jerusalem as the (Jew-free) capital of the PA state. The Committee warned that there will be no peace without those two unalterable requirements.

      PLO/Fatah Arabs also agree with the Hamas ‘from the River to the Sea’ demand. We know this because of the PLO/Fatah logo.

      That logo shows the new Arab ‘Palestine’ where Israel is today. Their ‘Palestine’ replaces Israel on the map—and yes, that ‘Palestine’ stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

      Hamas and PLO/Fatah share the same goal. Both want to erase Israel from the map.

      It doesn’t get any more graphic than that.

      The world likes to believe that there is no peace in the Arab-Israel conflict because of Israel. But today’s news cycle reveals the truth: it’s Arabs’ unyielding demands that keep peace from ‘happening’.

      That’s what the Kerry-generated headlines above proved. US Secretary John Kerry has (perhaps) finally conceded that Israel has legitimate security concerns. He seems finally to recognize (maybe) that the West must give credence to stated Hamas/PLO/Fatah anti-Israel hostility. He has, to this end, proposed to Abbas a way to help Israel get that security.

      Abbas balked. He rejected Kerry’s (so far unpublicized) suggestions.

      What happened next was totally unexpected: Kerry suggested that, if Abbas is being this stubborn about negotiating peace, perhaps the US will tell Israel to delay the next-scheduled prisoner release (scheduled for the end of this month). The prisoner release was a promised three-stage release of Arab terrorists held in Israeli prisons. The promise of release had been made to entice the PA to the negotiating table.

      The US position seemed clear. If Abbas wasn’t interested in being at the negotiating table, the prisoner release should stop; it could start up again once Abbas showed more willingness to compromise.

      When Abbas heard that, he went ballistic (“Palestinian official: Kerry's peace ideas will lead to 'total failure'”). Abbas didn’t just oppose Kerry’s suggestion for Israel security; he threatened a complete collapse of the talks over this issue.

      Who’s being intransigent here, Israel or Abbas?

      The answer seems, clearly, Abbas. Will the world see that?

      Nelson Mandela

      -'South Africans Don't Hate Israel, They Hate Oppression' 912/9/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Netanyahu Won't Attend Mandela Memorial (12/9/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Peace Now to PM: participate in Mandela's funeral, high costs mustn't be used as an excuse (12/9/13, Haaretz)

      The death of Nelson Mandela reminds us how badly our moral leaders can fall. For many, Nelson Mandela was the idol for morality. He spoke to the world of moral issues. He stood tall for justice.

      But he also failed because he supported, praised and encouraged the ‘Palestinian cause’. Although he spoke specifically of ‘freeing’ the Palestinians, he did nothing to free those Arabs from the horrors of living under ‘Palestinian’ rule.

      He chose the wrong cause to label ‘moral’.

      Mandela spoke out against Israel. But as he did that, he ignored disgusting Arab-on-Arab oppression--documented by Human Rights organizations--that occurs with unrelenting regularity in both the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Gaza.

      He abandoned the suffering of truly innocent Arabs in order to join the let’s-get-Israel crowd. That’s what’s so troubling about Nelson Mandela. He could have protected Arabs from their own rulers. He could have used his moral authority—as no one else could—to embarrass Hamas and the PA in front of the world, to call out to them to stop killing and torturing Arabs under their direct control.

      He didn’t do that. Instead, he chose to join their anti-Israel war.

      Look at the 2013 World Report from Human Rights Watch (HRW). Both the PA and Hamas stand accused of hundreds of complaints of torture of their own people across several years. Both the PA and Hamas harm and severely restrict the freedoms of the press and assembly.  For example, their security officers wade into peaceful protesters and beat their fellow-Arabs—just because they assemble, just because they speak out.

      While not in the HRW Report, both Hamas and the PA actively oppress anyone who is not Muslim. Neither allows freedom of religion or the freedom to worship as one pleases.

      Mandela was wrong. He had the moral authority to speak out. He didn’t.

      Israel’s Left is also wrong (see the ‘Peace Now’ headline above). Israel is correct not to send its Prime Minister or President to Mandela’s funeral.

