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      Tamar Yonah is one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. She made Aliyah from Southern California and after serving in the Israeli army began a prolific career in radio, including production, news and program development. She was the original creator and producer of 'The Aliyah Show' and still works whenever she can in that field. Tamar is a political activist, wife and mother residing in Judea and Samaria and currently hosts the top-rated shows of The Weekend Edition & The Tamar Yonah Show. Her award winning blog covers current events, religion, politics and anything else that's on her mind.

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      Iyar 7, 5770, 4/21/2010

      Where Does a Jew Belong?

      by Tamar Yonah

      Where does a Jew Belong?

      It shouldn't be such a tough question.  Just simply answer it in your head, and think.

      France?  No. 

      England?  No. 

      Russia?  No. 

      China? No.

      Anywhere in the Diaspora?  No. 

      Israel?  YES! 

      We just celebrated 62 years of Independence yesterday.  While no country is perfect, and news headlines usually focus on bad news as opposed to good news, I thought it would be good to pull back the lens a bit and get some perspective of just where we should be focusing: on the miracles of the re-gathering of the Jewish people from the 4 corners of the earth, back home, in preparation for the redemption. 


      - By the way, the Prime Minister's 15 year old son, Avner, won third place in the Bible Contest yesterday. Pretty good!  (It was won by girl by the way  -heh heh-  her name is Or Ashoel, from Kfar Saba).   I also heard a rumor that PM Netanyahu is in turn reading the Torah, maybe studying with his son turned him on?  Anyway, that's good news.


      But back to the miracles of Israel.... I acknowledge that there are some in the Diaspora that cannot come because they have legitimate reasons; they are divorced and don't want to abandon their children, or they have elderly parents, etc... but those who cannot join their nation here, should at least have a yearning to come, and I know that many do!

      But for the others, they are facing a serious consequence. And keep in mind, even the 'G-dless' secular Jews in the 19th century picked up their roots and came to the Land of Israel, a land ruled by the Muslim Turks (Ottoman Empire), a land that was infested with malaria and poverty. But they rolled up their sleeves and went to work to change things.

      Please view these two videos below before continuing to read further.



      Lest someone think they are too good to come here, too good to roll up their sleeves, too good to work and mold this country, and too good to 'lower' themselves in their standard of living, or too good to not have their dream job waiting for them, or not having their political demands met,  let me state something here... History will not wait for you. 

      You will miss the train, deaf to the sounds of its chuga-chug-chug, from the sound of your voice complaining, or from the sound of your key board pounding out a zillion excuses why Israel is not 'ripe enough' for you. 

      A Jew belongs in his home here in Israel. Period. And History won't wait for you.  The gates of aliyah can close at any time.  Even a volcano knows that.

      Happy '62' to those who are here and are grateful to G-d for the privilege of living in this land.  We left the Diaspora, because we know where Jews belong.

      Nisan 28, 5770, 4/12/2010

      Top 3 Reasons Not To Make Aliyah in the 1930's

      by Tamar Yonah

      "The Top 3 Reasons Not To Make Aliyah in the 1930's" ...as urged and egged on by the aliyah nay-sayers....

      1)  "You lemmings!  The British are ruling there, and until there's an authentic Torah Jewish government, you would be committing suicide to go."

      2)  "The country is full of secular Israelis who hate the religious and don't want to be real Jews. They're G-dless communists. Unless you are going to go there to start a civil war and kill off those Tel Avivians, you are an idiot to leave Europe where we are emancipated!"

      3)  "The British government clearly takes the side of the Arabs over the Jews.  The real Jews are beaten and their daughters are raped.  The G-dless ones will try to draft your children into their Hagana and they will all then be commanded to throw Jews out of their homes in 'Jerusalem'.  Unless they establish a Medinat Yehuda, it's suicide to go there.

      And so, those who may have been foolish enough to listen to those ridiculous reasons didn't come. 

