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      Tamar Yonah is one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. She made Aliyah from Southern California and after serving in the Israeli army began a prolific career in radio, including production, news and program development. She was the original creator and producer of 'The Aliyah Show' and still works whenever she can in that field. Tamar is a political activist, wife and mother residing in Judea and Samaria and currently hosts the top-rated shows of The Weekend Edition & The Tamar Yonah Show. Her award winning blog covers current events, religion, politics and anything else that's on her mind.

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      Tammuz 15, 5767, 7/1/2007

      A Glimpse of Behind The Scenes At Arutz 7 Radio

      by Tamar Yonah

      Ever get curious of what the Arutz Sheva INR studio looks like? How about a peek at the staff that you ordinarily don't get to see?  Here are some informal shots of the A-7staff that work hard gathering up the news to report to you....

      Here's where it all starts, in the news room where we have the great (Rabbi) Hillel Fendell who writes the top news stories that you see at www.israelNationalNews.com .

      Followed by our great news anchors Mordechai Shenkar and Ernie Singer.  (Both single by the way,  are there any nice Jewish women out there looking for a shidduch?????)

      Mordechai Shenkar (above), Ernie Singer (in below photo)

      Malka Fleisher with Alex Traiman, hangin' out pre-show time. Below, Ben Bresky with technician David Samuels, keeping the station 'afloat'.

      Rivka is the office manager, and the heart and lungs of the daily operations of the station.  She also manages the Juke Box.  If you want to hear some great, kosher Israeli music, click HERE and choose your genres.  I like the Israeli music the best, and then I choose the Israeli Selections #1-10, but she offers you Hassidic, Mizrachi, etc.
      Leave your captions for these last two photos. Winner gets a prize!

      (Photo below)  Me and Tovia battling it out on the TnT dynamite show!!! Now if I hear anyone say how cute Tovia is, I am going to have to ask for an air-sickness bag.

      Whoever comes up with the best caption for this photo of Tovia and I, I am going to send them a free T-shirt or CD.  The caption has to be funny.  Leave your humorous entires in the 'Post comment' section below this blog entry.

      My favorite photo of Yishai. I'll give another prize for the best caption for this photo.  Leave it in the 'comments' section.

      I wish I had more photos of the staff, but I usually come in to the studio, do my shows, and then split.  Most of my work for preparing shows I do at home.  So forgive me please, rest of the A-7 amazing staff!  

      And readers,,,  don't forget your 'caption entries' for the last two photos!  Leave them below in 'Post comment'.

      Tammuz 6, 5767, 6/22/2007

      It's a 'Shame Parade'

      by Tamar Yonah

      I was at the Shame Parade yesterday.  I am very depressed, yet very pleased.  This is what I saw....

      A virtual ghost town of the city center.  This is King David street above, empty of all people, except for a lone border guard securing the area in this photo.  I got in because I had a press pass.  Notice all the 'rainbow flags' of the homosexuals on every street light hanging down.  Usually, if an important dignitary is visiting, their nation's flag would hang there.  I have never seen such intense security, before this parade of shame.


      Israel's EGGED buses were used to help block vehicles AND most pedestrian traffic up Keren HaYesod street towards the city center.

      Where are the crowds of onlookers??? No one is behind the police barricades.  How disappointing to have a parade with almost no one showing up? I think that is kind of funny, because they marched, but there wasn't really anyone to see them.

      A news woman from Channel 1 TV prepares to give a news cast, but nothing was happening, and the camera men and crew were antsy. 

      A few people sat on the grass and a small crowd gathered in protest near the entrance to Liberty Bell Park, where they had a giant celebration planned.  Thank Hashem, that their plans for a party at the park afterwards were canceled. Our fire department was on strike, and so they could not secure the area from fire hazards and be there in an emergency, so the Supreme Court canceled that celebration.

      As you can see, there were more security officers, then people.  In the photo below, most of the people are in blue shirts.  That's because these are police, and NOT onlookers.  All in all, I would estimate there were no more than a hundred people gathered there, and they were almost all protestors of the Shame Parade, not supporters.

      A Jerusalem Drag Queen?  I am not sure if 'she' was legit.  This man, dressed as a woman,  was hanging around the police and speaking into a walkie talkie type phone a lot, so he could have been undercover.

      News crews waiting for a story on the empty street where the parade route ends.

      This was my artistic shot of the day.  It is through the police barriers. It kind of looks like a cage, where the homosexual marchers were to march up to. 

      The marchers finally arrive.  But wait!  Those aren't the marchers, those are the Magen David Adom emergency first aid workers and some foreign media crews .  Behind them must be the marchers. There don't seem to be the many thousands they expected or claimed to have.

