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      by David Lev
      These posts examines Jewish connections to the Diaspora, and their return to the Jewish Homeland. Support this mission on www.aliyahmagazine.com

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      David Lev produced documentaries and television commercials before making Aliyah in 1999. He then organized Diplomatic Supplements for the Jerusalem Post. Later he led a PR mission to the British Government, aimed at increasing awareness of Israel's terrorist problems. David decided upon more practical measures by serving with a  volunteer unit tasked with preventing such attacks. He has won a leading writing award for a competition hosted by A7. David is founder & editor of Aliyah Magazine, dedicated to attracting Jews to live in Israel.

      Kislev 3, 5774, 11/6/2013

      Kerry not alone in delegitimizing the Bible

      Aliyah Magazine is the voice of the Aliyah Community, and right now, it needs to be better heard!

      I treat with utter disdain the US Secretary of State's attitude towards both his G-d in whom his country places their faith, and the Bible of which he pretends to honor. He is on yet another visit here hoping to push us into a tight corner. If he sought my opinion, or those of many thousand Jews connected to Yesha, he might discover that we are more in favor and able to deliver a righteous peace than he could ever hope to achieve. However, it seems that truth is of little interest to him? 

      Kerry regards Jews living in settlements as being misplaced and illegitimate, which means a child of an unwed mother. To add injury upon insult, this same government representative of such a great nation, also acclaims that he stands by Israel? 

      Well I can actually accept such an ignoble attitude from someone who has little genuine connection with our people, but better educated Jews presents another problem entirely. 

      There is an element of truth in Kerry's message in as much that a wayward child that neglects one's parents, can be considered as a homeless waif. He claims to stand by Israel, and guess what? So does the majority of Jewish supporters in the Diaspora. Yet, when it comes to standing 'with' Israel,,,there is excuse upon excuse. Let me make this clear, the Bible is very precise about commanding Jews to settle the land, not from afar, but here on our precious soil.

      While Kerry in pursuit of a peace prize, explores meaningful ways to allow Arabs some form of 'right of return',  the true Jewish claimants stand behind us by many thousand miles!  Doesn't that kind of give credibility to Kerry's announcements that Jews have no legitimate right on our own land; instead giving favor to those so called refugees serving the interests of Kerry's new oil rich masters? 

      So my dear Jewish friends, and sincere non- Jewish ones too. It's nigh past time to decide where Jews truly belong. There's the paternal face of Kerry and his crew in the Diaspora trying to uproot our people from Israeli soil, and then there's the patient land itself waiting to be reunited between the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel. Make your choice wisely, but don't think that standing behind us like Kerry seems to believe he's doing, is the same as standing with us. 

      Aliyah Magazine looks forward to welcoming you home!  

      Av 25, 5773, 8/1/2013

      Make Aliyah To Save Israel (and yourselves)

      Aliyah Magazine is dedicated to building a self-supportive Aliyah Community to strengthen your Jewish Homeland in Israel. 

      Yes, the title is no mistake. I also know that encouraging Aliyah to Israel with all the uncertainty of present government policy to evict Jews from their homes, sounds far fetched. But think for a moment, how much power is it possible to harness in the simple act of Aliyah?

      I firmly believe that Aliyah, made properly with 'spiritual ascent' also in mind, is a sure-fire weapon against those seeking to diminish Israel's standing in the world. When a Jew is connected with the Land of Israel, the Divine plan falls into place, and releases a powerful energy into the world. Why do so many clueless people feel so strong about reversing the process of Jewish Aliyah, and 'settlement' in Israel. The answer is simple. They are trying to prevent the restoration of our people on our promised land, which will ultimately lead to the downfall of a wicked existence they so strongly subscribe to. For Jews stubbornly upholding their rights to live in exile, Jewish Aliyah also affects their equilibrium, or sense of being in the wrong place in the Diaspora.      

      So the first significant point is that a Jew making Aliyah does cause a sensation in the community they're abandoning, whether Jewish or Gentile. So how can one use this information to make an impact on those in power, seeking to force upon Israel a wicked peace? Make the act of Aliyah into a protest against the unfair treatment Israel is getting from the bullying behavior of the US government. Gain media attention, organize a campaign involving others making Aliyah to give the impression of a groundswell movement.

      "Is this Jew leaving America - To get kicked out of his promised land by US policy!" Make any point strong and loud enough, and someone will take notice. You're probably wondering - why bother, the Israeli government s calling the shots? Yes and no! Yes, that many in Israel seek international approval. No, that those same idiots look to people like yourself stuck in exile, for inspiration. So give it to them.

      We are currently in a world turned inside-out. Instead of being a light unto nations, we are letting nations penetrate a darkness into us. Use your position in the Diaspora to bring light into our beloved country. Don't be afraid of anything except Hashem, and that's from where we get our right to live in our special land.

      This peace process is just a trial, and we will ultimately succeed, as that is part of the Divine plan.  Please visit us and support our Aliyah Community.

      G-d Bless!                           

      Sivan 17, 5773, 5/26/2013

      Aliyah as a journey to a destination

      Aliyah Magazine is proud to be sharing a platform with Arutz Sheva in the mission of guiding Jews home to Israel. We look forward to your visit to our website. In particular, G-d willing, we hope that visit will enhance your determination towards making a move to live in Israel.  

      A pious Jew wakes each morning thanking Hashem for the supreme gift of life, a soul returned to the body, after laying in a near death coma throughout the night. Should a pious people then not thank Hashem for the supreme gift of receiving a national entity, a people returned to its land, after suffering near extinction throughout its long struggle in the Diaspora?

