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      Tamar Yonah is one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. She made Aliyah from Southern California and after serving in the Israeli army began a prolific career in radio, including production, news and program development. She was the original creator and producer of 'The Aliyah Show' and still works whenever she can in that field. Tamar is a political activist, wife and mother residing in Judea and Samaria and currently hosts the top-rated shows of The Weekend Edition & The Tamar Yonah Show. Her award winning blog covers current events, religion, politics and anything else that's on her mind.

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      Kislev 9, 5770, 11/26/2009

      IDF Holy War vs. Evil Jihad

      by Tamar Yonah

      A Holy War?  The BBC (in the videos below) calls it 'G-d's wars' and put a stamp on that with an Israeli secular officer comparing it to a 'Holy War'.  Ok, but the Jews are not fighting a 'Jihad' like the Arabs.  To the BBC and their slanted reporting, let it be known that the Gaza war in December 2008 was a defensive war.  Israel cannot sit quietly when it's citizens are being bombarded with deadly and bloody rocket and terror attacks from the Palestinian Authority.  No sane country would stand it, and yes, that means Britain too -hypocrites!  Britain had the gall to send their military half way around the world to kill to keep it's empirical hold on the Falkland Islands, but turns around and blames Israel for fighting terror in her own backyard. Chutzpah!

      So it is with great glee and satisfaction, that I can actually cheer when I saw this BBC report on (how worried they are) that Israel's army is becoming more religious.  What they showed as worrisome, I saw as wonderful!  Yes, the Israeli army is seeing more religious soldiers and less and less secular soldiers serving.  Read this brief article of a rabbi's experience with IDF soldiers going off to war in Gaza last December. Soldiers were clamoring for religious articles to take with them into battle. And this demand will only be growing.

      Approximately half of all officers in the IDF are religious.  "They are becoming the IDF's backbone" says Ben Caspit, the writer of the news story in the link above.  "Their presence in the army is several times larger than it is in the general population."  Now, that may be because secular Israelis are becoming post zionists, and not as patriotic, and religious soldiers are more idealistic and want to protect their nation.  The rise in religious inductees can also be due to the fact that religious families usually have more children, and secular families usually choose to have less.  It can also be because we are seeing today, the largest 'Chozrim B'Tshuva' (Returnees to the Faith) movement in history.  Many secular Jews have found the world and western culture which they were drawn to, bankrupt and are therefore wanting more spirituality in their lives.

      In any case, enjoy the BBC documentary (part 1 & 2).  Viewing their report should bring you much joy and optimism. The story of the soldiers gathering around to blow the Shofar before going into battle made me smile, and the urgent requests of the soldiers, observant and not-yet observant asking for Tehillim (Psalms) and Tzitzit, warmed my heart.  Yes, we Jews should only be fighting a 'holy', 'just' and 'moral' war.  It's a Holy War to stop the Arab's Evil Jihad.  The West, and yes, the Brits in the BBC - can thank us later.

      Blog still loading....

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oiZ8I35Mtg&feature=related  part 1

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXu71uVGwI8  part 2

      Kislev 8, 5770, 11/25/2009

      "I never cry sir!"

      by Tamar Yonah


      Here is one of my Thanksgiving Messages - Max Cardozo, author of, 

      "A Child Underground: 

      Memories of a Boy Who Lived in Hiding during the Nazi Occupation 

      of Holland"

      Fragments of Memories :  "I never cry sir!"

      The Scarf
      This is an excerpt of an article written by Cor Bouchette, published May 18th 1945 for the Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.
      It describes the arrival in Sweden of a group of Jewish refugees from the Netherlands, known as the Philips Group. One member of the group, Jansje Gompers of Amsterdam, was Max Cardozo's aunt, who sent several letters about her experiences in Sweden to family members.
      "When the Ferry Boat arrived at Malmo, Sweden, gang planks were installed and the first contingent  of Jewish Dutch woman stepped out onto the docks, as scared to death as street dogs.  They jumped more than walked, but crippled or not they rushed as though they were in a hurry to catch a train and were worried they might miss it. Many held on to each other and looked mistrustful of us who approached their direction.  Many had ravaged, hollow expressions on their faces, the outward sign of an intense spiritual desolation, a reflection of the many long years of intense distrust and the absolute misery they had suffered.  However, when they heard "Welcome to Sweden," it was as if  the sun broke through the dark clouds, and they smiled and waved. Some of us on the docks wanted to put our arms around them and hug them, however we were not allowed to touch our own countrymen because they had to be disinfected first.