      Up comes Noa  Satat, chairman of the 'Open House' center for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgeneder/transexual,queer/questioning)  

      Noa was the 'media darling' and here they brought a truck up for her to face the marchers and give their 'victory speech'.  I don't remember exactly what she said, but it was something to the theme that they had won and made their march, and they will continue to march and people will see they are not animals and not an abomination. 

      As you see, I was right in front when i took this photograph.  As soon as Noa stepped down from the truck, I approached her and said, "Noa, it doesn't matter how many times you march,  it will always be an abomination."   I saw her eyes twinge or wince as if she felt a 'sting'.  She probably thought I was going to congratulate her, or ask for an interview, but when she heard what I said, she was like a statue, and kept a smile pasted to her face.  She then shrugged her shoulders at me and walked toward the other media crews who would want to interview her.  "It will always be an abomination." I called after her.   I hope she went to sleep that night hearing those words echoing in her head.

      This participant of the parade posed for me when she saw me trying to photograph her.  She was not embarrassed in the least.  In fact, her sign says, "Proud to be an Abomination".

      I was surprised and concerned, that some of the protestors brought their children to march in the Shame Parade.  Is that legal to bring kids to a sexual themed parade? 

      One marcher even brought his dog.  Man's best friend (in pink).  How friendly are these two????

      Were dogs and kids brought to increase the small number who came and marched, only about 2,000 people?  When I asked one of the lead marchers that was with Noa (the guy in the white shirt marching with her (in an above photo) he answered me that 5,000 people marched. Should I be surprised that he fully exaggerated the number to more than twice what there were?

      Above are some of the protestors to the march.  The security personnel quite outnumbered the marchers and protestors. A rainbow flag is right near the protestors, but I saw no violence take place even though here, supporters and protesters were not that separated.  Some of the crowd chanted and blew whistles against the March of Shame.  Chants like, "Cholim l'bet haCholim' , which means, "Sick people to the hospital" .  They also chanted, "Secular coercion!" and blew whistles in protest. 

      A protestor at the end of the parade route.  The sign says, "All of you Marchers, Police, are cursed for defying G-d."

      To see video of some of the protestors that cared enough to come to object to the parade, see Video :

      I spoke to about half a dozen policemen and border guards who were keeping their posts, sweating in the heat of the day.  I asked them, "Isn't this a waste of your time?  Most just shrugged their shoulders.  I then said, "Are you FOR this parade?"  They answered me with either one of these two replies...
      What are you going to say to Hashem (G-d) when you die and go to heaven and He asks you, "How could you let these Sodomites march in My Holy City?

      "I have no opinion on the march." and they looked up to the sky, not making eye contact with me.  The other answer was, "I am not for it, but we have orders."  I then replied to them, you have a brain.  You can refuse orders, or call in sick, can't you?  What are you going to say to Hashem (G-d) when you die and go to heaven and He asks you, "How could you let these Sodomites march in My Holy City?"  One of the cops, a Sepharadi nodded his head and agreed with me, but he answered, "I have orders, I can't refuse them."  I said, "You have G-d's orders too.  They are MORE important."

      I'd like to add here, that when i was in the air force in Israel, and I was asked to answer phones on the Sabbath and give outside lines to our pilots (who were at that time treated like gods), and I refused becasue it would be desecrating the Sabbath in doing so, I remember quite clearly my commanding officer leaning his face in my face in a threatening manner, and saying, "I don't know what G-d is going to do to you if you answer those phones and give out lines, ...but I know what I will do to you if you don't!!!!!!!"

      I was a bit taken aback at his agressive threat, then smiled softly, and said to him, "I'm sorry, but I cannot fulfill your order." 

      May G-d forgive us for this Shame Parade, and thanks to Jerusalem's protestors and Charedim who came to pray, recite Psalms, and to the rest of the Jerusalemites who boycotted the parade and didn't give them what they wanted badly, ... an audience.


      Tammuz 1, 5767, 6/17/2007

      Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

      by Tamar Yonah

      Those religious people, they have no tolerance!  They want to march in our neighborhoods that are secular, even though we signed petitions asking them not to bring their ''Haredi message' to us.  They are ramming their lifestyle down our throats!  Go away! -- Now, change the word 'religious' to 'homosexual' and 'Haredi message' to a "We are proud of our sodomy" message.  That's what the homosexual community is doing to the Holy City of Jerusalem.  A sodomite parade this Thursday in Jerusalem, the city where G-d's Holy Temple stood, His Shechina 'spirit' rested, and where religious people from all over the world reside to soak in this special holy atmosphere. 

