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      Tamar Yonah is one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. She made Aliyah from Southern California and after serving in the Israeli army began a prolific career in radio, including production, news and program development. She was the original creator and producer of 'The Aliyah Show' and still works whenever she can in that field. Tamar is a political activist, wife and mother residing in Judea and Samaria and currently hosts the top-rated shows of The Weekend Edition & The Tamar Yonah Show. Her award winning blog covers current events, religion, politics and anything else that's on her mind.

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      Adar 24, 5768, 3/1/2008

      How We Have Been Fooled By The Headlines

      by Tamar Yonah

      Everywhere we look, we see headlines like, “Sderot is Under Attack”  or “War on Sderot”.  However, these are essentially lies, or at best, robotic thinking due to media bombardment. We need to look past the headlines and the media lingo we are fed, and understand this important truth:  Sderot is NOT under attack!  Yes, I said it.  Sderot is NOT under attack.  My friends, ISRAEL is under attack.

      When Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, the headlines didn’t say, “Hawaii was attacked’.  They said, AMERICA was attacked. When planes used as missiles crashed into the Twin Towers and at least three thousand people were killed, headlines didn’t proclaim, “New York was attacked”.  They proclaimed, “AMERICA was attacked.”  So let us understand this MOST important truth…  Sderot is not under attack.  ISRAEL is under attack.  These Arabs are attacking ISRAEL.  And now it has spilled over to Ashkelon, because wherever their missiles will reach in Israel, that is where they will shoot, because ISRAEL is their target.

      The Gaza area that Israel gave up in the last stage of the ‘peace process’, where it threw approx. 10,000 law abiding Israeli citizens out of their homes to turn over to the Arabs to bring quiet to ISRAEL, has had the opposite effect.   The Arabs were emboldened by the weakness and the resulting retreat of Israel and the West.  They have been attacking Israel ever since with even more fervor.  This last week, just one day brought 50 rockets to our southern region.  And if the Enemy had the means, the rockets would be reaching Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Lod's Ben Gurion International Airport.

      These false headlines we are bombarded with are perhaps done purposely to mislead the public so that we will be more open to more land concessions and continuing this ‘peace process’.  These headlines telling us that Sderot is under attack desensitizes the rest of the country from the danger. By divorcing Sderot from the rest of the State of Israel (like they did with Gush Katif)  people view the bomb attacks in the south as THEIR problem, not our problem.  We watch the news, hear the headlines and remark, “Oh, those poor people in Sderot.  Must be awfully hard for them with all those attacks. Tsk tsk tsk.”  And that is how our leaders want us to think.  It's Sderot's problem, and if the government is nice, they will help Sderot by sending them some money to re-inforce some roof tops, and maybe send an anti-terror operation into Gaza and bomb some empty fields.

      A country cannot very easily convince it’s population to support more land give-aways and establish a Palestinian State, if it understood that this very same entity supports and is actively engaged in a war with it.  Instead, the media makes the public think it is just the Kassams which are the problem, and tells us to be empathetic to Mahmoud Abbas, viewing him as a moderate.  The public is being conditioned to want to prop up and empower Abbas, because he is believed to be the good guy who is trying to move his people forward to peace.  However, nothing can be further from the truth.  Abbas is a holocaust denier, he supports and harbors terrorist groups and was number two to arch terrorist Yassar Arafat.  He also stated this last week that he would not rule out a "return to the way of armed struggle against Israel".  However, if the country knew that in reality ISRAEL was under attack, the people would never go for 'tit for tat' military hits in Gaza, and they would demand a stop to negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, thus stopping the 'holy' peace process. 

      This is why we must see beyond media headlines and understand that Sderot is not a ‘THEM’.  They are us, you and me.  Israel is under attack my friends, and we must not let the media and the government divorce ourselves from our own cities!  It is not Sderot’s problem.  It is OUR problem.

      One other media vulgarity comes to mind as well….  We read the headlines and watch the news about 50 Kassams slam into Sderot in one day  or, "Boy, 8, Loses Leg in Kassam Attack" or  "Kassam kills 47-year-old father of 4"  The Kassams didn’t kill these people.  The Arab enemy who launched these rockets killed these people!  The media, when writing news for other countries wouldn’t write a headline like, ‘Bullets kill U.S. troops in Mosul”.  Instead, like a headline should be written, it states: “Investigation under way after Iraqi soldier shoots two U.S. troops in Mosul”  Here, the enemy is identified.  It wasn't a bullet that killed the U.S. Troops, it was an Iraqi soldier.  And what is a kassam anyway? It is a piece of metal loaded with charges and shrapnel which is launched manually.  So, if a Kassam killed or injured an Israeli, was it really this piece of metal?  Or was it the Enemy who launched it?