      And our brothers and sisters in Europe were eventually forced to leave their homes.  And they had to wear yellow star badges.  And their children were thrown out of school.  And they lost their jobs.  And they were starved, and abused and enslaved and finally murdered.  And their great synagogues and great yeshivas were no more. And all was lost.  All was lost.  All was lost.  And 6 million, SIX MILLION went to their deaths.

      Nisan 25, 5770, 4/9/2010


      by Tamar Yonah

      Is Matzah still stuck in your kishkas?  Detoxify - the natural way - without drugs or special costly 'natural' herbal formulas.  It just means eating right.  G-d wants us to be healthy, and we learn that our body is like a temple and should be treated with respect and dignity.
      If you are like me, in your 40's older, you REALLY need to start taking care of yourself.  I have learned that we all harbor cancer cells in our body.  But whether we develop full fledged cancer in the future depends on if we feed these cancer cells or not. A healthy body and immune system will be able to keep these cells in check and prevent them from developing into tumours.  By keeping our organs and the rest of our bodies healthy and clean, we can keep those bad cancer cells in check, and hopefully be blessed with a long and happy life.
      I am sorry to say that I am not a perfect example of the ideal healthy body.  I have my challenges when it comes to food, but I have at least eliminated white sugar and white flour and a lot of other garbage that I could put into my body, and I am always eating lots and lots of vegetables.  But, it's not enough.
      It's after Pesach now and after several days of big, rich, matzah filled meals.  Our digestive tracts probably need a good cleaning and a good rest from all those protein rich foods.  Ever notice that it seems that heart attacks increase after Passover, maybe from all the rich foods and huge intake of eggs that we eat during that time?  It is for this reason that I am going to be doing a special show with Dr. Bob DeMaria, Natural Health Doctor and Chiropractor and author of several health books.  He will be my guest this Monday night, 12 midnight eastern time, -- or for our Israeli listeners, with the 7 hour time difference, it will be Tuesday morning at 7am.  He will be discussing 'Detoxification' of the body. 
      Dr. Bob is the author of Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Detoxification.  You will discover that it is not what you take but what you EAT, drink and breathe that create stress to your major detoxifying organs.  Dr. Bob will tell you about the ABC's of Detoxification. You will learn why you are having more brown spots show up, spider veins, morning headaches, gassiness, bloating, etc...    go here and check out Dr. Bob's website & BLOG comments on Detoxification.  
      Take this quiz below and keep the answers for the show to better know your body's present condition and how you can help clean it out and jeep that engine humming.
       Toxicity Questionnaire
         Section I:  Symptoms
         Rate each of the following based upon your health profile for the past 90 days.
         Circle the corresponding number.
         0  Rarely or never experience the symptom
         1  Occasionally experience the symptom;  Effect is not severe
         2  Occasionally experience the symptom; Effect is severe
         3   Frequently experience the symptom; Effect is not severe
         4  Frequently experience the symptom; Effect is severe

         1.  DIGESTIVE
         a.  Nausea and/or vomiting                     0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Diarrhea                                           0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Constipation                                     0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Bloated feeling                                  0    1    2    3    4
         e.  Belching and/or passing gas              0    1    2    3    4
         f.  Heartburn                                          0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         2.  EARS
         a.  Itchy ears                                         0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Earaches, ear infections                    0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Drainage from ear                              0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Ringing in ears, hearing loss               0    1    2    3    4
          Total: _______

         3.  EMOTIONS
         a.  Mood swings                                   0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Anxiety, fear, nervousness                0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Anger, irritability                               0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Depression                                      0    1    2    3    4
         e.  Sense of despair                              0    1    2    3    4
         f.  Apathy / lethargy                              0    1    2    3    4
          Total: _______