      Petitions were signed last time a Pride Parade  was planned  here in Jerusalem, with an overwhelming majority of residents asked them not to do so.  There are already sodomy pride parades in Tel Aviv every year, so why must they rub our noses in their sexual appetites?  I mean, it's none of our business what someone's sexual appetites are.  But the moment they bring it to public streets, it BECOMES our business.  Our children walk down the streets of Jerusalem, they don't have to see the promiscuity that these parades bring:  men dressed like women, or men showing sexual affection to other men in front of our kid's eyes. 

      I have seen these parades and was really taken aback at the lack of respect these pro-sodomy marchers had, grown men kissing each other right in front of the Jerusalem's Great Synagogue.  It showed a sort of defiance against G-d and G-d fearing people. 

      If Jerusalemites and others  don't want to have a sodomy pride parade marching down our streets, it doesn't make us homophobic or hateful. It is our opinion that this is wrong, and we are entitled to have our own opinion.  In fact, it is stronger than an opinion.  The Torah, the Bible, says that the act of a man lying with a man as he does with a woman is an abominable act.  Period.  Go argue with the Master of the Universe about it if you have an objection. 

      G-d gives, and G-d takes away.  And if we cannot keep these 'sodomy parades' out of this Holy Land, then we may see other truths of the Torah and the Prophets come true.  The land just MAY vomit us out, as we are acting like the Canaanites and the Sodomites which G-d said NOT to emulate.

      So, Whatcha Gonna Do About It?  If you fear G-d, and want to preserve and keep the streets of Jerusalem free of any type of sexual parades, hetero or homo, then you MUST act. 

      Here are the ways I suggest:
      There is nothing more important that is happening in your life for the next few minutes, so do it before something more trivial gets in your way."

      1) PRAY - say a prayer right now, pause for a moment and ask G-d to please somehow prevent a 'sodomy pride parade' from happening here, forever. 

       2) Action MUST follow prayer.  Attend the demonstration in Jerusalem tonight with other Jerusalemites who are against having pro-sodomy marches.


      3) Fax the Chief of Police in Jerusalem.  You don't need to write more than a few sentences that you request that they prevent this event and that they keep the sanctity of Jerusalem intact and free of sexual parades.  The fax number from the USA and Canada is:  011 - 972- 2 - 539-1466.  You may not like me for saying this, but...   "Do it NOW!  Fax the Jerusalem Police who hold the rights to cancel this Sodomy Parade. There is nothing more important that is happening in your life for the next few minutes, so do it before something more trivial gets in your way."

      Sivan 29, 5767, 6/15/2007

      We Live In An Evil Generation

      by Tamar Yonah

      Woe to this evil generation which calls 'evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness…" Isaiah 5:20
      We Live In An Evil Generation

      Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.
      We are living in a generation where good is bad, and bad is good. We are living in a generation that is a repeat of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. Today, humanity is not building a tower per se, rather it is coming together and uniting under a centralized global government.

      The United Nations, the World bank, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, etc.... are all global bodies now pressing a common law to countries and nations around the globe. More and more, nation states are losing their sovereignty and conforming to global laws, which may not be, and usually are not, the goals and values of the respective countries. The European Union has been proof of that. Ask many Englishmen, and they will tell you of the compromises Britain has had to make in order to boost other nations in the EU. Ask any religious bible-believing person, and they will also tell you how their religios beliefs have been labeled as 'intolerant' or 'hate speech'..

      Unity is a positive thing, but it depends what people are uniting under. If they are uniting under G-d, morality, making just courts and are guided by high standards of integrity and, love for one's fellow, it is good. If people unite under evil, like the Nazis, communism, or under the idea where the goal is to 'make money' thru trade, it will ultimately lead to evil.

      It is known that in the End of Days, the world will be united, but it will be united under the Redeemer, the Moshiach, G-d's servant (the Messiah). But today, the world is not uniting under goodness. Instead it is uniting under international trade, and a reformation of morality invented by men, not G-d . Today, the tower of Babel that mankind is building is not a physical tower, but a 'one world government' formed with the goals of trade, making money, and communistic aspirations of complete world dominance and power.

      I urge you to do a simple 'Google search' and plug in these three words: free + trade + 2010

      You will see a page that loads which will show that the whole world is being re-organized and regionalized into trade blocks, all by the year 2010. That's only about 2 1/2 years from now. Trade blocks like (AGOA) -African trade region, NAFTA - USA, MEFTA - Middle East Free Trade Area, Australia-Thailand free trade, China, Europe, Japan, etc....

