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      Tamar Yonah is one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. She made Aliyah from Southern California and after serving in the Israeli army began a prolific career in radio, including production, news and program development. She was the original creator and producer of 'The Aliyah Show' and still works whenever she can in that field. Tamar is a political activist, wife and mother residing in Judea and Samaria and currently hosts the top-rated shows of The Weekend Edition & The Tamar Yonah Show. Her award winning blog covers current events, religion, politics and anything else that's on her mind.

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      Sivan 24, 5772, 6/14/2012

      Allah Promised the Land of Israel to the Jews

      by Tamar Yonah

      Allah Promised the Land of Israel to the Jews
      My weekly guest, I.Q. Al Rassooli, is an Arab originally from Iraq.  Today, he lives in the West, at an unknown location to protect himself.  He is an expert on the Koran, and because of this, he is no longer a Muslim.  Here is what he wrote me showing that Allah promised the Land of Israel to the Jews.


      Al Israa 17: 104     And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)":

      *** Allah, in very clear Arabic, asserts that he fulfilled his promise to reward the People of Israel with the Promised Land, the same land that the later conquering hordes of Muhammadan Arabs claim as exclusively theirs CONTRARY to their own Quran ***

      Al Baqara 2: 40    O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon you and fulfill your covenant with Me as I fulfill My covenant with you and fear none but Me.

      Al Baqara 2: 47    O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon You and that I preferred you above the whole world

      Al Baqara 2: 122  O Children of Israel! call to mind the special favor which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you above the whole world.

      Al Dukhan 44: 30            We did deliver aforetime the Children of Israel from

      humiliating Punishment

              31           Inflicted by Pharaoh for he was arrogant (even)

      among inordinate transgressors.

                                  32            And We chose them aforetime above all the nations


      Al Jathiyah 45: 16 “We did aforetime grant to the Children of Israel the Book (Torah), the Power of Command and Prophethood; We gave them for Sustenance things good and pure; and We favored them above all the nations”

      Believers & Unbelievers, please be aware, that the Quran, in verse after verse, repeatedly and unambiguously asserts, that it was Allah & ONLY Allah who did the Choosing, contrary to the Hatemongering declarations by anti Jews, that it is the RACIST & ARROGANT Israelites and Jews who declare themselves the Chosen People ***

      Al Sajda 32: 23     We did indeed aforetime give the Book (Torah) to Moses: be not then in doubt of its reaching (thee): and We made it a guide to the Children of Israel.

      *** Allah is telling the followers of Muhammad that he gave the Torah ONLY to the People of Israel as a guide ***

      Al Mu’min 40: 53 We did aforetime give Moses the (Book of) Guidance

      and We gave the Book (Torah) in inheritance to the Children of Israel.

      *** We gave the Book (Torah) in inheritance to the Children of Israel” means to them & their generations AFTER them ***                                             

      And the last (but not least) GEM:

      Al Maida 5: 21         "O my people! enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you and turn not back ignominiously for then will ye be overthrown to your own ruin."

      It is obvious that Muhammad did not realize that his loose-leaf notes had fully captured and preserved – though somewhat scrambled up  from the more ancient accounts - actually verifying with detailed accounts, that the Israelites and the Jews had lived many centuries before him, settled  and made their homeland as a nation in the very state of modern Israel & territories that have since been restored. These are the very lands that his followers absurdly deny had ever previously belonged to anyone else but themselves?

      In conclusion, based upon all the above, it is crystal clear, that contrary to the untested beliefs of hundreds of millions of Muhammadan Muslims in the world today, their Quran in fact, fully supports and verifies the claims of the Jews for the land of Israel as their ancient and rightful home and nation.

      Thus in a nutshell, the Quran is Zionist.

      I REST my CASE!


