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      Tamar Yonah is one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. She made Aliyah from Southern California and after serving in the Israeli army began a prolific career in radio, including production, news and program development. She was the original creator and producer of 'The Aliyah Show' and still works whenever she can in that field. Tamar is a political activist, wife and mother residing in Judea and Samaria and currently hosts the top-rated shows of The Weekend Edition & The Tamar Yonah Show. Her award winning blog covers current events, religion, politics and anything else that's on her mind.

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      Shevat 20, 5770, 2/4/2010

      Torah Predicts Haiti Earthquake

      by Tamar Yonah

      Bible codes are Hebrew letters making up words which are found in equidistant sequences encoded in the Torah.  The words they form can appear in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even backwards directions and sometimes intersect each other, giving greater connective strength to a code.  

      It is with this methodology that retired mathematician and Jerusalem resident, Reuven Wolfeld, discovered for himself the Torah's prediction that there would be a devastating natural disaster in Haiti. Wolfeld is the author of the book, "Truth In Numbers: Revealed Secrets in the Bible", and he also wrote a Torah-codes program for his computer some years ago.  In an interview on The Tamar Yonah Show, he spoke about the earthquake that took place in Haiti on January 12th, however, it wasn't until a couple of days later that the devastation was widely understood by the world. It was then that Wolfeld decided to go to his computer and enter the word  'Haiti' into the Torah codes program he wrote.  He specifically chose to look in the book of Shmot (Exodus) in the chapters that preceded and succeeded the date of the quake.  These were the Torah portions of Va'era, Bo and Shalach.   What he came up with in the search was astounding.  In the Torah portion of 'Bo', he saw the words 'Haiti', 'earthquake', and 'many dead'.  The letters also spelled out the word 'Port' which makes up part of the name of 'Port au Prince', the city which suffered the most devastation. 



      Torah code proponents know that one cannot predict the future with Torah codes because every future possibility is already encoded into the Torah.  It is up to the free will of Mankind as to which future will materialize, therefore one may find a code that could portend an upcoming event, but it may or may not happen, and therefore, Torah codes should not be used to foretell events.  However, in one case, a future prediction did indeed take place, and that was the prediction of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. Michael Drosnin, an American journalist and author of the book,"The Bible Codes" found words encoded in the Torah portending the murder of the prime minister in 1994. He made an attempt to pass a letter along to Rabin through a contact of his named, Chaim Guri, but the warning was not heeded and Rabin was indeed assassinated in 1995.


      In this same vein to try to be prepared for a future calamity, Wolfeld says that he found additional words encoded in the book of  Shmot (Exodus) that give a possible hint of what may develop in the near future.  Words found in the the Torah's text included 'machala' (disease), 'cholera',  'dengue' (a mosquito- borne viral illness & fever usually found in the West Indies), and the word 'dimoom' (bleeding or hemorrhaging).  Wolfeld believes that these words could be clues as to what may next plague Haiti, and has sent a notice of his findings to the World Health Organization - with no reply from them, as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which did reply.  Wolfeld stated that the CDC got back in touch with him about his findings and have stated that they've notified their doctors about what to possibly look out for in the near future.  With water supplies in Haiti contaminated and the lack of hygiene existing because of the devastating conditions there, an outbreak of disease is a real possibility.


      In further searches, Wolfeld says sequenced letters found in the Torah portion of Parshat Bo, contain words that could possibly point to a predicted hurricane or other large tropical storm which could hit later this year around August-September which would devastate Haiti even more.  The sequenced letters which appeared in to the Torah codes program spelled out the words; 'Haiti' (written backwards), 'sufah' (storm), Elul (the Hebrew month which is Aug/Sept), and 'ruach yam chazak meod' (a strong wind from the sea).

      Wolfeld admits his expertise is in mathematics and gamatria (the secrets of the numerical values of Hebrew letters) as his book " Truth In Numbers: Revealed Secrets in the Bible" focuses on.  However, the words he found encoded in the Torah about Haiti, disease, and storm, give him hope that maybe what is written there could save lives in the future.

      To hear the interview with Reuven Wolfeld, click HERE for the interview or HERE for the full show.


      Shevat 18, 5770, 2/2/2010

      Invisible, But Not Untouchable

      by Tamar Yonah

      Mysteries, auras, the after-life and Jewish Mysticism.  I want to present to you a wonderful video that I received a link to on my email today.  It talks about the things we can't see in life, but none the less they exist and are only there for us to use our other senses to discover.  Our eyes are two tiny organs in our body, and to trust only them to tell us what is the truth is a real pity.  There is so much beauty and magnificence 'out there' in the universe and in our own world.  If we only remembered to trust in the wisdom of our great sages, geniuses who lived before us, as well as our great ancestry, we too will discover the importance of our lives and how act we do, makes a dent in the universe.  Our actions, result in consequences - good and bad in how we live our lives.  Please watch this video. It's in Hebrew, but has English translation.  It starts off a bit slow, but stick with it, it really starts to get fascinating. Stay with the video till the very end, as it may look like the video is over, but there are more beautiful stories of secular Jews, even top male models, making 'tshuvah', returning to Judaism, and the before and after pictures are amazing.  Enjoy!