      What is interesting about this benign sounding 'unity 'is the fact that all of these countries will be giving up power to make their own future decisions regarding who and how to do business. What if for instance, America or Israel were to get involved in a trade conflict with another country they are trading with? Normally, America or Israel could make a decision which would be best for THEIR interests and their economy. Not any more. This is where the 'World' Trade Organization (WTO) comes in. THEY - the WTO, are the ones who will be deciding or arbitrating who is right in any trade dispute, and force that country to concede. We are seeing more and more involvement of Man's global rule over independent countries.
      homosexuality = 'alternative lifestyle' promiscuity = 'sexual experimentation' pornography = 'adult entertainment'

      The United Nations, which is the most powerful central international body for governing globally does not share the values of religious men and women who span the planet. The Bible is a danger to their hold on power. People who believe in G-d will follow His law, rather than that of political leaders. Men, hungry for power, see G-d as their enemy. The Global Elite want to build their U.N. Tower of Babel high into the sky and de-throne G-d. They will dictate to people what their new morality is in their 'new world order'. And there is no room for G-d in the picture. Strike down the Ten Commandments from court houses. Re-define spirituality, re-define the 'family unit'. Re-define everything.

      Today, the act of homosexuality is not an 'abomination' as G-d has labeled it in the Torah. Today it is called an 'alternative life style'.

      Let us examine how the re-labeling of morality manifests itself today:

      criminal delinquents = 'disadvantaged youth'
      strippers = 'exotic dancers'
      adultery = 'getting some on the side'
      homosexuality = 'alternative lifestyle'
      promiscuity = 'sexual experimentation'
      pornography = 'adult entertainment'

      No one wants to boast that they are a 'stripper'. However an 'exotic dancer' doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

      No more is G-d's Torah valued. In fact, the Global Elites label much of the Torah as 'hate speech'. Anyone who says that homosexuality is wrong, could be punished for hate crimes.  See this article on the European Union and how they are castigating Poland for a law it wants to pass which would forbid "homosexual propaganda" in Polish schools. Poland's minister of education, Roman Giertych, stated that, "One must limit homosexual propaganda so that children won't have an improper view of family".
      The EU is now condemning Poland and wants to punish them for their ‘hate speech’. World Congress founder Allan C. Carlson was quoted as saying that "normalization of homosexuality is a value of Europe's elite." EU members slammed the Polish legislation as "repulsive" and "hateful." Others added that these "diatribes ... must stop," "These are not Europe's values."

      It’s happening in America as well. Six year olds are apparently being subjected to homosexual curriculum materials and discussions in kindergarten classes.  Unimaginable! Why do six year old children need to think about sex preferences, or sex at all, in kindergarten? And this is what is reported as happening in the United States.

      Israel is being bombarded by the same propaganda. The homosexual activists want to march down the central streets of the Holy City of Jerusalem. This is not a demonstration for equal rights, they are already protected under Israeli law. This is a gay PRIDE parade, a parade promoting homosexuality down Jerusalem's public streets.  Yet those who are hurt and offended by this public display of the Sodomite choice, and object to a public sexual parade in Jerusalem are considered homophobic, hateful and intolerant.

      My generation was taught to respect religious values, and hold some sort of reverence and awe for religious institutions and sentiments. Today’s generation laughs and scorns religion as well as G-d fearing people.

      In another twist of moral perversion, Israel, is the Goliath against the 'poor' Arab terrorists. Israel is the one that is expected to make concessions towards terrorists. In recent news, Israel is being told that she needs to give up the Golan Heights to Syria, one of Israel's worst enemies, to woo it away from Iran. They label this 'folly of handing the high ground that over looks our cities' as "showing political courage". Israel is the one who has been targeted as having the onus to give in to the Syrians, a sworn enemy of Israel and one who aids and abets terrorism.

      Israeli Defense Force soldiers
      Palestinian Authority troops

      Just by looking at photos of the two sides, it is soooo obvious who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are. The West and Israel even share the same Islamic terrorist enemies, but this evil generation chooses to see Israel as the bad guy.

      Back during the Oslo accords, making 'concessions to terrorists' were re-labeled by the International Community as, 'peace initiatives '.   In more twists of words, Israeli victims of brutal Arab terrorism were labeled, 'sacrifices for peace'.

      I was speaking to my mother on the phone today and telling her that we live in an evil generation. She asked me if this generation was more evil than the one during the Holocaust. Now, for those who don’t know it, my father is a holocaust survivor, so believe me when I say this… In the time of the holocaust and WWII, there were things like ‘integrity’ and ‘honor’ that existed. America and the West were still moral and believed in something higher than themselves. This does not exist in our present generation.
      There is no integrity today. There is no honor today. There is no shame today.