      There is shame here, not honour. When it came to the world’s only Jewish state, Nelson Mandela abandoned his nobility.

      Come back tomorrow for more.

      Tevet 5, 5774, 12/8/2013

      Israel headlines: Dec '13 Mandela, peace, Temple Mount

      Hundreds of headlines appear each day in Israel. Over the course of 24 hours, headlines ricochet back-and-forth between dozens of topics.

      How do you make sense of it all?

      In this report, you’ll find an organized selection of headlines from Israel’s press. Then you’ll see comments.

      Today, we look at—and comment on—headlines for December 6-7, 2013.

      The war against Israel

       -Liberman: Israel not ‘occupying’ West Bank, peace talks won’t work (12/7/13 Times of Israel)

      -Favorite Course of Terrorists in Israeli Jails – Genocide (12/6/13 Arutz Sheva)

      -Released Terrorists Reveal No Regret, Fun in Jail (late 12/5/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Poll: 87.5% of Israelis Don't Believe in Current Peace Talks (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Poll: Only 6% Expect a Peace Agreement with PA (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Lieberman at Saban Forum: Peace between Israelis and the Palestinians is unlikely ( 12/7/13 Haaretz)

      -Abbas: We won't forget Mandela said revolution incomplete until Palestinians are free (12/6/13, Haaretz)

      -PA Leaders Use Mandela's Death to Slam 'Occupation' (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Gaza 'Collaborator' Sentenced to Death by Hanging(12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)


      Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders like to declare they want Palestinians to be free. They rail against Israel’s ‘occupation.’ Now, they used the death of Nelson Mandela to slam Israel and promote their ‘cause.’

      Mandela has been useful to Mahmoud Abbas. Mandela once said, “if the Palestinians are not free, no one is free”. It’s a catchy phrase which, as you’ll see below, is untrue. But it’s been used anyway by Israel-haters to demonize Israel.

      Mandela seems to have loved the ‘Palestinians.’ He once described the late PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, as, "one of the outstanding freedom fighters of his generation” (Elad Benari, “PA Leaders Use Mandela's Death to Slam 'Occupation'”,  cited above).

      You know, freedom is wonderful. Everyone wants it. Everyone loves it. But Mandela’s call to ‘free Palestine’—and his praise of Arafat as a great ‘freedom’ fighter—are blots on his supposed nobility.  They stain his reputation because his words are not true.

      We know they’re not true because we know how Arabs who live in Gaza are treated. Human Rights Watch (HRW) says Gaza treats its people in a manner best described as, ‘abusive’.  One example of this abuse shows up in Gaza’s judicial system. Arabs are too often executed (murdered?) by authorities after secret proceedings.

      Israel doesn’t do that.

      We also know how Arabs who live in PA-controlled areas are treated—harshly—with limited freedoms and many abuses, according to HRW.

      HRW reports that Gaza and the PA torture prisoners. Both limit and/or prohibit a number of freedoms.

       Arabs in Gaza and the PA are not free. If Mandela wanted to see ‘free Palestinians’, he should have called upon Arafat to put aside the ways of the tyrant. He should have said, ‘follow Israel’s example’.

      Arabs have more rights and freedoms—plus better medical care and educational opportunities-- in Israel than in any other Middle East country. Israel is not perfect. But it’s a lot more perfect than any of its Arab neighbours.

      Apparently, Mandela didn’t do his research. Instead, he drank the ‘kool-aid’. He accepted the poisonous propaganda of the Arafat-inspired war against Israel. He allowed his name to be associated with lies.

      That’s not moral nobility. It’s more like the corruption of what was once noble.

      -Palestinians throw firebomb near the Gaza border fence near Kfar Aza; no casualties (12/6/13, Haaretz)

      -Gaza: Rockets aimed at Israel explode in Palestinian territory (12/7/13, Ynet)

      -2 Rockets Fired Into Israel From Gaza; No Injuries Reported (12/7/12, Arutz Sheva)

      -IDF: Friday’s explosion near Syrian border – intentional (12/7/13, Ynet)


      While the so-called ‘peace talks’ unfold, we should wonder how Arabs feel about peace prospects. After all, if peace comes, they’ll benefit, won’t they?