         4.  ENERGY / ACTIVITY
         a.  Fatigue / sluggishness                    0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Hyperactivity                                  0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Restlessness                                 0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Insomnia                                        0    1    2    3    4
         e.  Startled awake at night                    0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         5.  Eyes
         a.  Watery, itchy eyes                           0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Swollen, reddened or sticky eyelids   0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Dark circles under eyes                    0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Blurred / tunnel vision                       0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         6.  HEAD
         a.  Headaches                                      0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Faintness                                        0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Dizziness                                        0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Pressure                                          0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         7.  LUNGS
         a.  Chest congestion                            0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Asthma, Bronchitis                         0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Shortness of breath                         0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Difficulty breathing                          0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         8.  MIND
         a.  Poor memory                                  0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Confusion                                       0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Poor concentration                          0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Poor coordination                            0    1    2    3    4
         e.  Difficulty making decisions               0    1    2    3    4
         f.  Stuttering, stammering                      0    1    2    3    4
         g.  Slurred speech                                0    1    2    3    4
         h.  Learning disabilities                         0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______
         9.  MOUTH / THROAT
         a.  Chronic coughing                                0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Gagging, frequent need
              to clear throat                                     0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Swollen/discolored tongue, gums, lips  0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Canker sores                                      0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         10.  NOSE
         a.  Stuffy nose                                      0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Sinus problems                                0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Hay fever                                         0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Sneezing attacks                             0    1    2    3    4
         e.  Excessive mucous                           0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         11.  SKIN
         a.  Acne                                                 0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Hives, rashes, dry skin                       0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Hair loss                                           0    1    2    3    4
         d.  Flushing                                           0    1    2    3    4
         e.  Excessive sweating                           0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         12.  HEART
         a.  Skipped heartbeats                        0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Rapid heartbeats                            0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Chest pain                                     0    1    2    3    4
         Total: _______

         13.  JOINTS / MUSCLES
         a.  Pain or aches in joints                    0    1    2    3    4
         b.  Rheumatoid arthritis                       0    1    2    3    4
         c.  Osteoarthritis                                 0    1    2   3    4

         13.  JOINTS / MUSCLES

         a.  Pain or aches in joints                   0    1    2    3    4

         b.  Rheumatoid arthritis                      0    1    2    3    4

         c.  Osteoarthritis                               0    1    2    3    4

         d.  Stiffness, limited movement           0    1    2    3    4

         e.  Pain, aches in muscles                 0    1    2    3    4

         f.  Recurrent back aches                    0    1    2    3    4

         g.  Feeling of weakness or tiredness   0    1    2    3    4

         Total: _______

         14.  WEIGHT

         a.  Binge eating / drinking                   0    1    2    3    4

         b.  Craving certain foods                     0    1    2    3    4

         c.  Excessive weight                          0    1    2    3    4

         d.  Compulsive eating                         0    1    2    3    4

         e.  Water retention                             0    1    2    3    4

         f.  Underweight                                   0    1    2    3    4

         Total: _______


        15.  OTHER

        a.  Frequent illness                               0    1    2    3    4

        b.  frequent or urgent urination         0    1    2    3    4

        c.  leaky bladder                                  0    1    2    3    4

        d.  genital itch, discharge                    0    1    2    3    4

        Total: _______


      Section I Total: ________



      Section II:  Risk of Exposure

      Rate each of the following situations based upon your environmental profile for the past 120 days.


      16. Circle the corresponding number for questions 16a – 16f below.

          0 Never

         1  Rarely

         2  Monthly

         3  Weekly

         4  Daily


      a.  How often are strong chemicals used in your home?
          (disinfectants, bleaches, oven & drain cleaners, furniture
           polish, floor wax, window cleaners, etc.)

           0    1    2    3    4

      b.  How often are pesticides used in your home?              

      0    1    2    3    4

      c.  How often do you have your home treated for insects?  

      0    1    2    3    4

      d.  How often are you exposed to dust, overstuffed
          furniture, tobacco smoke, mothballs, incense, or
          varnish in  your home or office?  

          0    1    2    3    4

      e.  How often are you exposed to nail polish, perfume,
          hair spray, and other cosmetics?

           0    1    2    3    4

      f.  How often aer you exposed to diesel fumes, exhaust
          fumes, or gasoline fumes?

