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      Tuvia Brodie
      by Tuvia Brodie

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      Tuvia Brodie has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh under the name Philip Brodie. He has worked for the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham College and American Express. He and his wife made aliyah in 2010. All of his children have followed. He believes in Israel's right to exist. He believes that the words of Tanach (the Jewish Bible) are meant for us. His blog address is http://tuviainil.blogspot.com   He publishes 4-6 times a week on his blog. Please check the blog regularly for new posts. 

      Tevet 16, 5774, 12/19/2013

      Arab news: Jordanian water, Arab war, Iran

      If you’re like most non-Arabs, you probably don’t read the Arab Press. That could be a mistake.

      Arabs are at war with Israel. They can’t stop talking about it. They won’t stop talking about it.

      Even when Israel’s Arab neighbours do not talk about the Arab war against Israel, that war seems very close.

      Here are some headlines for—and personal comments about—stories from Israel’s Arab neighbours. The headlines come from December 5-11, 2013.

      From Palestinian (PA) news

      -African immigrants protest Israel detention

       -Israel confiscates private Palestinian land near Nablus

       -Israeli forces detain 17 in West Bank arrest raids

      -Hamas agrees to join unity government ahead of elections

       -Why Palestine should seek justice at the International Criminal Court

      -Defending Geneva: Understanding Israel's opposition to peace with Iran

      -Tel Aviv 'Nakba' film festival keeps alive memories of 1948 in Israel

      -Thousands face uncertainty over Jerusalem demolition threat

      -Rights group urges tougher EU measures on settler violence

      -Bible scholars: Zionists have 'weaponized' scripture


      What’s interesting about this PA news cycle is that some of its stories aren’t so new. The last six stories above come from weeks before—carried forward for reader pleasure, no doubt.

      But these last stories are not pleasure features. They’re political; and by saying, for example, that ‘Zionists weaponize’ the Bible, they cross the line into anti-Semitism.

      Such a story might even be racist. Have you heard any Human Rights organizations complain?


      -Melting snow raising dam levels

      -Man shoots wife in the foot

      -Queen Rania chairs Arab Open University board meeting

      -Rights group raises alarm over migrants in Qatar

      -Workshop focuses on compliance with water regulations


      Jordan national interests do not include an obsession with Israel. In at least part of this week’s news cycle, Syria had more mentions than Israel.

      However, you may wish to make note of the headline above  about water. The title of this news item seems innocuous (“Workshop focuses on compliance with water regulations”). But it isn’t.

      It reveals a hidden truth about the Arab war of hate against Israel.

      This Jordanian story is not about Israel. It’s about Jordanians. It’s about a Jordanian need for its citizens to become more careful about water. Look closely at the headline. Can you see the hidden truth?

      In the Middle East, water is scarce. While Israel has, to a great extent, solved most of its water supply problems, Arabs have not.

      Therefore, water becomes a weapon in the Arab war against Israel.

      Briefly, the Palestinian Authority (PA) accuses Israel of stealing, restricting or holding back water under its control.  Since water is so limited here—and since Israel does so well with water issues--the PA accuses Israel of helping itself at the Arab’s expense.

      In a water-starved region, that’s oppression of a particularly cruel kind.  The United Nations has done water-use studies. The UN says that the amount of water Arabs receive from Israel is below the amount Israel is supposed to supply. Their conclusion is, the Arab water-accusation is true.

      Nobody wonders if Arab water-piracy could reduce Arab water-use numbers. Nobody wonders if, between Israeli sources and Arab end-users, Arab water-piracy could account for the low amount of water Arabs say they receive from Israel. Instead, everyone simply concludes they have found another reason to demonize Israel.

      But this headline in Jordan reveals a hidden truth. Unlike Israel headlines about water, this one is not about conservation. It’s about compliance.

      There’s a very big difference between ‘conservation’ and ‘compliance’. Do you begin to see the hidden truth here?

      Some pro-Israel advocates have suggested that part of the Arab water-problem is not Israel. Israel, they say, has actually been allocating more water to Arabs in Palestinian Authority areas than they had contracted to supply through the 1992-4 Oslo Accords. The problem, they suggest, is not water-sourcing from Israel. It’s water piracy by Arabs.