      The room selected for us filled up quickly with 400 Dutch women on Swedish soil, very quiet and staring at us but trusting us, as we were the ones who had liberated them   Many kept on staring, dazed, and others cried, but there were also many who started to talk about their horrible experiences, raw and tragic stories of their misery, of those awful two years spent in concentration camps, telling us that it was not the gates of heaven above us that opened to them, but instead, the gates of hell.  And now, through the goodness of the hearts of the Danes and Swedes, thankful for all that food that was presented to them, it was truly wonderful and then  unbelievable how they started to ask questions: Where are we going to, Sir ? We are so filthy! Are we going to get soap, Sir?  When I said yes, a cheer went up. Are we really going to get a hot bath with soap?  Is it true the Queen is dead, Sir?  Do you know if Eindoven (Philips headquarters) is liberated? Do you know if my brother is here?

      Many things I heard from these people, however one thing I especially remember.  One morning I went to visit the women in the hospital with small mirrors, jars of face cream, a box of nail files sent to me by Mrs. Grabsen.  I was received by the Dutch women with a loud cheering. For one of them I had a head scarf.  It seems one of the poor young girls couldn't stop crying because just before she had left her camp, because she had not and could not do her last task, the sadistic, brutal guard had shaved off her curly black hair.  It was on the third floor that I met a bald, dark-headed girl.  She was crying so I walked over to her bed and handed her a mirror, cream, nail file and the yellow scarf, which she immediately put around her dark skull. Now, no more crying, I said. Crying, sir, the dark girl said, I never cry sir! 
      What had happened was, I had given the scarf to the wrong person. The depressed, crying girl was one floor lower.  How could I ask for the return of the scarf ?  The dark-headed girl untied the scarf without even hesitating and returned it to me.  It's no problem sir, she laughed. I am very happy with my mirror, sir.  I have not looked in a mirror for two years".

      What a generous spirit! A spirit I hoped would remain among them. It is with this unselfish spirit that perhaps all of us can build a better world.
      Cardozo Family Correspondence

      Excerpt published here with the permission of Max Cardozo

      Kislev 1, 5770, 11/18/2009

      Evil Times and Weak Leaders

      by Tamar Yonah

      The world has been spinning on path towards the redemption without our even being aware of it.  We are so involved in our daily routines and family obligations, that we tend to live in microscopic worlds not bothering to take a step back out of the circle and examining what is happening on a larger scale.  We are headed towards a 'Centralized One World Government' whether we like it or not. 

      Now, we can take it in stride and say that it is all for the best, as anyway, when the Messiah comes, the whole world will be united anyway, and this is just a step in that direction, albeit under the wrong idea of unity.  What I am saying is, that when the world is united under the Moshiach (Messiah), it will be united under G-d, The Almighty, The Creator, and not united under the god of trade, security and prosperity promises, or the god of money.  We are told that unity is good, but it depends what people unite under.  People can unite under a swastika, a red backed hammer and sickle,  ...or under G-d. So it DOES depend on what people choose to come together for.  A New World Order, or a One World Government, or the new 'Trans-Nationalism' (hear this show I just did with John Loeffler) being touted today as the enlightened and sexy thing to do, is a recipe for disaster because essentially, we are united under evil.

      Perhaps it's natural for mankind to constantly want to build a Tower of Babel and de-throne G-d from the heavens and take over, throwing G-d's laws aside and instead choosing to be the 'masters of their own destiny', but you'd think after thousands of years, we'd know better.

      One person who was able to cut through the matrix and see the future, not necessarily as a prophet, but from common sense and a keen eye to applying the Torah's lessons to today's reality, was Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l.
      (I want to thank here, Eddie, from the virtual studio for playing this video after my show.  I watched and asked him where it was posted on the internet and then I would post it on the blog for others to view as well.  Thanks Eddie.)

      Where are our true leaders today and why can't they be honest, truthful and straightforward like we need them to be? Are they ALL sold out?  Even today, at the request of the U.S. Obama administration, our leaders kowtowed to American pressure to not give a memorial speech in our own Knesset, for Rabbi Kahane.  What's it Obama's business on what we do domestically (rehtorical, because I know it is to not wake people up to the suicidal 'peace process' they want shoved down our throats.) and what makes our puny leadership today acquiesce to this pressure?  It's pathetic, and we are living in evil times with weak leadership.  Take a listen...

      If the video does not play, click HERE.

      The first 6 minutes or so is an intro.  You may forward the video ahead for the direct interview with Rabbi Kahane.