      Shevat 12, 5770, 1/27/2010

      Celebration and Growth

      by Tamar Yonah

      A lot of us feel like history is passing us by, each day that comes to an end, we wonder what have we done with the last 24 hours?  Have we made the world better?  Or was the day just another one crossed out on our calendar of life? There are so many mitzvahs (good deeds) we can do, but 'opportunity' doesn't always knock, sometimes we have to leave our comfort zones to find it.
      On Thursday, people will have their chance to do a mitzvah to help change the world for the better without having to leave their homes or even their keyboards.  We will be celebrating the gift G-d has given us of the Arutz Sheva news, radio and TV channels.  Few know, or even remember what it was like living in Israel and not having a 'voice'.  As you know, Israel is a more socialist based country and the government is in control of the media, who gets a license to broadcast and who doesn't - i.e.  whose voice will be heard, and which stories will get coverage and which won't. 

      Arutz 7, Israel National News and Radio has been a beacon of light to so many.  For listeners and readers outside of the country who don't know Hebrew, we have been your light and sounding board, offering toll free numbers for you to call in and voice your opinions, interview our guests with us, and make your connection with the Holy Land and people of Israel.

      Thursday, you will have a chance to not only give back, but to help build and change the world for the better by supporting the news outlet that you have come to trust and love.  The voice in the wilderness - your voice, will grow stronger by your participation and support.  Here's your opportunity to be part of this great project!

      "Arutz Sheva will be holding a 12-hour radio telethon on Thursday, the 13th of Shvat, January 28. The "Arutz Shevathon Fundraiser" will be hosted by a stellar cast including all your favorite Israel National Radio show hosts (Tovia Singer, Tamar Yonah, Yishai Fleisher and more) and special guests from Israel and around the world. There are plans in the works to broadcast a live video feed of the event on Israel National News. See your favorite show hosts as they are broadcasting on the Shevathon!
      The theme of the Shevathon is Growth, corresponding to the upcoming Tu B'shvat holiday, which celebrates the Jewish new year for trees.

      Donors will be able to contribute via the Internet, and by phone, with several donors going on air live with the show hosts. Special prizes will be awarded, which include meeting with favorite show hosts, Israeli artwork, Arutz Sheva T-shirts and hats, and much more.
      The Shevathon will run from 2PM - 2AM Israel time (7AM - 7PM EST) on Thursday, Jan 28th.  To listen to it live, go to http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Radio/. The toll-free call-in lines will be open from the US and Canada: 1-800-270-4288 and Israel: 1-800-270-428. Donors can already enter their details using the online donation form. Click here to donate now."

      Shevat 4, 5770, 1/19/2010

      Where are the 'Palestinians' in Haiti?

      by Tamar Yonah

      A disaster of almost Biblical proportions has taken place in Haiti.  Reports say up to 200,000 people are believed dead, and more are homeless.    Countries and organizations from all over the world are sending, or have pledged to send help to the survivors of the quake.  Even the teeny-tiny nation of Israel has sent out hundreds of volunteers, money, medical aid, and has even built a field hospital there, saving many human lives.  My question is, where is the so-called 'great nation' of Palestine? You know, the Arabs are always talking with dreamy glazed-over eyes of their 'Great Palestinian Nation' that existed until the evil Jews built their State over the backs of the Arabs.  So, where is this great nation who are accepting hundreds of millions of dollar$ from around the world, and are governing themsleves in Gaza and (what they term 'the West Bank' through their leaders, the Fatah and the Hamas?  Why aren't the Arab 'Palestinians' (sic) helping humanity?  Ok, let's forget about the 'Great Palestinian Nation' that never existed and can't even govern themselves today with all the hundreds of millions of $$$$ funds they receive.  How about the other Arab countires.  Why don't we see a contingent of Saudi Arabian doctors and other volunteers there?  Where are all the other rich oil Arab nations?  Where is Iran?  And for that matter, where are ANY of the Islamic nations across the world?  Where is the 'Religion of Peace'?  Why aren't they out there helping their fellow human beings?

      No, it's tiny little Israel that sends it's people across the world to help people, not that they are our good friends, but that they are human beings and in need of emergency life-saving need.

      Watch this amazing video that brings a sanctification of G-d's name into the world, and sorrowfuly, even put the Americans to shame, as stated by one of the Americans they interviewed.

      Haiti Day 6 - No one but the Israeli's have come to help any of our patients that are dying

      CNN Elizabeth Cohen interviews makeshift medical tent personnel on January 18, 2010.

      Asking Harvard Medical Dr. Jennifer Furin, "Have the American's set up a field hosptial?"

      "Currently, not yet."

      Cohen: "The Israeli's came from the other side of the world..."

      Furin: "It's a frustrating thing that I really can't explain..."

      Another interviewed says: "Makes you almost embarrassed to be an American".