      To put this argument another way, only Jews seem to believe that a large part of the Arab’s water problem is due to non-compliant uses of water by Arabs. But this headline—and another Jordanian headline like it from October, 2013 (("Priority is combating illegal wells, not raising water tariffs”) suggest a different story. They suggest that illegal Arab water use is a bonafide problem. They suggest that, once again, Israel-haters may have gotten it wrong: Arab water-problems aren’t exacerbated by Jew-control; it’s exacerbated by Arab theft.

      The truth is often revealed when the world of lies becomes visible.

      Saudi Arabia

      -Rice firms fined for cheating

      -Blood banks to be linked electronically

      -Saudis, Emiratis join hands to mark week for disabled

      -Saudi envoy: West’s policies on Syria and Iran dangerous gamble


      As Saudi Arabia focused on its own national concerns, it nonetheless came out strongly this week against the West’s approach to Syria and Iran. As many have already noted, the Saudis are unhappy with the West’s do-nothing approach to Syria and Iran. Saudis feel that Western ‘diplomacy’ creates a danger the Saudis are no longer willing to be silent about. They cannot, they now say, stand idly by.

      Sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? It certainly suggests a lack of trust in the USA.

      Does such criticism suggest an American success with Syria and Iran—or incompetence?

      Tevet 13, 5774, 12/16/2013

      Israel news: the last word on Nelson Mandela—hypocrisy?

      Here’s a fresh look at Israel’s news—and some headlines you might have overlooked as last week ended.  

      Today, we look at—and comment on—just a few headlines from December 10-12, 2013.

      Nelson Mandela

      -Masses gather in Johannesburg for Mandela memorial (12/10/13, Jerusalem Post)

      -World leaders pay tribute to Mandela  (12/10/13, Ynet)

      -Obama in South Africa: Mandela is 'the last great liberator of the 20th century' (12/10/13, Haaretz)

      - Obama hails Mandela, chides other leaders who stifle dissent (12/10/13 Ynet)

      -Labor Chief Slams PM over Mandela Memorial Absence (12/10/13, Arutz Sheva)

      - Mandela vs. the Iron Lady (12/10/13, The Times of Israel)

      -By avoiding Mandela’s memorial, Netanyahu digs Israel’s PR grave (12/10.13, blogger essay The Times of Israel)

      Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harvested more bitterness from last week’s news cycle, this time over the funeral of Nelson Mandela. The bitterness he collected didn’t come from foreigners. It came from Israelis who, apparently, are more smart than wise.   

      The problem was, Mr Netanyahu begged off going to the funeral due, his office said, to cost constraints. Israel President Peres—who at first announced he would go--also begged off due, his own office said, to a case of the flu.

      As one writer put it, Peres got a ‘doctor’s note’ to stay in Israel. He got an excused absence.  

      But Netanyahu got hammered. With his ‘I can’t go’ announcement, he seemed to have committed several unforgiveable political sins. As Leftist Labor leader Yitzchak Herzog said, Netanyahu was guilty of "insensitivity or plain stupidity" over his decision not to attend Nelson Mandela's funeral (“Labor Chief Slams PM over Mandela Memorial Absence”).

      According to the accusations, Netanyahu’s first sin was that he gave Israel a black eye (“By avoiding Mandela’s memorial, Netanyahu digs Israel’s PR grave”). Netanyahu’s refusal to honour the world’s greatest moral leader would serve only to provoke the world to continue to demonize Israel.

       Netanyahu’s second sin was that his failure to honour Mandela demonstrated a complete lack of appreciation for ethics and justice. As one commentator was quoted to say in “Mandela vs. the Iron Lady”, “Netanyahu’s decision to skip Madiba’s [Mandela’s] memorial draws jeers, especially in light of that fact that he attended Margaret Thatcher’s funeral…   ‘What values, as a country, do we place higher, values of justice and ethics, or the economic values of Margaret Thatcher, who after her death Brits went out drinking [sic] and waved signs condemning her?’

      His third sin was the lameness of his excuse—the cost of travel. It seemed a transparently disingenuous excuse. How could he lie so stupidly?

      Altogether, these accusations appeared to combine into a powerful slap in the face. Netanyahu looked vile.  But the accusations were misplaced.