      Cheshvan 15, 5770, 11/2/2009

      Stop ADHD In 18 Days

      by Tamar Yonah

      "No More Ritalin: Stop ADHD In 18 Days"

      Dr. Robert DeMaria, known as "Dr. Bob" or the 'Drugless Doctor', joins me on my next show (tonight 12 midnight eastern time, 7am Tuesday morning Israel time.  He exposes the dangers of Ritalin as well as many of the chemicals stuffed into the everyday foods we eat.  Did you know that many of the ingredients in our food like MSG, and all those chemical sounding names are nasty food additives that are poisonous to our system?   Food colors, flavor enhancers, artificial food preservatives, and many of those 'E's  ( E 102, E 210, etc ) are dangerous chemicals added to our foods and are linked to Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hyperactivity, Asthma, Cancer and other medical conditions. Even the whole wheat bread that I buy is filled with 'E's - many of them carcinogenic.  I now try to only buy whole wheat bread without any 'E's, and it is about 12 NIS a loaf ( $3 +) !!!

      The chickens that we eat are also injected with arsenic & hormones.  I'm told they are given arsenic in order to swell up their breasts for bigger breast pieces.  Antibiotics are injected into chickens routinely because they are often kept in cages with other chickens, crammed together, with barely enough room to turn around, and feces falling from the cages above. The stench in these chicken coups are overpowering. These chickens are injected with antibiotics to keep them from getting sick from the dismal conditions.  Then, after laying enough eggs, these chickens are slaughtered for your table.  The arsenic, hormones and antibiotics from the chicken meat can then enter your bloodstream.

      Ever wonder why the milk we drink has to have vitamin D added to it?  Is it because many milk cows are kept in large buildings, never seeing the light of day, thus no vitamin D in your milk so it has to be added?  True or false?

      "Where did all the cows go? In a word, they have been “contained”–penned up on factory farms. Today over 60 percent of all milk cows grow up in containment, the equivalent of a solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. It’s a thoroughly miserable existence. Each cow gets a cramped stall, a bin to eat from, water, and that’s it. No sunlight, no fresh air, no exercise, no socializing. They’re pumped full of hormones to keep them producing and antibiotics to hold the inevitable infections in check. When they die (or collapse), they’re chopped up and used as feed for other factory-produced animals like chickens." See here for more.

      Do the foods we eat contribute to making our kids hyper, and thus make parents then seek more chemicals like Ritalin to 'cure' their kids?

      I remember once seeing a documentary of a school in the USA that eliminated from their cafeteria all sugared and processed foods.  They started serving whole grains in their menus, and wallah!  All of a sudden, all the behavioral problems they had at the school disappeared.  Teachers were able to teach and not baby-sit, kids were able to sit and concentrate in class and not fidget, and the only problems that the school experienced since, were some students who were tardy getting to school.  Their diet change was a G-d-send.

      Though I don't have any kids on Ritalin (thank G-d) someone who is into health and liked the diet in the book suggested we read Dr. Bob DeMaria's book called, 'Stop ADHD In 18 Days' (read it online here ).  In the book is a diet, with explanations on why dairy products are so unhealthy for our bodies, as well as information on the dangers of the additives in the foods that we eat.  My husband borrowed the book to read and decided to try Dr. DeMaria's healthy suggestions for what foods to cut out, and why.  My husband lost 20 pounds without intending to lose weight.  He is 6'4" and wasn't considered fat.  But he got very thin without even trying, and he didn't get strep throat or suffer from any allergies this last year since he went off dairy products and cut out all the processed foods.  It is because of his great success and satisfaction with his new eating habits that I decided to invite Dr. Bob DeMaria on the show for an interview.  --Now, it should only be for me.  I love milk in my coffee (sigh) and the rice milk or soy milk I tried doesn't really seem to cut it.  I'll have to get a hold of his book, as I can't sit at a computer reading e-books.  Maybe it will inspire me as well to make wiser food choices.

      By the way, if you are not on my email list for my show announcements, you might want to sign up for it.  Just go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tamar-Yonah/
      Click the blue button that says : JOIN THIS GROUP! and choose 'Individual emails' when asked.  It's free, I send out only 1 email a week, and you can unsubscribe anytime you wish, by yourself. 

      Also, join me on Twitter if you have a twitter account.  My user name is Tyonah.

      So, if this topic interests you, call in with your questions as I speak with Dr. Bob on this next show. 

      Some books by Dr.  Bob:

      Dr. Bob's Guide to Stop ADHD Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Detoxification
      Dr. Bob's Guide to Optimal Health
      Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones
      Dr. Bob's Trans Fat Survival Guide

      See more details for books here.

      Cheshvan 14, 5770, 11/1/2009

      America Left? Israel Right?

      by Tamar Yonah