           0    1    2    3    4

      Total: _______


      17.  Circle the corresponding number for questions 17a – 17b below.

         0  No

         1  Mild Change

         2  Moderate Change

         3  Drastic Change


         a.  Have you noticed any negative change in your health since you moved into your home or apartment? 

              0      1      2      3   

         b.  Have you noticed any negative change in  your health since you started your new job?

             0      1      2      3

      Total: _______



      18. Answer “Yes” or “No” and circle the corresponding number for questions 18a – 18d below.

         a.  Do you have a water purification system in  your home? 

              No = 2       YES =  0

         b.  Do you have any indoor pets?

              No = 0       YES =  2                            

         c.  Do you have an air purification system in your home?        

              No = 2       YES =  0

         d.  Are you a dentist, painter, farm worker, or construction worker? 

               No = 0      YES =  2   


      Total: _______


      Section II Total:




      GRAND TOTAL (Section I & Section II)

      Add up the numbers to arrive at a total for each section, and then add the totals for each section to arrive at the grand total.  If any individual section total is 6 or more, or the Grand Total is 40 or more, you may benefit from a Clinical Purification™ program.

      Adapted with permission from the author of Clinical Purification™: A Complete Treatment and Reference Manual, Dr. Gina L. Nick. 

      Nisan 18, 5770, 4/2/2010

      I’ll Eat. You Defy Your Torah.

      by Tamar Yonah

      Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? It ain’t Netanyahu. 

      Last week when Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama in the White House to try to iron out their differences on the peace talks, he was ‘passed over’ for dinner.  Relations have been strained between the USA and Israel since Obama moved into the White House, and despite the so-called global warming, this icy tension is not thawing.

      Taking a step back from examining the details of the peace process negotiations through a political eye, if one looks at it from a Biblical aspect, one can break it down like this: 

      Obama wants his cake and to eat it too – without Netanyahu as his guest.  Obama’s narcissist type behavior towards America’s best friend in the Middle East mixed with ego, contempt and a cup of anti-Semitism  has pushed Netanyahu into a foxhole where people don’t come out atheistic anymore.  Netanyahu and the Israeli people are now convinced more than ever that Israel does not have a friend in the White House, rather a New Pharaoh has arisen who does not know Joseph.  And this new Pharaoh in the White House is conspiring with his minions ‘Come, let us deal wisely with them’.  We shall proclaim this is all for 'peace' and the betterment of the world, but in actuality, it will be the end of an independent and sovereign Jewish nation which has been a bone in the throat of the world since its inception.  “Come, let us deal wisely with them.  We will divide up the country of Israel, amputating her heart and lungs and limbs until she will be too weak to exist independently.  She will need us completely for life support.”


      Our Jewish Prophets foretold that the nations of the world would use the word 'peace' but that it would not be peace.

      “And they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My people lightly, saying: 'Peace, peace', when there is no peace.”  Jeremiah 8:11

      Because, even because they have led My people astray, saying: Peace, and there is no peace; and when it buildeth up a slight wall, behold, they daub it with whited plaster;  Ezekiel 13:10


      Essentially,  what we are seeing is Obama telling Netanyahu, 'I am hungry and my stomach is growling and I am going to fill my tummy now.  And you,,,  well,  when you have decided that you are going to turn your back on your G-d and go against your Torah to appease me and the rest of the international community, then we can talk. Then we can commence with the amputation which will result in the end of Israel as a sovereign nation, and the end of you as G-d’s chosen People because you will have chosen me, our defense contracts and the world’s fake favor,  over your G-d and your Torah.  Call me when you have something meaty to give me.'




      Nisan 8, 5770, 3/23/2010

      The Student Who Knew More Than His TextBook & Professor

      by Tamar Yonah

      Charlie Shrem, a student who is majoring in 'Middle Eastern studies' in New York, wrote me a disturbing note about what is going on in his and other schools with their text books.

      He wrote me that he's writing a paper for his middle eastern studies degree, and basically took his textbook that the college uses, and would, in his thesis, prove his text book was wrong!