      Netanyahu was correct not to go to Mandela’s funeral. He might even have been correct to use so lame an excuse.

      Israelis who raked Netanyahu over the coals apparently believe that Nelson Mandela remains a moral giant.  But that may not be entirely true.

      It’s certainly not true for Jews.

      Nelson Mandela had once been noble. During his life, he became a moral icon. He contributed to (led?) the defeat of the evil South African apartheid—and became his country’s President. Therefore, these writers proclaim, he is to be honoured for being the great moral leader of our time.  Anyone who refused to attend a ceremony to honour the passing of such a giant only soiled his own reputation.

      Take that, you swine Netanyahu.

      But while Nelson Mandela had no doubt been a moral giant, he did not remain a moral giant. When it came to the Jews, he put his morality—and his nobility—aside.

      Look at what he did. He kissed Yasser Arafat. He called Arafat one of our generation’s giants (or something like that). He praised Arafat. He sat with Arafat. He visited Arafat.

      He lent to Arafat his moral reputation. He allowed a killer and an advocate of ethnic cleansing to gain strength, fame and power from the afterglow of association and photo-ops.  

      With every kiss, Mandela’s moral stature shrank. Arafat was a tyrant. Mandela kissed him. Arafat used apartheid rules to control his own people. Mandela kissed him. Arafat spoke of wiping Israel off the world map. Mandela kissed him.

      But instead of kissing, Mandela should have used his moral stature to pressure Arafat. He should have told Arafat, in public, ‘My friend, if you wish to proclaim solidarity with me, then you cannot be intolerant to your own people; and you cannot hate those who are different from you’.

      Mandela didn’t do that—and if apologists say he did, then he didn’t do it enough. At the very least, he should have spoken these words with every kiss. He didn’t do that, either.

      He had his chance to speak. He remained silence. That silence ennobled a killer.

      He shared his mantle of moral leadership with an immoral dissembler. His behaviour was moral hypocrisy.

      He soiled his nobility. He propped up Jew-hate. In Western history, there is probably no greater a moral stain than that.

      When he shared the spotlight with Arafat, all we heard were the kisses. All we saw was the love; and today, that love continues: the country that Mandela led and influenced now says that the “arrangement there in Palestine [sic] keeps us awake ... the last time I [South African International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane] looked at the map of Palestine, I could not go to sleep. The struggle of the people of Palestine is our struggle…”.

      The truth about Netanyahu’s decision is this: the Prime Minister of Israel should not honour one who kisses unrepentant Jew-killers. The Prime Minister of Israel should not honour someone who strengthens those who demonizes the Jewish state. Our Prime Minister does not—and should not-- honour a man whose own country appears to support without reservation the Arab war against Israel. Perhaps the virtue our Prime Minister prefers to uphold is the virtue truth, not hypocrisy.

      Perhaps this is why the Jewish people are to be called, a Light unto the nations—because Jews understand better than most where supporting moral double-standards can lead.

      Too many Israelis prefer the moral duplicity of the West to truth. Perhaps Netanyahu was right not to go to Mandela’s funeral—it might have been immoral to do so; and so far as that lame excuse goes—the cost of the trip—perhaps the excuse should be lame, so that others can see that Netanyahu knows how to remain polite and courteous even to one who has betrayed his own nobility.

      What do you think?  

      Tevet 12, 5774, 12/15/2013

      Israel news: Abbas, the EU, the PA and NBC TV

      Here’s a fresh look at some Israel news stories you might have missed. Perhaps you can see how these headlines form patterns—and reveal truth.

      Today’s summary comes from December 10-12, 2013.

      The war against Israel

      - Dutch Report Blames Israel for PA Failures (12/11/13, Arutz Sheva)

      - EU auditors say aid money to Gaza paid to non-workers (12/11/13, Jerusalem Post)

      - PLO asks NBC to call off production of new TV show (12/10/13, The Times of Israel)

      - Abbas Decorates Killer of 125 Israelis (12/11/13, Arutz Sheva)


      On the day the world gave Nelson Mandela his final honour as a model of leadership and courage (December 10, 2013), Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas honoured his own true model for leadership and bravery. He gave a special award to the widow of a terrorist who was responsible for murdering 125 Israelis.