      You see, we must understand who the enemy is.  Headlines like, “Sderot Residents demand: Stop the Kassams!”  are extremely dangerous and misleading.  The people are led to believe, that if only the kassams would stop, there would be peace.  However, any intelligent person knows that if the kassams were stopped, there would still be bus bombings, sniper attacks, and now, grad missile attacks on Ashkelon.  A nation CANNOT win a war, if they do not know who their enemy is!  And the enemy are not pieces of metal.  The enemy are the Arabs and Muslims who wish to see the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.  Where are the terrorists in the PA getting their grad-missiles from?  They certainly do not manufacture it in the P.A. It is not just the P.A., but it is Iran, who sends these missiles and other weapons to the P.A., and it is Egypt, who lets these weapons be smuggled in from their country where it is delivered to the P.A. to kill Israelis. KNOW THY ENEMY!

      To win a war, one must:
       Know who their enemy is.
      b) Know where their enemy is located.
      c) Attack the enemy until their leadership is destroyed and they are so deeply defeated, that they flee, or at the very least, beg for an unconditional surrender.
      d) All wars must have an end.  Your side has to WIN the war to end it.  Playing ’tit for tat’ or engaging in a war of attrition will ensure more terror attacks on your nation.

      One must also remember, no wars have ever been won, by fighting a ‘defensive war’.  It must be OFFENSIVE.  One must attack and hit so hard, that the other side is completely crippled. 

      My friends, Israel has had war waged against it.  Not Sderot, and not Ashkelon.  ISRAEL is at war.  We are being attacked by the Arab enemy who wishes to see our destruction.  There, I’ve stated the truth, and named the enemy.  Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Hizzbullah and all other Arab entities who wish to see our demise.  They are the ones launching the rockets and missiles, or have the fingerprints of other Arab states who abet the terrorists in Gaza.  The sooner we acknowledge this and shake off the media's lies and cover-ups, the better off Israel and her People will be.

      Adar 20, 5768, 2/26/2008

      The Next President of the United States?

      by Tamar Yonah

      Oh! Obama!  The next president of the United States?

                   Not exactly the 'American' look for a president, hey?

      Hiel Hilary? She'll wear the pants and Bill will be the 'First Lady' ?   

      Micro-manager McCain:  If elected president, he would "micromanage" a more even-handed Mideast policy than that of President Bush. oy vey!

      And the Winner is....????????  (See video below.  It's funny!)

      Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

      Adar 17, 5768, 2/23/2008

      Appeasement - Just For Fun

      by Tamar Yonah

      Old, but still funny.

      The European Commission

      The European Commission has announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the EU, rather than German, which was the other contender. Her Majesty's Government conceded that English spelling had room for improvement and has therefore accepted a five-year phasing in of "Euro-English".

      In the first year, "s" will replace the soft "c". Sertainly, this will make sivil servants jump for joy. The hard "c" will be dropped in favour of the "k", Which should klear up some konfusion and allow one key less on keyboards.

      There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year, when the troublesome "ph" will be replaced with "f", making words like "fotograf" 20% shorter.

      In the third year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible. Governments will enkourage the removal of double letters which have always ben a deterent to akurate speling. Also, al wil agre that the horible mes of the silent "e" is disgrasful.

      By the fourth yer, peopl wil be reseptiv to steps such as replasing "th" with "z" and "w" with "v".

      During ze fifz yer, ze unesesary "o" kan be dropd from vords kontaining "ou" and similar changes vud of kors be aplid to ozer kombinations of leters. After zis fifz yer, ve vil hav a reli sensibl riten styl. Zer vil be no mor trubls or difikultis and everivun vil find it ezi to understand ech ozer.              ZE DREM VIL FINALI COM TRU!

      More Appeasement:

      Yippee for appeasement!  Anything but making us have to actually stand up for something.

      Kosovo isn't the only new state on the globe.  Try these up and coming new countries:

      Hamastan (once the Gaza Strip)
      Palestine   (once Judea & Samaria)
      United States of Ameristan (USA)
      United Moslem Kingdom     (UK)
      The Netherislams               (The Netherlands)
      FRI -French Republic of Islam (France)

      Feel free to add your own...