      Reports of Nations & organizations that have sent aid to fellow human beings that reside in Haiti:

      The United States: The U.S. government has pledged $100 million dollars in aid.  It has dispatched search and rescue teams equipped with sniffer dogs as well as supplied some meidcal help.

      The United Nations: The United Nations got hit themsleves in the earthquake in Port-au-Prince.  It lost its own headquarters in the quake. They have released $10 million from its emergency fund for immediate aid.  Not much, but hey, at least they gave something.

      Israel: Two plane loads of aid and rescue staff of 240, including 40 doctors and nurses to set up a field hospital (second to none) capable of serving 500 people a day.  They are saving human lives where other nations's doctors stand around helpless.

      Europe: European nations are promising tens of millions of dollars in aid and throngs of search-and-rescue (SAR) teams.

      Canada: Search and rescue teams as well as $50 million in contributions to registered Canadian charities aiding Haiti.

      The United Nations, which lost its headquarters in the Tuesday quake, has released $10 million from its emergency fund for immediate aid. The World Bank has announced it will provide Haiti with $100 million in emergency aid. US President Barack Obama alsopromised $100 million.
      India: $1 million in support

      Australia: $9.3 million aid package, half of which is to be provided immediately.

      Brazil: Aircraft delivering water and food, medicine, equipment, and a Search and rescue team with sniffer dogs.

      Venezuela: Pledged the aid of doctors, firefighters, and rescue workers to be en route.

      Why is it that whenever there are natural disasters, or human suffering of great proportions, we never see Arab aid, Arab doctors, Arab hopsitals, Arab volunteers, or even any significant Arab aid money?  Where is the great Palestinian nation?  Where are the Arabs?  Where are the representatives and leaders of the 'Religion of Peace' helping their fellow human beings?

      Jews Save Lives (notice one of our medics is a black Jew).


      Tevet 28, 5770, 1/14/2010

      Blog Helps Reader Return to G-d

      by Tamar Yonah

      To Tamar:

      The last 6 months or year have been a very traumatic time here in my house. My wife and I have gone back and forth as to whether or not "J" was G-d or the Messiah and the whole gambit of stuff that goes with it. For awhile I was convinced that he wasn't and then I wasn't sure and we have gone back and forth with this.  A few weeks ago I commented on your blog. I don't remember for sure which one, but I recieved some interesting comments and it is these people that I would like to thank. The first person is for you, your show and your blog has taught me much and I will be eternally grateful for that.

      The second person is a woman who goes by "meira" she came to my defense and explained to someone who was really upset by what I said, it is a scary thing to think that because you don't have "J" you are going to hell, which is exactly what we are taught.
      Thanking Meira for her kindness and Liad for the web site links
      The last person is one of those people who did hammer me, however the hammering had a good result, and that person is "Liad" s/he pointed me towards a couple of web sights that opened my eyes to the truth of it all.
      The short end  of this is thanks to the both of them, both my wife and I have come to believe that if he existed "J" was neither G-d nor Messiah and that to believe otherwise is Idolatry. We looked at the scriptures that were presented and finally saw that he didn't fulfill any of the Messianic prophecies and the ones that the christian churches use are ALL taken out of context. We haven't considered our selves to be christians for a long time , but this just brought all of it to a screaming halt.  We are not sure what to do from this point but any form of christianity is out including the messianic movement because it is just a different approach to the same idolatry.
       I am telling you this because I don't know how to get a hold of them except via your blog, so I was hoping that if you knew who they are could you just send them a thanks for me  and I promise to not purposely say stupid missionary sounding thing's again.  
      We have a Hebrew/English Tenach coming that we ordered from artscroll so that is where we are going to start, we have learned much from what we have but we wanted it strictly from a Jewish perspective. We have been keeping Shabbat and doing the Holy Days for the last 2 years but now we are going to be re-looking at them and making sure that what we have learned doesn't have  a christian twist to it.
      Any how enough of my rambling, again thank you.

      Ignacio & Alison  
      I then emailed Ignacio back and asked him if I had his permission to post his email to me on the blog.  This was his reply:
      "Please feel free to publish it. I want as many people helped as possible. Make sure though that however you do this that the people understand that this was not something we came to lightly or easily. We struggled with it and tried to find loopholes. In the end though it simply became clear that we had been lied to and that this lie goes back to the begining of christianity. My greatest sorrow is that I was a pastor and I have taught these lies to others, granted in total ignorance, but I have taught them none the less. But I believe that G-D has heard my cry for forgiveness and that we can at least try to undo some of the damage that I have done..
      So yes please publish it.

      Ignacio & Alison"

      I would like to suggest these two web sites for other Gentiles who may wish to explore what exactly their bligations and commandments are in this world, according to the Torah.  I welcome your feedback and comments.
        http://noahidenations.com/index.php (May I suggest that you sign up for their YAHOO! Email list/ Newsletter located midpage?)
        http://www.shuvoo.com/  (Please hit the tab in the middle of the page towards the right, where it says, "I am a non-Jew and read the material there.)