      In a special ceremony, Abbas spoke of the slain killer Abu Jihad as “the model of a true fighter and devoted leader”. Abbas called this killer a man who played an “honourable national role” for his people.

      It may have sounded like the eulogies for Mandela. But it wasn’t. It was a blood-curdling reminder of Abbas’ Jew-hate.

      It makes one wonder. Why did Mandela support such people?

      More to the point, why did Abbas give his ‘eulogy’ for a murderer on the same day the world heard speeches of praise for the moral hero Nelson Mandela? Abbas’ eulogy seemed to mock the Mandela eulogies.

      Is this Mandela’s reward for praising the so-called ‘Palestinians’?

      Mahmoud Abbas wasn’t the only one to mock morality during this news cycle. Two other stories of immorality cropped up.

      The first of these stories (“Dutch Report Blames Israel for PA Failures”) came out as part of a report by a Dutch member of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly. The report blames Israel for Palestinian democratic shortcomings. Among other absurdities, the Report appears to blame Israel for the failure of Fatah and Hamas to reconcile.

      Actually, the Dutch may have a point. It is indeed Israel’s fault that these two Parties can’t reconcile.

      Hamas wants to invade Israel immediately and kill every Jew it finds. Fatah wants to wait. It wants to see what it can squeeze from the West before it erases Israel from the map. The two just can’t agree who should go first.

      It’s Israel’s fault, all right. So long as Israel exists, there’s a possibility that these two Parties will never agree.

      Get it?

      The second story didn’t exactly blame Israel for an Arab problem; it simply suggested that Israel should assume at least some responsibility to solve that problem.

      It seems that the European Union (EU) has been sending money to the PA and Gaza, to help pay wages. The EU has been doing this since app 1994. The EU just now discovers that the Arabs have been paying people for work never done.  The EU now wonders what’s happened to some 1 billion Euro (“EU auditors say aid money to Gaza paid to non-workers”).

      Apparently, the EU has believed so strongly in the innocence and morality of Hamas and the PA (they must have believed everything the Arabs told them), they didn’t bother reading persistent news headlines about rampant Arab corruption. They have been paying phantom wages for at least six years. In one instance, 90 workers of 125 at one place of employment were ‘phantom’: they had been paid; but they’d never shown up for work.

      Now the EU wants a better-run program. They want to pressure Israel to help.

      What does Israel have to do with Arab corruption? Why should the EU make Israel responsible for Arab behaviour?

      There’s an expression, ‘all is fair in love and war’. That expression applies to the EU’s view of Israel; only, it’s not love the EU has in mind.

      Finally, there is an irony in this news cycle. It’s too delicious to pass up.

      The Palestinian Authority (PA) has asked NBC TV (USA) to cancel a proposed Jerusalem-based TV mini-series. The series is to be a mystery set in the archaeologically rich Jerusalem dig-site called, City of David.

      Archaeology is a problem for the PA. It doesn’t have any. All the digs in Israel focus on Israel—or long-extinct primitives who supposedly lived in Israel before Jews or anyone else came to Israel. Too many archaeology sites offer proof that Jews lived here before anyone the PA calls, ‘Palestinian’.

      Archaeology, in other words, helps validate Israel’s existence and hinders the PA’s anti-Israel war. Therefore, the PA wants NBC to cancel the project. The first reason the PA cites for its request is that “Such a production will legitimize the annexation of Jerusalem.”

      Think about that. The PA fears that archaeology proves that Jerusalem is Jewish.

      A TV program set in the Jewish City of David is offensive. It does not serve the Palestinian cause. It legitimizes the Jewish claim to Jerusalem. Therefore, the program must be cancelled.

      What they are saying is, they can’t stand the truth. They are dedicated to a lie. The lie must be supported. The program must be axed.

      Here’s the best part: the Arabs actually made this request with a straight face. They have no clue what their request reveals about them—or about the truth about Jerusalem.

      When the world of lies is revealed, the world of Truth becomes visible.

      Can you see Truth peeking out here?

      Tevet 9, 5774, 12/12/2013

      Arab news: Peace stories from the Palestinian Authority

      If you’re like most non-Arabs, you probably don’t read the Arab Press. That could be a mistake.