      We might learn a lot about Arab intent from his actions—his behaviour. Arabs are no different from anyone else: their actions speak louder than words.  

      In just the two days of this news cycle, we saw how Arabs react to the prospect of peace with Israel: they continue to attack Israel.

       Specifically, they fired rockets into Israel, hurled a firebomb at a Jewish village and detonated a massive explosive device inside Israel near the Syrian border. Each of these assaults is a serious violation of Israel’s sovereignty—and an attack against Israel’s right to live in safety. These attacks are not peaceful. In fact, the explosive device at the Syrian border is a new and troubling incident. It marks what some feel is a severe escalation in tension at the Syria-Israel border.  

      What does this violence and anti-Israel aggression tell you about peace prospects?

      -Canadian church launches boycott of West Bank goods (12/6/13, Times of Israel)

      Canada’s largest Protestant Church has been talking about boycotting Israel products on behalf of ‘Palestinian justice’ for some time. Now, it has started its promised boycott. To support the ‘Palestinian’s’ struggle to remove Israeli ‘occupation’ from Judea-Samaria, Canada’s largest Protestant congregation now encourages ‘economic action’ against Israeli companies, starting today with Keter Plastic, SodaStream and Ahava.

      This appears to be a questionable use of a Church’s moral authority. If the Church remains silent in the face of attacks against Jews while it supports punitive actions against the Jewish State, it suggests that the means (attempts to kill Jews) justifies the ends (getting Israel out of Judea-Samaria).

      I thought that the first lesson of moral behaviour for a moral society is that the means do not justify the ends. Has the Church in Canada decided to turn morality on its head?


      The Arab Middle East

      -Syrian Opposition Claims Assad Used Chemical Weapons Again (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -All Syrian chemical weapons munitions destroyed, says watchdog  (12/6/13, Haaretz)

      -Syrian airstrikes on rebel-held city Raqqa kill 12 (12/7/13, Haaret)

      -Syria regime kills 17 in Nabuk  12/713,  Ynet)

      -Group of Syrian nuns abducted by rebels appear in video broadcast on Al-Jazeera   12/6/13, Haaretz)

      -Yemen: 6 dead in raids to catch perpetrators of Thursday's ministry attack   12/613, Haaretz)

      -Al-Qaida branch claims attack in Yemen (12/6/13 Haaretz)

      -Islamists demand fall of Libyan government, end to oil blockades  (12/6/12, Haaretz)

      -Gunmen attack liquor stores in Baghdad, killing nine 12/713,Ynet)

      -2 bombings kill 4 people in Iraq  12/7/13, Ynet)

      The killings and destruction continue in the Arab Middle East. Arabs in the Palestinian Authority (PA) suggest to the West that they want peace. But their brothers just up the road can’t stop killing each other. In Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iraq, at least 35 people were killed in just two days.

      Shouldn’t such perpetual violence raise questions about the Arab’s capacity to live in peace? Does such widespread violence suggest a tendency to prefer destruction over peace?

      Shouldn’t we be asking these questions?


      The Temple Mount

      -Muslims Riot on the Temple Mount (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Tension at Temple Mount is escalating week by week (12/7/13, Times of Israel)

      Judaism’s holiest site is the Temple Mount. According to a 1994 Treaty between Jordan and Israel, both Jordan and Israel have committed to allow free access—and freedom of worship-- for Jews, Christians and Muslims to all Holy sites.  Jordan has the responsibility to administer the Temple area---through the Muslim Waqf. However, despite the Treaty, both Jordan and the Waqf regularly denounce any Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.

      That’s a problem. If Jordan has signed a Treaty to allow freedom of access and worship to Jews, shouldn’t they defend the terms of that Treaty?

      They do not defend what they have agreed to defend. As a result, the Temple Mount is now talking its place in the region as a war zone. There hasn’t been a lot of fighting there—so far. But Arabs and their Jewish sympathizers ignore the Treaty. If fighting accelerates, there will be blood on their hands.