      Charlie wrote me the following,

      'Tamar, You have no idea how many blatant lies were in the textbook that the whole school uses!  It was ridiculous.  The textbook is supposed to objectively cover the "Israel-Palestinian Conflict " but it was so biased to the Arabs, it was disgusting. I proved all their examples wrong in every chapter, using quoted actual sources, not media reports. I quoted British Police reports from 1948, speeches and interviews by Israel, Arab, British and American leaders.  It's horrendous that this is what the American Jewish youth is learning in universities today.'


      And so I had Charlie on my show to talk about it.  Following the airing of the show, I received an email from one of the listeners named Elka, who wrote me the following:


      Shalom, Tamar.

      I've just finished listening to your show where callers complained about their college textbooks.


      Complaining to the college or to the publisher will not do any good because this is a question not of just a couple of textbooks with "errors" or "lies" in them, this is a question of the views that are a "must" for anyone who wants to write textbooks and have them published. This is too big for mere complaints and, basically, at this point, insurmountable.


      It starts in public schools where European history is taught as the history of the church using the textbooks where Jews are mentioned in a couple of sentences not forgetting the trading and the money lending as their (sigh) sole occupations (most Jewish children in the US, as you must know already, attend PUBLIC schools).


      The only EFFECTIVE way to fight this is for ALL the Jewish students to quit these universities en masse and continue their education in Israel i. e., HIT THEM IN THE POCKET! And write a nice letter to the university president thanking him for helping them make the decision to make aliyah and mail it right before boarding the plane.

      Please do not give them mixed messages, i. e., "Stay where you are and fight!" vs. "This is the 30s in Germany, get out!" because they cannot do both.


      Here are my own examples:

      I am currently enrolled at a college in the Midwest which shall remain nameless because I have no grudge against the college (as I already explained, the problem goes much deeper).

      I took a History course (Western Civilization, the textbook written by a Jew) where the instructor talked at length about "Jewish persecutions of (early) Christians", reenacted for the class how the Jews shouted "Crucify him! Crucify him!", announced before the class that in 1492 Muslims(!) were expelled out of Spain (in actuality in 1509) without mentioning the Jews (I had to say it out loud for him). The textbook didn't mention anything about the Jews aside from the usual.


      I've also taken an Anthropology course where there is ONE sentence (nothing of importance) devoted to Jews but a whole article about the most peaceful religion in the world.


      I also have a college Geography textbook where the author emphatically states that the science has proven that all civilization started in East Africa (not the Middle East) from where Homo sapiens crossed on their way into North Africa, Arabia, "and spread all across Asia" although she does state that animal domestication, irrigation, etc. started 10,000 years ago in the ME -  very confusing), and both India and China are called "civilization hearths" with Hinduism being named as the oldest religion in the world, and China - the oldest known civilization.


      About Israel - not a word about the mandate; creation of Israel by the UN caused the conflict, etc.; small size and population belie Israel's "real power", Israel gets "massive" U.S. financial aid, the number of "stateless" "Palestinians" is estimated at 10(!) million, Golan and Jerusalem are a "problem", etc. Bombing of Israel from Gaza is replaced with "border skirmishes".


      This is NORMAL, Tamar. This is the party line of every red-blooded college professor and researcher (and schoolteacher).

      It cannot be fought in the U.S., not anymore. It's a different country than the one you remember.


      Why is the Jewish Agency sitting on its hands?

      The Jewish Agency has just announced that it is doubling its representation on American campuses. How far from zero was that before the "doubling up"?


      Why is Nefesh B'Nefesh selecting rich retirees and the wealthy to make aliyah? The rich can lose their money quickly, and then what? No aliyah?

      A million Jews in Yehuda and Shomron and another million in Yerushalayim would stop the "piece process" cold.

      Thank you.


      For those interested, you can hear Charlie Shrem being interviewed about his text book here.


      Also, thanks to Elka for her email and comments to me, very enlightening, and good advice to make aliyah NOW.