      Adar 11, 5768, 2/17/2008

      Scratching at the Cover-Ups*

      by Tamar Yonah

      * I had to make a slight change on the posting of the video.  Please see below.

      If you think things are as they seem, you are either naïve, lazy, uninformed, or all of the above.  Politics is dirty.  Business is dirty.  And it is important that you understand the truth if you want to fix it. There are some people who still cling onto the ‘reality’ that is most convenient and easy for them to accept.  They still cannot figure out what it is with Israeli leaders and why they seem to follow a path that leads to a weaker Israel, yet is the path that has the International community nodding their heads to.  Supporters of Israel are stuck on the dead end conclusion that Israel’s leaders are either “crazy or stupid.” And they can’t figure out which it is.  I have stated and re-stated that that they are neither.  They are people who are in a position where they are under extreme pressure from others more powerful than themselves.  The fact that they are also guided by self interest and easily corruptible, helps.  It’s like being a ‘chocoholic’ working in a chocolate factory.  They will eventually (and perhaps even willfully) succumb. 

      People who lack integrity, courage and a fear of  G-d (where they are more afraid of Man than The Almighty) should not go into politics.  The pressures they will face will be too much for them to handle, and they are playing with ruthless people who have no qualms about playing dirty.  People who state that it is all Israel’s fault that we are giving up land and weakening oursleves, or that our enemies are really only the Arabs, are like little children who don’t understand why their parents are getting a divorce.  A child is told by their parents, “Honey, your mother and I just don’t get along anymore.  We fight too much and we think it is better that we separate and spare you from any more yelling and screaming at home.”  And the child, when asked, “Why are your parents getting divorced?” replies, “Because they fight all the time and can’t get along.”.  And that is how most people go about life.  They accept this argument because it is convenient and easy, and they don’t want to think about it anymore.  They want to continue in their daily routines and not have to be called into action to change and maybe do something about it.  However, when scratching just beneath the surface, one finds out that there is much MORE going on than just, “your mother and I don’t get along anymore”.

      We really need to find out WHY they were fighting, and there is where the truth lies.  Doing some detective work, we find out that there was infidelity by the husband (or wife), there was also physical abuse and drinking as well. That was the REAL cause of the fighting and divorce.  But the child doesn’t know it. He believes and tells the story that his parents ‘just didn’t get along’. Family and friends would also probably prefer to stick with the same story as well.  Who wants to uncover the dirt?  It’s easier to just chalk it up to ‘irreconcilable differences’ than really know that there was evil, lies, and using his wife as a punching bag, going on behind those doors.
      So, for those of you who wish to place all the blame on our leaders being stupid or crazy, so be it.  But neither is true, and neither conclusion makes sense.  They are sane and they are educated.  They are just being pressured, bribed, corrupted, threatened, - whatever it takes to get Israel ‘in line’.  And, yes, they must take responsibility for their actions.  Olmert, Livni, Barak, Yishai, and all the rest who fall for the carrot and the stick.  They cannot withstand the pressures they are under, and the perks, if they just go along with the agenda.  It is precisely these corruptible types, like former Tsomet MK Alex Goldfarb who was reported to have had his pro-Oslo vote procured, for a new Mitsubishi car.

      And so, are the Arab terrorists the real and only problem?  Why doesn’t the West let us finish off the enemy?  Why do they not let us WIN this war?  Every time we go into Gaza and make real progress, the U.S. Secretary of State comes running to the region to tie our hands and prevent us from finishing our job.  It was the Bush administration that pressed Israel to hurry up with the ‘Disengagement”/Expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gaza/Gush Katif without any delay or excuses

      Then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who ran against the platform of ‘Disengagement’ from Gaza communities, also fell to pressure (he and his sons had police investigations against them) and the carrot and the stick.  Sharon is reported to have said, "This is what the US State Department is demanding that I do and I must do it." 
      It doesn’t take a genius to understand the situation.  Even great men like Menachem Begin succumbed to U.S. pressure at Camp David and agreed to give up the Sinai. 