      The blood will be their responsibility because they refuse to defend the agreed-upon freedom of worship. Instead, they demonize Jews who wish to ascend the Mount.

      In the Middle East, religion is a big deal. Everyone knows how important one’s religion is. Such disrespect to the Jewish religion is unforgiveable—and, by Treaty, potentially illegal.

      Jewish political leadership—and leadership in the police, civil administration and criminal justice system--have abrogated their responsibility. They are supposed to uphold and protect a signed Peace Treaty. Their abrogation of that responsibility should be offensive to all who love freedom.

      Where is Israel’s Left? They are always the first to cry out for freedom. Why don’t they cry out now?

      Why are they silent?


      -Iranian UN Ambassador Doesn't Recognize Israel

      -Iranian president: Mandela gave freedom a new, glorious meaning (12/6/13, Haaretz)

      -Rohani defends Iran's interim nuclear deal (12/713, Ynet

      -IAEA: Iran presses ahead with uranium enrichment technology (12/7/13, Haaretz

      America and Israel

      -Kerry: Israel, PA Closer to Peace Deal than in Years  (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Upon departing Israel, Kerry insists peace deal progress hinges on security (12/6/13 Haaretz) 

      -Kerry: Israel security key in peace talks (12/6/13, Ynet)

      -Kerry stresses US commitment to Israel’s security (12/7/13,Ynet)

       -Kerry: Nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel  (12/7/13, Ynet)

      -Report: US Accepts Israel's Stance on Jordan Valley (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Kerry: We are closer to peace than we have been in years (12/6/13, Times of Israel)

      -Obama takes aim at Israeli positions on Iran (12/7/13,JTA)

      -Obama: Iran can have peaceful nuclear program, ‘modest (12/7/13, Times of Israel)

      -Obama: ‘My goal is to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapon’ (12/7/13, Times of Israel)

      -Obama: Iran will not advance nuclear program (12/7/13, Ynet)

      -Palestinians reject Kerry layout for peace (late 12/5/13, Times of Israel)

      The Left’s war against Israel

      -Herzog: Divide Jerusalem and Make Land Swaps (12/6/13, Arutz Sheva)  

      -Peretz in Turkey: Arabs Have a Right to Another State (late 12/5/13, Arutz Sheva)

      Israel’s business

      -Study: Companies with Israel ties added $6.2 billion to Mass. Economy

      -Israeli firm’s 4G chips find a home in Verizon tablet (12/6/13, Times of Israel)


      There are many headlines to talk about from these last two days.  You can see some of them above. Which of those headlines would you talk about?


      Tevet 3, 5774, 12/6/2013

      Israel headlines: lies and hate in December 2013

      Hundreds of headlines appear each day in Israel. How do you make sense of it all?

      Over the course of a single day, headlines ricochet back-and-forth between dozens of topics. Reading the news becomes akin to watching six tennis matches at once.

      Here’s a way to read the news. In this report, you’ll see an organized selection of headlines from Israel’s press. You’ll also see comments about those headlines.

      Today, you’ll take a clear look at just one topic. The time period is the end of Chanukah, December 3-5, 2013.

      The War on Israel

      - Former PA Negotiator: Peace Deal 'Impossible'  

      -IDF Admits Terror is on the Rise in Judea, Samaria

      -Attack Thwarted at Tomb of the Patriarchs

      -Hebrew University's Mount Scopus Campus 'a War Zone'

      -Casualties from Terror in Heartland 'Up 120%'

      -Stone-hurling suspects: Motivated by 'Jew-hatred'

      -Abbas: If negotiations fail we'll appeal to international bodies

      -Palestinian youth arrested with sharp screwdriver: 'I wanted to stab a soldier

      -UN Envoy: We are Losing our Patience

      - Lieberman: PA Trying to Sabotage Talks

      -Hamas Leader: We Won't be Bound by Peace Agreement

      -Livni: Israel's Security Interests will be Preserved

      -Abbas Rejects Kerry’s Offer

      - Kerry praises Abbas for negotiating ‘despite difficulties’

      The language of international diplomacy used to be Latin. That’s no longer true. At least when it comes to Israel, the lie has become the lingua Franca for diplomats.