      Israel is negotiating a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA). You know about those peace talks because you read about them in Israel’s press.

      But what does the PA press say about these talks?

      Here are headlines from—and personal comments about—some Arab news from Israel’s peace partner, the Palestinian Authority (PA). The stories come from December 5-11, 2013.

      From Palestinian (PA) news

      -Egypt releases 100 Palestinian Syria refugees

      -Israeli forces 'detain 6 Palestinians in Hebron area'

      -Snow storm expected to hit Palestine Tuesday

      -Israel army recruits tour al-Aqsa compound [the Temple Mount]

      -Israeli forces raid prisoner's home, interrogate relatives

      -Israeli forces wreck house, several structures in Jordan Valley

      -OIC urges global community to back Palestinians

      -Racist graffiti sprayed in Palestinian village in northern Israel

      -Why Palestine should seek justice at the International Criminal Court

      -Defending Geneva: Understanding Israel's opposition to peace with Iran

      -Tel Aviv 'Nakba' film festival keeps alive memories of 1948 in Israel

      -Rights group urges tougher EU measures on settler violence

      -Bible scholars: Zionists have 'weaponized' scripture

      -Iran nuclear deal vindicates Rouhani's diplomatic push

      -Settlers raid Palestinian park near Nablus

      -Israeli forces raid Duheisha near Bethlehem, detain 4

      -Group: New Israeli excavations under al-Aqsa [the Temple Mount]


      Understandably, PA news focusses on local news and on international news that affects the PA. With regard to this kind of self-interest, PA news is no different from anyone else’s news.

      However, there is a difference. Unlike most other news sites, PA news presentation has a wartime feel to it.

      The PA is at war with Israel. You can see it in the way Israel is presented in the PA’s news.  

      Israel opposes peace. Israel wrecks Arab lives. Israel must be ‘brought to justice’.

      During war, government-controlled news sites have a special purpose. That purpose is not to inform. It is to keep the wartime passions alight, to make sure that whatever emotion the readership needs to keep fighting is present on every front page. In this regard, PA news is no different from anyone else at war.

      The problem is, the PA is supposed to be talking ‘peace’ with Israel. The PA is supposed to be preparing to live side-by-side in peace and security with Israel.

      Talks have been unfolding between the PA and Israel since August, 2013. The two sides have been negotiating for more than four-and-a-half months.

      Peace is supposed to be in the PA’s future. What does PA news have to say about peace with Israel?


      On a day during this news cycle when the Jerusalem Post ran five stories related to the peace talks, the PA news site had zero such stories. It’s practically the same every day. It’s as if peace talks don’t exist for the PA.

      That’s not a coincidence.

      It’s not coincidence that an Israeli newspaper highlights peace talks and the PA doesn’t. It’s not coincidence because the PA has no interest in ‘peace’.

      Did you forget? The PA is at war.

      Almost everything the PA does focuses on some aspect of the Arab war against Israel. Therefore, why should the PA run ‘peace’ stories on its news site?


      It’s interesting to note that two feature stories have stayed on the PA front page for a week. There could a reason they remain so visible.

      The first of these two stories is, “Tel Aviv 'Nakba' film festival keeps alive memories of 1948”. As you may know, the word, ‘Nakba’, means ‘catastrophe’—or something close to that. It is a political word. It is a war word.

      It refers to the 1948 war Arabs started against the new-born Israel. It refers to the war Arabs initiated in order to destroy the new Jewish state. It refers to the war Arabs were supposed to win. It refers to the Arabs’ ‘catastrophic’ loss in that war.

      On the day Israel celebrates its birthday—its Independence Day—Arabs mourn their Nakba—their catastrophe. Israel’s freedom is the Arab catastrophe.

      Nakba exists so as to remind the Arab he must avenge his humiliation. In its own cruel way, Nakba is a war-cry.

      A Nakba story excites and inspires. Such a feature means that the Arab ‘memory’ is being kept alive—to impassion Arabs to fight again.

      It has to be especially sweet to see this particular story. Who would have thought that the Arab dream of total conquest would be kept alive by Jews?