      Sivan 16, 5772, 6/6/2012

      All Maps Lead To ISRAEL FOR THE JEWS

      by Tamar Yonah

      I once got a very interesting phone call to the studio after a show I did.  The caller was an older man from the tri-state area and his name was 'Danny'.  Danny was upset.  He was telling me that the whole idea of the Land of Israel being a 'Palestine' was a historical lie.  He continued to tell me, that he went to complain to the PBS for referring to Israel as occupying Arab land.  He then told me he asked to have a meeting with them, and when he arrived, took over their conference table by rolling out a 6 foot tall, 100 year old map that he had purchased from a defunct church.  The church had used this map to teach their children in Sunday School about the Holy Land.  As Danny unfurled the historical map on the table of PBS, he pointed to it and asked them to read what cities were documented there.  They  looked, and saw the cities of Jerusalem, Hebron, Tiberius, etc...  He then angerly told the PBS staff, "Where do you see anywhere on this map, ANY Arab city?  Where do you see a 'Ramallah'?  Where do you see a 'Jenin'?  Where do you see  a 'Tulkarem'?"  Looking around, he answered the question for them while they stood there silent.  "You DON'T see it" he said,  "because these cities never existed until the ARAB OCCUPATION of the Jewish Homeland."  I asked my weekly guest, Walid Shoebat who is an Arab, to see if he could find some older maps that are in Arabic, or generally accepted by the Arabs as legitimate, to see if he could prove this point using their own historical maps.  This is what he found:

      All Maps Lead To
      By Walid Shoebat, June 6th, 2012
      The moment one discusses the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the conversation will soon turn sour arguing over maps and borders and how “the Palestinian people are the indigenous Arabs whose land recently got robbed by greedy, land grabbing, colonialist Zionists.” Zionists in turn would point to the oldest maps showing the Jewish names of towns and cities while Arabs say that it was Zionists and religiously motivated Biblicist zealots who made such maps. They would refer to maps dating back to the Ottoman era in the late 19th centurypointing to the Arabic names of cities and towns like Ramallah ‘the Mount of Allah’ and Umm el-Fahm,‘Mother of Coal’ and Tekoa ‘tent’ and Bettir. They gladly flash their Muftah ‘key’ to their old house that was confiscated by Zionists.
      Even if we settle the arguments by using modern maps approved by Palestinians, the majority of the names of the towns are still Hebrew, which if we investigate will end us up writing an entire dictionary of what Arabs etymologically evolved the Hebrew names to sound Arabic. For example, Tel Aviv became Tal Al-Rabi’ theHill of SpringNazareth from the Hebrew Netzer ‘branch’ was simply tweaked to the Arabic Al-Naserah‘The Victorious’. Galilee is from the Hebrew Gâlîyl ‘circle’ and is not al-Jaleel which is an Arabic word for mighty. Hebron (Hevron) was simply translated to the Arabic Al-Khalil ‘the friend’. The villages nearby Jerusalem and Bethlehem like Al-Ayzarieh are Hebrew ‘Azaraiah’Al-Obeidieh is Hebrew for ‘Obadiah’(servant of G-d) and Ta’amreh is Hebrew ‘Tamar’, King David’s daughter.
      What about Kafr Yasif, Kafr Kana, Kafr Yatta, Kafr Manda and Kafr Samia? These remained purely Hebrew just as Tekoa, which means ‘stockade’ and not ‘tent’ as Arabs claimBettir ‘cleft’ is Jewish, which we still can find Tel Betar, which Arabs still call it Khirbet el-Yahud.
      The Arabic, Khirbet el-Macan (Maon) is from the Hebrew MaconKhirbet el-Karmil is CarmelTell Zif is from the Hebrew Ziph. The Arab sites are located where Eusebius listed the biblical sites in his Onomasticon, written in the fourth century A.D. Tel el-Nasbeh is tweaked from Mitspeh, Hebrew for ‘overlook’. Betunia is not the ‘House of Tony’, as the official Palestinian website calls it but the Hebrew name Bet-El the House of G-d. This correction restores its dignity and heritage.
      Al-Quds, or Beit el-Maqdis as all Muslims call it, stems from the Hebrew Beit ha-miqdash, ‘house of the holy place,’ referring to what housed the Holy of Holies, the Jewish Temple and can never be referring to the city or the Al-Aqsa mosque unless of course one deliberately chooses to be ignorant of real history.
      Even my village Beit Sahour in the Bethlehem district, if we take the name literally as Arabic, it becomes theHouse of Witchcraft. Would the Arabs accept this? The only alternative then is to keep its original HebrewBeit Sahour or Beit Sahar the House of the DawnOphrah is Hebrew for ‘Fawn’. In the Arabic Ophraends up meaning demon, which is why the Arabs changed it to el-Tayibeh ‘the good place’.
      Bethlehem is comprised of two Hebrew words, Beit (house) and Lechem (bread) House of Bread where King David was born, and not Beit Lachmu, a reference to a Canaanite pagan deity, which is what Palestinian propagandists say. This insults everyone be it Arab or Jew. Israeli archaeologists found the earliest evidence ofBethlehem's existence in a Jerusalem dig and its in Hebrew script, not Arabic.
      Besides old maps, which confirm a Jewish existence in the land, countless websites in the Arabic well document that Palestinians are of a recent origin and are hardly ancient as claimed. All one has to do is plug the name of their favorite Palestinian town in Arabic and access trusted archives instead of the propaganda. I tried a few. I plugged in Arabic Umm el-Fahm in Google.com, their official website documents the origins of the clans living there being from Egypt who immigrated there a little over a century ago mostly in 1831 and 1858 during the invasion of Ali Pasha.
      What is probably shocking to novices that rely on the fast-food style media for their information is that when it comes to the Palestinian people’s origin, Palestinians themselves confirm western historians of there recent arrival during the 19th century and they admit that they are not from Arabia. So we can trust DeHass one of the foremost experts on the subject who links the origin of the Palestinians as:
      "Balkans, Greeks, Syrians, Latins, Egyptians, Turks, Armenians, Italians, Persians, Kurds, Germans, Afghans, Circassians, Bosnians, Sudaneese, Samaritans, Algerians, Motawila, Tartars, Hungarians, Scots, Navarese, Bretons, English, Franks, Ruthenians, Bohemians, Bulgarians, Georgians, Syrians, Persian Nestorians, Indians, Copts, Maronites, and many other" (DeHass, History, p. 258. John of Wuzburg list from Reinhold Rohricht edition, pp. 41, 69).
      For example, if we research Bethlehem’s Christian inhabitants from Arabic sources we will find that they are of an Italian heritage, not Arab. Just to prove the point, I even found one in English:
      “… during the crusades two Italian Noblemen were sent by the Pope to take back the Holy Land from the Mohammedans. These two brothers were from a family named Monteforte … After Bethlehem was conquered by the Christian soldiers these two brothers were ordered by the Pope to stay in Bethlehem and safeguard the Holy Places. They married two local girls (some people say Jewish Girls) and lived in Bethlehem where the house was in front of the Church of the Nativity … these became the Tarajmeh (translators) as their name is known today.”
      They even give the list of all the families descending from these two Italians that married two local Jewish girls proudly expressing how deep Jewish blood runs in their veins. Jews also lived there from time immemorial and so many of the so-called Arabs even identify with Jewish, not Arab heritage.
      If I research my own village out of hundreds of official township websites that fill the Internet in Arabic, they all say the same thing; we came recently from surrounding nations and very few are Arab. Beith Sahour, a Story and History includes all clans, dates and country of origin. The villages’ first handful individuals came according to the archive “Because of the injustice and religious persecution in the time of Turkish rule” and not Zionist persecution. It was during the nineteenth century that the rest poured in:
      “After a century from 1735, then came the Marashda from Rushda in Upper Egypt as Christian pilgrims and also came to settle were the Khayr family and Bannoura. From the same town was also the family of Awad … In the same period came the Kukali clan from Syria and lived with the Awad family. In the same period also came to Beit Sahour the Shoebat family and Jibran from the Shobak in Jordan”.
      Ramallah like Beit Sahour was a sanctuary for another handful of Christians by Rashid Haddadin who came from the same region in Shobak in southern Jordan with his five sons when Rashid refused to marry his daughter to a Muslim. Even the name Ramallah in the Ottoman map as the archives explain was not Arabic but Crusader Ramalieh, a small ruin from an agricultural colony. There was no “Ram” or “Allah” in the original name. The archives give us the next wave of immigrants who came to Ramallah was in 1825 and not thousands of years ago:
       “in the year 1825 as came [to Ramallah] the displaced Christians of the clan of Rabdah of Jebel Ajlun [Jordan] and is why they are called Ajlouni.” 
      Many will argue that Egyptians, Syrians and Moroccans are Arabs anyway, due to the Islamic Arabization of the region. If this is true, then ask the Muslim Turks and the Muslim Persians if they would not mind being called Arabs. These are proud to be non-Arab. The bottom line then is not Zionism, which simply says, “Jews go home” but Islamization, Arabization and Islamic Imperialism.
      So back to the original argument, who owned and still is the rightful owner of the land? The Arabs or the Jews?
      Even that question is easily found in Palestinian circles. In fact, the Dictionary of Palestinian Clans distributed by ‘Arabs’ and written by Arab historian Sharab Muhammad Hassan summarize everything:
      “… unlike the Arab tribes that have entered this land for the purpose of expansion ownership andcontrol; the Jews (Banu Israel) grew up in this land since the dawn of history with their kingdoms. It was in this land in which originated their festivals, sanctuaries, heritage, culture and religion. It remained the land of the Jews and their direction of prayer and travels. It was the hotbed of their prophets and revelation. Embracing the land of Israel are Jewish cities, holy Jerusalem, Safed, Tiberias and Hebron. Zion was but a name synonymous with Jerusalem and the land of Israel. In this land, Jewish prophets and scholars wrote their books which remains a beacon, light and guidance for the Children of Israel and to all the nations after them.”
      Well Put. Confession is the beginning of healing.
      Walid Shoebat