      Everyone participates—the European Union, the US and the United Nations. Lies about Israel have become so commonplace, they have become accepted truths.

      They are not.

      One of those lies has popped up again during this current news cycle. Envoy to the Middle East Robert Serry warned Israel that the international community would not be happy if Israel allowed current peace talks to fail. Serry said that the international community was losing its patience.

      Clearly, Serry blames Israel for ‘no peace’.

      That’s a lie.

      Serry is not the first to express impatience with Israel. The European Union wants a new Palestine to emerge from these talks--and it is ‘frustrated’ by Israel's intransigence. 

      The US agrees. US Secretary of State John Kerry has told Israel that, if it fails to produce a new Palestine, it (Israel) will see ‘isolation on steroids’.  Kerry practically gave a green light for a new Intifada when he added (regarding the potential for failure), ‘does Israel want a third intifada?’

      The UN, the EU, the US and The Palestinian Authority have all denounced Israel for its ‘settlements’. Abbas regularly uses the ‘settlements’ as an excuse to refuse to negotiate. He claims that building in ‘settlements’ drives a dagger into the heart of peace negotiations.

      That’s another lie.

      Now, Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman makes trouble. He claims that ‘settlements’ represent just 1.5% of Judea-Samaria. 

      According to Evelyn Gordon (“Settlements: obstacle to peace,” Commentary magazine, November 17, 2011), Liberman is wrong. The ‘settlements’ do not make up 1.5 per cent of Judea-Samaria.

      Gordon writes an interesting essay. She quotes the then-chief Palestinian negotiator, Seeb Erekat. She references an interview Erekat did on the Arabic radio station As-Shams (at the beginning of November, 2011). She paraphrases Erekat saying, ‘based on an aerial photograph provided by European sources, the settlements cover only 1.1 percent of the West Bank (ibid)’.

      That’s it--1.1 per cent. Western nations have their panties in a twist over 1.1 per cent. They claim there is no peace because of 1.1 per cent. They are frustrated with Israel because of 1.1 per cent. They loses their patience with Israel because of 1.1 per cent.


      Think about this claim. The West believes that 1.1 per cent kills prospects for peace?

      Don’t believe it.

      If you have ever negotiated anything, you know very well that 1.1% is nothing. The Arabs –and the entire Western world—attack Israel over 1.1 per cent?  There’s something is wrong with that.

      The only reason anyone would demonize Israel over 1.1 per cent is that he demands Israel give up 100 per cent of Judea-Samaria—and then demands further that there will be no negotiation whatsoever. In fact, that’s exactly what’s going on here.

      At the time this latest round of peace talks began, Abbas gave a speech (September, 2013) to graduates of the University of Jericho. In that speech, he declared that there will not be a peace agreement with Israel unless “all of the Palestinian Authority demands are met” (“Abbas: Meet Our Conditions, Then We Can Have Peace”, Arutz Sheva, Elad Benari, September 16, 2013).

      That’s not a negotiator talking. That’s one who will not negotiate; and yet, whom does the West blame for ‘no peace’?


      During this news cycle, Israel's security needs made headlines. As US Secretary of State John Kerry returns to Israel (on December 4/5), Chief Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni announced that Israel’s security interests will be preserved. To this end, Kerry discussed with Abbas a plan to preserve Israel’s security interests. As the headline above indicates, Abbas rejected Kerry’s plan.

      Who’s the intransigent one? Israel?

      The West doesn’t care. They ignore Abbas. They denounce Israeli ‘settlements’.

      Why does the West do that? Does it join the Arab in villainous counsel against Israel?

      Well, if you listen to the UN, the US, the EU and Abbas, the issue of 'settlements''  will not go away. This 1.1% is so destructive it makes peace impossible. To listen to these attacks, you’d think that Israel is using ‘settlement’ to create so large a footprint over Judea-Samaria that a new ‘Palestine’ would be impossible to create.

      But with only a 1.1 per cent footprint, is 'settlement' a problem?

      It isn’t.

      The war against Israel continues.