      The second of these stories is, “Bible scholars: Zionists have 'weaponized' scripture”. This story is also perfect. Its title reflects the war mentality the PA wants to foster. The title suggests that the Jew is so evil, he even ‘weaponizes’ the holy scriptures.

      It is perfect because it demonizes the Zionist (Jew). It echoes the Arab Jew-myth: the ‘Zionist’ is so vile, he makes impure and unholy what should be considered by all as holy and pure—the bible.

      These two features play their part in the PA war effort. They keep the war-fires burning. They help to enflame the passion to fight.

      Peace, you say? What peace? Haven’t you heard?  Zionists weaponize the bible!

      It’s how our peace partners present peace.

      Tevet 8, 5774, 12/11/2013

      Israel headlines: beheadings,The Temple Mount and more

      Today, we complete our look at headlines for December 8-9, 2013:

      The Arab Middle East

      - Syrian Islamists: No to Democracy or Minority  Rights’(12/8/13,Arutz Sheva)

      -Police sources: Bombs across Baghdad kill 16 (12/8/13, Jerusalem Post)

      -Car bomb in northeast Iraq kills 11 (12/9/13, Ynet)

      - Syria facing 'disastrous humanitarian crisis,' says EU official marking 1,000 days of conflict (12/8/13, Haaretz)

      -Syria: Islamists Find a New Way to Behead (12/8/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -OPCW: Hard to remove all chemical weapons from Syria by December 31 (12/9/13, Jerusalem Post)

      Arabs in the Middle East can’t stop killing each other. There’s no end to the blood-letting.

      As Islamists gain a foothold in Syria, Islamic law pressures the civilian population (“Syrian Islamists: No to Democracy or Minority  Rights’”). Now, forces fighting in Syria have developed a new way to behead enemy combatants (“Syria: Islamists Find a New Way to Behead”).

      It used to be that an enemy combatant was called a POW (Prisoner of War). A POW was afforded protections by the Geneva Convention. Apparently, that’s no longer true.

      The West, we notice, doesn’t say a word about these horrific atrocities. Their silence suggests a moral collapse.

      The Temple Mount

      - Islamic Movement Leader: Temple Mount for Muslims Only

      The war against Jews on the Temple Mount—Judaism’s  Holiest site--moves forward. Arabs rioted after prayers last Friday. An Arab Sheik called to defend the Temple Mount—for Muslims.

      The Sheik who made this call wasn’t some radical Islamic outsider.  His name is Sheikh Kamal Khatib. He is the deputy head of the Islamic Movement inside Palestine (Israel). He has position. He has power.

      He wants Jews gone. He threatened violence against the ’the Israeli occupation’ if Jews didn’t leave the Temple Mount area.

      Let’s be clear here. In 1994, Israel and Jordan signed a peace agreement. Both nations committed to allow freedom of access and worship to Holy sites (including the Temple Mount) to both Jews and Muslims.

      Who protects the Treaty?  Who protects the freedom to worship?

      Perhaps the silence of Jewish leaders suggests a moral cowardice.

      Is that possible?


      -Rouhani: Geneva Agreement has Paid off (12/8/13, Arutz Sheva)

      - Rouhani: Any claim of preventing Iran nuke bomb would be 'historical joke' (12/8/13, Jerusalem post)

      -US senators prepare legislation to pressure Iran (12/9/13, Jerusalem Post)

      -Zarif: Nuclear deal dead if Congress passes even delayed sanctions (12/9/13, Ynet)

      -Iran FM: New sanctions would kill Geneva deal (12/9/13, The Times of israel)

      -Analysis: A stronger Iran, a weaker America and a region teetering on the brink  (12/09/13, Jerusalem Post)


      Don’t look now, but the Iran ‘deal’ has become a farce. Iran will not stop enriching uranium. It won’t stop pursuing its nuclear ambitions.

      Iran will have its nuclear bomb—and if those damn stupid Americans in Congress try new sanctions (of any kind under any terms), Iran will walk away from the negotiating table.

      What did this deal do? It put Iran in the driver’s seat. Now, sanctions lifted, they will do as they please. The American can go to hell.

      Who said this deal made Israel safer?