      Iyar 29, 5772, 5/21/2012

      Not Hercules, Not Rambo, Not Even Superman.

      by Tamar Yonah

      Not Hercules, Not Rambo, Not even Superman. These are not the heroes of Israel. The heroes of Israel were the people placed on this earth that chose to live their lives for the benefit of something bigger than they were.  Israel. The dream of freedom, the dream of Jewish sovereignty in their homeland, and the dream of bringing Israel and the Jewish Nation to it's destiny, being a light unto the nations.  They are winners.  They are winners because though life may be harder due of the choices they made, they know they are doing the right thing, and a good thing.  Having children is hard. But it is good. Being kind is often hard, but it is good. Working diligently is hard, but it is an important ethic to have. These people who often pay a high price for their dedication, are the real heroes of Israel because they are the salt of the earth. They are the ones who don't just talk, they do. They settle the Land that has sat desolate for 2,000 years. They have turned it around to produce fruits and vegetables, family neighborhoods and jobs and schools and parks and all around beauty.  They have brought LIFE back to the Land. They are the 'Dry Bones' that have grown sinews and flesh around them and have been given the breath of life (see Ezekiel chapt. 37) These heroes serve in the army to protect the nation from its enemies. Their children are the most motivated and idealistic of any population in Israel as a whole. Their bodies, their homes, their presence is the buffer zone for the most populated cities in Israel.  

      Long live the Heroes of Israel.

      I hope you will watch this trailer and then when the whole documentary comes out, that you will watch that as well and you will send it out to others. This documentary is a project being done by a friend named Ezra Ridgley. He writes:

      "The documentary 'The Spring of Judea and Samaria' is the accumulation of several years of trying to bring to the Jewish world the truth of the wonderful Jewish culture emerging on the land at the cradle of Jewish Civilization. I was inspired and motivated after hearing years of slander from the media, governments and NGO's from around the world while never hearing a positive word. So after writing a book and creating websites and small videos and basically travelling to over 120 of these so-called west bank settlements I was motivated by a friend to take it all to another level. Thus came the 90 minute documentary, and with the Help of our Beloved G-d, it came into being.  After the July 2 premier showing, the movie will be open for anyone to show it to their congregations and beyond, on any platform in any place by anyone. DVDs will be created for those who want it and cable station will be encouraged to show it.
      The movie will take the person inside the communities to meet the people and basically to give us a chance to meet  them as they really are and for the first time the people of the communities will have a platform to tell their story to the world. To tell the world what they believe and how the communities began. To learn about their struggle, sacrifices which  brought to birth these excellent  Jewish  communities they have created. The World has to know the truth about these pleasant people,  communities, and their accomplishments. Among these great accomplished are their excellent educational institutions and most importantly....The entire Tikun Olam (restoration of the world) depends in part on Jews returning to this land and settling it. The truth is out there and it can be found in the movie,  "The Spring of Judea and Samaria".
      Ezra Ridgley

      Iyar 22, 5772, 5/14/2012

      How Long Will We Tolerate the Intolerable?

      by Tamar Yonah

      This video is disturbing to watch. It is I guess, the M.O. of Muslim extremists to pick on the weak; civilians, women, children, babies, and in this case, more than weak, rather, DEAD.  No fight will be put up by the deceased!  What brave men!