      People do what they want and act with disrespect.  They dress indecently, girls with bra straps hanging out, and guys with their pants down below their underwear. Men and women destroy their own families to run off with another to fulfil THEIR happiness, and to heck with their spouse and children.  There is no integrity today. There is no honor today. There is no shame today.

      No wonder the Moshiach has to come and redeem mankind. We are so immersed in this 'evil' masquerading as enlightenment, that we cannot get ourselves out of this muck. 

      Woe to this evil generation which calls 'evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness…" Isaiah 5:20

      Sivan 19, 5767, 6/5/2007

      The Passing of 40 Years

      by Tamar Yonah

      I am well into my 40's. As I get older, I learn to appreciate the normalcy’s of life. I am getting used to my ol’ body, my limitations, and I am comfortable about it. I know I will never be a ballerina, an astronaut, or a brain surgeon. And that's ok. Now.

      What I am grateful for is living in this time period, where we Jews in this generation can make a difference. I have seen Israel go from a third world country that didn't have air conditioning, color TV, large supermarkets, …or even 'diet sodas'. Today, you can get almost anything here, and we are one of the leaders in computers, technology, and agriculture in the world.

      But I didn't mention the miracles.
      It is truly a blessing to be living the dream of my ancestors here in Israel.

      It is truly a blessing to be living the dream of my ancestors here in Israel.
      The miracles of living in the land of Israel. Our ancestors yearned so much to escape the pales of Russia and the ghettos of Europe, only to return to Zion. And here I am. My children have been born here, Hebrew is their mama-loshon (mother tongue) and we live in the land that was promised to the tribe of Benjamin that has not been settled in for almost 2,000 years. We have brought life back to this little part of Israel. To come here, and wake up the land so it turned from thistles, weeds and rocky terrain, to a green garden boasting fruit trees that give abundant fruit, and so sweet, I call it 'G-d's candy' when I pick and eat them from the trees.

      Considering the vast amount of Jew haters that live in the Middle East, and that vow our destruction, it is a miracle we live here. And yet we do. I go to work every day, I shop, go to appointments, run errands, barbeque, have guests over, and just live a great fulfilling life. My children are comfortable with a Hebrew Prayer book and they don't need a translation when reading our Holy Torah. It is truly a blessing to be living the dream of my ancestors here in Israel. Everything one does in their daily routines helps the economy, providing jobs from everything from teachers, to shop keepers, to restaurant owners and more.

      The post man is Jewish, the store clerk, the bus drivers - all Jewish. I remember what it was like the first time I rode an Israeli bus and sat in the back, seeing all the heads in front of me wearing the most beautiful kippas (yarmulkas) proudly, with not a thought of, "I might stand out" or, "Is it safe?"                                                      
      A woman named "Lotta", from Sweden, came to my home to interview me for a Swedish television news show. After drilling me with questions about who has a right to this land, we Jewish Settlers or the Arabs, I kept telling her, "Think Lotta, Jerusalem has only served as the capital for the Jewish people. The Arabs never made it into their capital, nor did any other of the invading nations of the world who captured this region." I continued, "Lotta, who was the leader of the so-called 'Palestinian (Arab) People' before Yasser Arafat? Who was their king, or president, or prime minister? There wasn't one. What was their currency of this so-called 'country of Palestine'  they had before Israel was recognized by the U.N. as a bonifide State? Let's go on the internet and look for it to compare it with the dollar, the yen, the ruble back in the 1930s - you won't find it, because no specific currency existed for this 'country' that never existed. Let's look at the archaeology and see whose civilizations are found here. The archaeological finds all prove that we Jews were here, even before Islam existed in the world. Whose kings are buried here Lotta? You will find our king's graves here. No graves of Arab kings." Before leaving, she told me I gave her much to think about.

      So be proud, know that G-d has blessed us, and this Land. G-d makes miracles everyday, sometimes big ones, sometimes ones that people don't notice... until you grow old. It is then that one can fully appreciate the wonder that we even exist today as a People, and that we have returned to The Land after 2,000 years. 

      And in spite of our poor leadership, we are still living full, rich lives in this beautiful land of miracles.

      40 Years - Jerusalem Liberation

      One of the most famous photos from the 6 day war and the liberation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount/ Kotel.
      I don't know who to give credit to for the photo, but these are the same three soldiers today, 40 years later. Amazing!
      Jerusalem 40 Years After Liberation.