      America and Israel

      --Kerry: Israel will be safer the day Iran deal is implemented (12/8/13, Jerusalem Post)

      - President Obama: Chances of Success with Iran 50-50 (12/8/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Inflexible on Iran, empathetic on Palestine

      -Two More Congressmen: Obama Wrong on Enrichment (12/8/13, Arutz Sheva)

      John Kerry had once again announced that the Iran deal will make Israel safer. US President Obama said the same thing last week. But now, President Obama seems to be back-pedalling.

      According to NBC news (in America), Obama ‘guessed’ that the chances for a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran were, at best, 50-50. He even suggested that the chances of success were worse than 50-50.  

      Nevertheless, he defended diplomacy. He said diplomacy was the best way to prevent Tehran from acquiring atomic weapons. 

      Do you believe him?

      More important still, should Israel believe him?

      The Left’s war against Israel

      -Lapid: We must ensure peace talks succeed 12/8/13, Globes

      -On peace, Yair Lapid takes the gloves off (12/9/13, JTA)

      -Lapid: I won't let anyone derail the peace process (12/9/13, Jerusalem Post)

      -Goebbels would have been proud (12/8/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Herzog: Liberman Trying to Sabotage the Peace Process

      - Peres in favor of gay marriage (12/8/13, Jerusalem Post)

      - Finance Minister Lapid: Deadlock with Palestinians will endanger government  (12/8/13, Haaretz)

      -Haredi activists demonstrate outside military prison cell holding ultra-Orthodox refusenik (12/9/13 Haaretz)

      The Arabs make war against Israel. So does Israel’s Left.

       Israel’s Left believes that peace (as they define it) is more important that a stable government coalition (“Lapid: I won't let anyone derail the peace process”). It believes that gay rights are more important than Haredi (ultra-religious Jews) rights.

      For example, it seems that anyone who opposes gay marriage is a Nazi (that’s from the story, ‘Goebbels would be proud’, above); and only Haredi who refuse to go into the army must be jailed—immediately (“Haredi activists demonstrate outside military prison cell holding ultra-Orthodox refusenik”).

      Israel’s Left has an agenda. It hates religion. It hates religious Jews. It pursues a policy of peace-at-any-cost.

      For the past week, new Labor Party head Yitchak Herzog has been promoting the Leftist’s peace. He wants Israel to give up all Judea-Samaria and most of Jerusalem. This, he believes, is the road to peace.

      He appears to believe that the Arabs will allow Jerusalem to be split between Jews and Arabs. Like every good Leftist, he believes what the West tells him: Jews and Arabs will live together side-by-side in peace, if only Israel would allow it.

       Like every other Leftist, he can’t see that Arabs keep saying they reject Jews, don’t want Jews anywhere in ‘Palestine’ and refuse to negotiate anything with Jews.

      Like all Leftists, Herzog says we must agree to ‘most’ of the PA demands. He calls this an absolute necessity.

      He is a true Leftist. There’s just one problem. The Arabs tell anyone who will listen that their position for peace doesn’t match Israel’s Left. Meet every single one of our demands, they keep saying, or there will be no peace. We are not interested, they say, in ‘most’ of anything.  We want it all. That’s the only way you’ll get your peace.

      Naturally, Israel’s Left doesn’t believe it. They don’t believe anything the Arabs have been saying since 1948—except, that is, that Jews don’t belong is Israel. That, they believe.

      What must the G-d of Israel think of such a belief?

      Israel’s business

      -Israeli-Russian Commerce Up Significantly (12/8/13, Arutz Sheva)

      -Israeli firm, developer of swallowable camera, bought for $860 million (12/9/13, Jerusalem Post)

      -Deficit shrinks further (12/9/13, Globes)

      During this news cycle, we saw many things:  the world buried a man who has soiled his morality by defending a ‘people’ who brutalize their own. The Left in Israel continued to bow before those who wish to kill Jews. Iran spat at a foolish America.

      While all of these headlines grabbed our attention, Israel quietly moved forward. It reduced its budget deficit (unlike America). It increased its ties to Russia with more trade; and yet another Israeli company made another new capitalistic trade—money for innovation.

      There are many headlines to talk about from these last two days.  You can see some of them above.

      What headlines would you talk about?

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