      Look at the other headlines above. Arabs attack Jews during peace talks. The West ignores those attacks. Hamas says it will not be bound by any peace agreement with Israel. Jews are assaulted. Arabs hate.

      What’s going on here? The West becomes irate at Israel because of ‘settlements’—when ‘settlements’ clearly aren’t the issue.

      The Arabs, meanwhile, marinate in Jew-hate.  This, the West ignores.

      We learn in our Tehillim (83:6) that Edom (the West) and Yishmael (Abbas) will take counsel together with others to strike a covenant against HaShem, the G-d of Israel.  Is that what’s happening here?

      Don't go away. This movie isn't over.

      Tevet 2, 5774, 12/5/2013

      Arab headlines: fantasy as news in the PA

      If you’re like most non-Arabs, you probably don’t read the Arab Press. So, here are two questions:

      Do you know if the Arab world has an interest in Israel? If it does, what’s its point of view?

      If you don’t know, return here every Thursday before Noon ET for something you may not see elsewhere: a look at Arab news.

      Today, you will read headlines from—and personal comments about—just one Arab news site: the Palestinian Authority.

      From the Palestinian Authority (PA)

      To read PA news is to draw one conclusion: PA news has an almost obsessive focus--to showcase Palestinian misery at the hands of the demon Israel.

      It’s not really news. It doesn’t inform so much as it tells a story.

      Like a shuk, it’s there every day. But it’s limited. It’s a marketplace with only one idea.

      Depending upon the day, between 40 per cent – 70 per cent of PA news has this focus. It makes PA news look like a political infomercial.

      PA news isn’t about news. It’s about fantasy.

      The fantasy is, we are innocent victims of Israeli brutality.

      Fantasy is not news. A fantasy of misery does not represent reality. It validates the misery.

      It’s what the PA does best. It validates misery. Feature stories on the PA news site don’t highlight Arab accomplishment. They don’t showcase business activity. They don’t highlight plans for a future.

      For the PA news site, there is no future. There is no civic vitality. There is only misery and death.  

      Such a fantasy delivers a message: as an Arab, you have absolutely no control over your life; you are a victim; your only opportunities in life come from hating Israel.

      Here’s a sample of headlines that illustrates how this fantasy—and its message--works:

      -Settlers take over building near Hebron mosque

      - Israeli forces demolish water wells and tents in the Jordan Valley

      -Israel clears West Bank land for settler homes

      -Israeli forces detained 110 Palestinians in Hebron in November

      -Video: Israeli soldier fires gas canister at rights volunteer

      - Israeli volunteer shoots, kills Palestinian worker in northern Israel

      -Israeli court sentences Tulkarem man to life term and 20 years

      -Israeli guards raid Ashkelon jail, assault detainees

      -Press body accuses Israel army of targeting journalists

      -Facebook users outraged as Israel army spokesman posts Fairuz video

      -Will Israeli opposition derail the Geneva agreement on Iran's nuclear program?

       - Teen dies en route to hospital amid checkpoint closure

      -Israeli police attack large anti-Prawer protests in Haifa

      -Thousands join funeral of Palestinian worker shot dead by Israelis

      -Clashes in Hebron after funeral for 3 men killed by Israel

      -Tel Aviv 'Nakba' film festival keeps alive memories of 1948 in Israel

      -The plot thickens: Gaza flooded with sewage, conspiracies

      -17 attempt suicide over unpaid Gaza war compensation

      These 18 headlines came from a single hour of one day. They dominated the News site. They were ‘in your face’.

      These headlines promote the fantasy: you cannot control anything. All you get when you live here is death and woe. Israel is brutal. Israel controls. Israel destroys. Israel kills. Israel attempts to manipulate international politics to pervert peace and security.

      For the PA, there is no ‘life’. There is only brutality. An innocent Arab can do nothing in the face of such unrelenting oppression. All you can do is riot when you bury your neighbour after he has been murdered by Israelis.

      PA readers understand the fantasy. It’s been drilled into them. They get the message.