      Let us look at one other subject here that questions the intentions of the American – Arab/Moslem relationship towards Jews, and its foreign political agendas.  Below is a very interesting documentary about the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane z”l  and the Twin Towers connection.  It seems that the murderer of Rabbi Kahane was part of a Arab-Moslem terror cell newly based in America.  Yet U.S. security agencies interfered with New York police from doing their job. They denied that there was any conspiracy and that the gunman was a lone gunman. They forced the police to release one of the suspects from Rav Kahane’s murder, who just happened to be one of the terrorists who was planning the bombing of the World Trade Center, that took place just a few years later.  How can this be?  Watch this documentary made by Israel's channel 2.  It is both in Hebrew and English.  Even if you don’t understand the Hebrew, keep watching, it will switch into English soon and you should be able to follow exactly what is happening. This case is a very worrying one, and you in America, should be concerned about this cover-up.  * It is here that I must direct you to another site to view the video because of possible copy-write complications.  Please go click HERE to view.

      Afterwards, you can view this documentary below, however, it is different than the film that is on the other site which I feel was done better.  Below, is another offering in three parts of about 10 minutes, and all in English.

      Conspiracy against Rabbi Kahane Part I

      Conspiracy against Rabbi Kahane Part II

      Conspiracy against Rabbi Kahane Part III

      Adar 6, 5768, 2/12/2008

      Does It Really Matter Who You Vote For?

      by Tamar Yonah

      Hillary, Barak, or McCain.  Does it really matter?  Over and over again I try to uncover the false impression that living in a democracy brings, namely, that we are living in a society that is run on truth, fairness and respect of personal rights.  This is what I was taught, while living in the West.  However, today, we are seeing this myth shattering before or eyes.  It’s not that there is some corruption that happens once in a while and that it should be expected.  I can accept that.  Nothing is perfect.  However, when one learns that it is not a fluke, rather the way things are really run, it is hard to accept.  It is hard to accept because we don’t want to believe it.  Because to believe it, means that we are not as ‘good’ a society as we believed ourselves to be, and it also means that we were more or less lied to while growing up and taking history and social studies classes in school. 

      I want to state here, that I am not angry.  I actually understand (though am disillusioned) why all of the back room wheeling and dealing is being done.  It is much more efficient to make deals, convince, sweeten the pie, bribe, twist arms, and threaten behind the scenes.  One can get much more done that way. It’s just good business.  And before anyone states that government and elections are not a business, let’s look at this startling fact…. Of the world's 100 largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries.  Isn’t that interesting?

      And so, if someone were the head of a corporation, he/she (I will use he from now on for simplicity) would definitely find it good business to buddy up to the politicians who are the ‘chosen’ few that make laws and enforce them.   He would probably make sure that whichever senator or governor who runs for office was in HIS pocket.  He would also try to tip the scales of votes for the one he could control the most.  After all, if he was a good businessman, he wouldn’t want any of these petty politicians stopping his corporation from functioning at full speed. 

      And so we see how big business interests can conflict with what is good for the People, and what the People want.

      The American people are now in the midst of election fever.  They are under the impression that they really are going to get the candidate they want.  All they need to do is to go out and cast a vote.  But is that how it really works?  Do the people really get the candidates they want, and more important, do they get the policies they want?

      Too often we hear about voter fraud; 

      • Dead’ people voting. 
      • Chads not clearly punched through.
      • Electronic voting machines not working ‘properly’,
      • Voter intimidation and deception. i.e. sending out letters to voters that they are not eligible to vote.
      • Shortages of voting locations and ballot forms, or even the case of ‘More votes, than voters’

      Remember the old saying:  "Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

      And if all that doesn’t work,,, there’s always the Super Delegates to cancel out your vote.  Watch this video, it will open your eyes so you can better understand how the SYSTEM works, not for you, the People, but for others who can control their interests through controlling other politicians. This is why Candidate A can win the popular vote (the vote of the people) and yet lose the election to Candidate B.  Remember the Bush-Gore-Kerry election fiascoes?

      (This video is from CBS news.  They have some other very good videos which you might like to watch.)

      Now, with all this said, I wouldn’t say one should give up their right to vote and choose to stay home.  We live in a physical reality and G-d gives us tools in order to try to make this world better.  Therefore, I believe that one should take advantage of their rights and cast a ballot, but one should vote -not for a party-  but for the candidate that has the most integrity, honesty, and courage to stand up to evil.  It’s not guaranteed that once elected they will pass the tests they will face, but a person who is honest, idealistic and fears G-d more than Man,  would be the best person to even try.