      60 seconds into the film, you see a Jewish tomb stone being knocked over and desecrated.

      I.Q. Al Rassooli writes me about this video, "At the beginning they are saying "these are CROSSES "  destroy them and when they saw the Star of David they  said "these are Hebrew letter of al yahhood". While DESECRATING they were of course glorifying their god with "Allahu Akbar". 

      We saw the Nazis do this to Jewish cemeteries in Europe. In Jerusalem, we have the Mount of Olives cemetery that is also often destroyed and vandalized by Arabs.  Islamic arrogance knows  no bounds, especially when their arrogance and demands are appeased and protected by 'political correctness' and western good manners.  Islamic crimes, terrorism and its accompanying Jihad, must not be tolerated by the West, especially in their own countries.  This particular crime you will see in the video against the dead is intolerable.  The culprits are not wearing masks, and should be easily identified.   I wonder what the government of this country will do/has done?  How long will we tolerate the intolerable?  

      UPDATE:  A reader sent me the following:  "As the resident Australian member, I can clarify where exactly this took place. The graveyard was actually an ANZAC Aussie war cemetary in Libya. It happened a couple of months ago. The provisional government in Libya had to make some quick and profuse apologies for the antics of its people in this desecration. As a serious COUNTERPOINT to it...Israel has been EXEMPLARY in helping look after the ANZAC war cemetary in Beersheva Israel. Israel definitely has best-practice...whereas Libya really dropped the ball letting their idiots do this at the Libyan ANZAC cemetary."

      Also, I was correct in saying that I cannot vouch for the accompanying text from this video on YOUTUBE .  The actual translation of what they were saying in the video I got from Walid Shoebat who is an Arab.  He sent me the following:

      "The dialect is North African, most likely Libya.
      What they are saying has no resemblance of the report [that was posted on YouTube]. Here is what they were saying:
      00:00 – 00:08
      “Destroy the cross, these are dogs”.
      08:00-0:10 “Allah is Great”
      00:20 – 0:21 “Allah is Great”.
      00:47 - :053 “little by little, start here and bring these down first”
      1:00 – 1:04 “This is the grave of the cross, dismantle it”.
      1:30 – 1:31 “come see, this one has Israeli writings, come and see it, sure sure .. it has Hebrew”."

      Iyar 16, 5772, 5/8/2012


      by Tamar Yonah

      Israelis went to bed last night on the dissolving of the government and early elections. We woke up this morning to a new and shocking reality: NO EARLY ELECTIONS & a NEW GOVERNMENT COALITION with Kadima and Likud, with the opposition head, Shaul Mofaz, now #2 in government after Netanyahu. [Anyone remember Shaul Mofaz yelling 'Shakran, shakran, shakran (liar, liar, liar) about Bibi just a few months ago? And Mofaz saying that "I intend to replace Netanyahu", Mofaz said …. I will not join his government. ]


      Bibi now has 94 seats out of 120 in his coalition, and a pretty stable government. Israelis woke up to a new reality, and are still in shock. I haven't seen so many talking heads on the news for maybe 20 years or so.

      Yair Lapid is spilling his guts out.  Critics are using words like 'ugly', 'it stinks', 'they are using the ideology of 'keeping their seats'' etc...  

      Leiberman and Shas have been taken down a notch.  They won't be able to threaten Bibi with toppling the government if they don't get their demands met.  

      The talking heads are pulling their hair out and reminding the public of the zig-zagging of Mofaz from Kadima.

      others are saying Bibi pulled the rug out from under early elections in September in order to have a broad based government to [possibly] make an attack on Iran's nuclear reactors.

      The rest of the people are taking Dramamine.

      But perhaps Nachman Shai of the Kadima party said it best and succinctly this morning on the A.M. TV News in Israel....

      He said something akin to, 'What's the shock?  Bibi did exactly what he said he was going to do. Bibi said after [winning] the elections, he would build the broadest based government that he could, and he just did it now, without having to go to early elections, and without spending all the tax payer's money'.  

      Brilliant on Bibi's part.

      The next elections for Israel are now scheduled for November of 2013.

      Never a dull moment in Israel.   And yet, YAWN.