      For example, reader comment for two stories during this week’s news cycle (ending December 4, 2013) ran to rage against Israel. The two stories were about the IDF killing 3 Arab men who had opened fire on the IDF after the IDF had stopped them. One reader commented, “the attempted arrest just HAPPENS [sic] to occur when it would help Israel most if she demonstrated she's 'fighting terror’”. Another stated, “no one in Palestine wants to see Israeli soldiers and criminal settlers any more ruining peoples [sic] life…we are sick of you Israel and your lies about peace.”

      Another reader summed up what many Arabs are supposed to feel about Israel, saying, “No arrest, no judge, no jury, no legal redress, no trial, no presentation of evidence... simple cold blooded murder of civilians who remain innocent until proven guilty.”

      In the face of such perceived Nazi behaviour by Israel, the PA ran another story: Most Palestinians see fresh peace talks as error.

      Is this a surprise? This story described a poll just taken in the Palestinian Authority. 68.7 per cent of respondents expected current (called, ‘renewed’) peace negotiations with Israel to fail.

      Of course peace will fail. Israel will never give you peace.

      That’s the PA message. Peace is impossible.

      If you don’t believe that, read the PA news.

      Kislev 30, 5774, 12/3/2013

      Israel headlines: Chanukah as ‘deja vue all over again’

      Israel headlines report the news. But if you look closely, you may also discover that these headlines reveal what lies beneath the news.

      In this report, you’ll see a selection of headlines from Israel’s press—and some comments about those headlines.

      Today, we look at—and comment on—headlines for the Chanukah period, December 1-2, 2013.

      The war against Israel

      - Bedouin in Dimona Calls for Violent Uprising

      -4 Arrested in Shabbat Bedouin Violence

      - Muslims Hack Charity Jewish Charity Website

      - Weapons and Ammo Uncovered by IDF in Hevron

      - PA Official: Jews 'Defile' Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount)

      -Temple Mount Closed after Brawl

      - Feiglin: Weakness in Negev Starts on Temple

      -PA Arabs Sign anti-Peace Convention

      -Palestinians clash with Israeli security forces at Rachel's Tomb in West Bank

      - Police arrest 4 suspects, including minors, over stone throwing in Negev protests

      -Caught on Video: Arab Rock Ambush

      -Religious Man Assaulted by Arab near Damascus Gate

      -[Mayor of Jerusalem] Barkat: Deter Rock-Throwing with Punitive Measures


      In today’s news cycle, we see a repeat of the original Chanukah story.

      Remember the original? A foreign super-power (Greece) joins with both a regional entity (Syria) and Jews (in Israel) to destroy all that is Jewish in Israel. The goal was simple: turn Israel into a non-Jewish country.

      Today’s Chanukah headlines (Chanukah for 2013 runs from November 28 – December 5) suggest a similar plot: a foreign super-power (America) joins with a regional entity (Arab ‘Palestinians’) and Leftist Jews (in Israel and abroad) to push Israel into a ‘peace’ with those whose goal is to wipe Israel off the map.

      While each of these three ‘actors’ claim to have distinct reasons for pressuring Israel, the practical consequence of all those efforts looks to be the same: no more Jewish state.

      The Arab war against Israel has taken no Chanukah holiday. It pushes forward. Arabs call for violent uprisings. Jews are attacked in-and-around Jerusalem. Some 250,000 Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs sign a “convention” calling for no peace compromise with Israel. PA officials call out that Jews who ascend the Temple Mount ‘defile’ the Mount (which they call, ‘al aqsa’). Arabs beat Jews who ascend to the Temple Mount. Muslims hack into an Israeli Jewish Charity and put onto the site words which say, "We demand the return of Palestine [i.e., all of Israel],” alongside "Allah is the one god", as well as "We will kill everything Jews love.”

      These are not the words and actions of peace. Nevertheless, it is Israel which the US pressures for ‘peace’. Does this Arab behaviour suggest peace to you?  

      America and Israel

      -U.S. rejects Israeli criticism, says not avoiding confrontation with Iran at any cost

      - Netanyahu: I will not 'shut up' on warnings against Iran

      -US Calls Netanyahu 'Desperate and Weak'

      -Washington Post Critical of Iran-West Deal

      -Israelis distrust Iran deal but overwhelmingly value alliance with US


      The US has wrapped up a deal with Iran. Isn’t that wonderful? The US is pleased. It boasts that Iran’s nuclear ambitions have been thwarted by negotiations. Israel, we infer, was completely wrong to ‘talk tough’. Instead of using a military attack to convince Iran to stop its weaponizing plans, we have achieved peace through diplomacy.

      We did what the belligerent Israel said couldn’t be done!

      Surely, that’s a wonderful proposition. There’s just one problem--Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t keep his damn mouth shut. He keeps claiming that the deal was bad.

      How can we have peace through negotiations with that kind of noise?

      We can see from the headlines above how the US and Israel carp at each other over this deal: last week, the US response to Netanyahu’s criticism was to tell Netanyahu to ‘give it a break’; now, Netanyahu says he ‘won’t shut up.’ The US rejects Israel’s criticism. US officials announce that Netanyahu’s ‘noise’ reveals him to be ‘weak’ and ‘desperate.’

      The US looked strong and aggressive against the bothersome Israel. The US was strong—until it got hammered by The Washington Post.

      According to a Post editorial, the Iran deal was not what the US had said it was (oopps). The Post wrote that the deal made too many major concessions to Tehran (oopps). For example, while White House officials and Secretary of State John F. Kerry have repeatedly stated that Iran’s assertion of a ‘right to enrich’ uranium would not be recognized in an interim deal, the text actually says the ‘comprehensive solution’ will involve an Iranian enrichment program (oooppps).  Then, a long-standing U.S. demand that an underground enrichment facility be closed was not even mentioned (ooopps again). Worst of all, the editorial pointed out, “Obama and other U.S. officials have spoken about a six-month time frame for completing negotiations”; but the agreement actually says the six-month arrangement can be renewed ‘by mutual consent’ (oopps)--the parties actually aim to conclude negotiating and commence implementing oversight in as much as a year after signing.

      That would give the Iranians another year to build a bomb (oopps).

      Are the Americans incompetent—or does this deal suggest something other than incompetence?


      -Video: Ex-CIA Chief: We've Accepted Iranian Enrichment

      -Report: Israel Looking for Proof that Iran is Violating Deal

      -Netanyahu: I Will Not Be Silenced When Israel is in Danger

      - Rouhani: Iran to start constructing 2nd nuclear plant in Bushehr


      Now that the Iran deal has been completed, Iran loses no time letting the ink dry: it announces the construction of another nuclear facility. Last week, it had announced that the deal had ‘enshrined’ their right to enrich. Now, they make another ‘nuclear’ declaration just as former CIA-chief Michael Hayden is quoted on video as saying, “At the end of the day, Iran is going to be a nuclear threshold state…There's no question about that."

      The Iranian take on all of this was, the air in the international arena was now ‘less tense’.

      The US has called Netanyahu weak because he has been speaking out about this deal. You can now see why the Prime Minister has spoken so harshly.

      Who looks weak here, Israel—or the US?

      The Left’s war against Israel

      - Olmert: Netanyahu Should Not Alienate the US

      - 'Olmert Thinks Israel is America's Slave'

      - Herzog to Push Netanyahu to Make Concessions to PA

      - Left-wing leader calls to eliminate authority of Chief Rabbinate


      The final player in the anti-Israel Chanukah story is the Jew-hating Jew who joins with the other two players to destroy Israel. We saw this behaviour during the original Chanukah story; we see it all over again today.

      To the Jew-hating Jew, religion has no place in Israel. Any action that will reduce, constrict or eliminate religion in Israel is a positive; anything that assists religion in Israel is a blot on Israel.

      To the Jew-hating Jew, Jewish ancestral homeland does not belong to Jews. It belongs to Arabs.

      To the Jew-hating Jew, Jews do not come to Israel to fulfil the call of the Bible. They come to colonize and exploit the Arab as part of a European, white imperialism designed to control the natural resources and culture of the local non-white population.  

      The rationale for each of these three ‘players’ is not the same as we find in the original story. But the practical consequences are the same: the dejudaization of the world’s only Jewish state.

      What modern Chanukah story do these Jews write for the Jewish people?

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