      The process of Aliyah is an awakening of the soul, at every moment of the day, for individuals and for a nation. What does 'going up' really mean, is there a simple term to describe the word Aliyah? In choosing these words, I hope to rekindle the passion every Jew should feel for life. In exploring the simple question of where are we heading with our lives, making Aliyah as a journey to a 'specific' destination can go a long way to solving that timeless dilemma. 

      It is well known that a pious Jew also springs out of bed each morning like a lion cub ready to devour prey. Only the Jews' mission is to serve Hashem, and the ensuing morning prayers will lead in that noble direction. How do we serve Hashem? The answer is found in every Bible, indeed Jews are not alone in this matter. The Jewish Bible has found resonance within the prayers of other major religions. But it is only when Jews also serve Hashem as a united people that the response of universal prayers will echo with the will of the G-d of Israel, for the benefit of the Children of Israel, and thus for all mankind.

      How do we serve Hashem as a united people? To be truly united one needs a common time and space to gather in. Hashem has continuously reminded us that a space exists for us to settle as a people, a nation. The Land of Israel is here. As for the time, look to your own schedule and decide? However, please don't delay your own coming, or Aliyah to Israel. G-d also gave us a precious gift of being part of a people, and it is up to each of us to make that gift sparkle as it truly should. 

      So my dear brothers and sisters, when you next awake, let it be with determination to make Aliyah not only an awakening process, but the start of a journey to a destination, home to Israel. And, for Jews already here, let that destination be to a higher location in Israel, to enable you to shine a light to your people in exile to guide them home.

      The place is Israel and the time is now!  



      Adar 18, 5773, 2/28/2013

      Aliyah as a universal calling

      Aliyah Magazine is the voice of the Aliyah Community, but what does Aliyah actually mean? 

      Aliyah is a unique word, although describing it as a term might be more accurate? 'Ascending' is perhaps the nearest English equivalent to this ancient Hebrew word, yet even that offering fails to fully capture its more subtle meaning. This word can encompass both a physical and spiritual ascent, when one is undertaking the act of Aliyah, but with an additional dimension of embracing a far greater power than we can ever hope to achieve alone. Therefore, there is also a mystical element involved. Yet, we've just explored this word as an active verb. 

      In simple Hebrew, an act of driving up a hill can also use this term. One's corporate body rising to a higher physical plain is an easy concept to grasp. In Hebrew, there is also a noun to describe the subject undertaking this physical act. A male would be called an Oleh, a female an Olah, and a mixed group of people collectively as Olim. How often is the word 'ascender' used in the English language? Well actually there is such a word to describe a mechanical device used for ascending on a rope, but I've heard no common usage of this word to describe people in the act of ascending a height. So we're heading into unchartered territory here, should we want to find a ready made interpretation in English.

      Observant Jews worldwide are familiar with the expression of getting an Aliyah to the Torah. What does this imply? The Torah in this instance relates to a holy scroll, authored by G-d and handwritten on special parchment. This scroll is brought out for public reading in a house of Jewish worship, such as a synagogue. Most synagogues usually have a few stairs leading to the desk that supports the  scroll to be read from. However, there is no set regulation to having to ascend steps to fulfill the honor of making Aliyah to the Torah. However, there is a spiritual act involved for the Oleh, the person ascending. 

      To summarize before moving on, we have established that Aliyah can involve both a physical and a spiritual ascent, but one can be separate from the other. Two men can both ascend to the place where the scroll is being read, but only the one who received the calling, can properly be associated with the act of making Aliyah to the Torah. Therefore, on a spiritual plain, this term also relates to the actual higher force that one is moving towards.

      In Judaism, Aliyah is also the accepted term for the act of a Jew moving to his homeland in Israel. In a similar way from our previous example of two men ascending steps to the Torah, but only one of them is actually about to make a more fuller holy connection with its G-d given words, so the same principle can be associated with a Jew making Aliyah to the land of Israel. Some Olim receive a higher calling than others, Accordingly, one might be attracted to make Aliyah for economical reasons, while another for more religious ones. Yet here is a significant point, the most simplest meaning of the word Aliyah can be applied to both men. In other words there are also degrees in which one can make Aliyah.

      So now we have grasped the basic concept that Aliyah involves the simple act of going up somewhere, but can also be attached to the ultimate source of life, depending on where that calling originates from. There is another concept in Hebrew of 'having kavanah' that roughly means a sense of direction. Perhaps the second man who accompanied the other to the Torah, just wanted to look at the words written in the scroll, or more closely hear the words of the reader? In such a case, although his calling was not announced through being invited by name to come to the Torah, surely his sense of direction (kavanah) would entitle him to at least an inner less public Aliyah? There is no established answer to this question as only a higher authority can read the hearts of men and women alike. However, it is with this latest thought in mind that I make the point that Aliyah is a universal calling.                                         

      Providing one can consciously undertake an act of Aliyah, it is possible to reach the very gates of heaven itself. It is no coincidence that many eastern cults embrace the art of mediation to help focus their mind with kavanah, and then make a degree of Aliyah, through a spiritual ascent. In Judaism however, the spiritual act of Aliyah is undertaken for the key purpose of serving G-d. Jews also do that when making Aliyah to Israel, and regardless of the level of calling they received, their act is still a valid one. In deed, Jews still need to continue making Aliyah, even after arriving in Israel. In this case it is an entire life long journey to ascend the spiritual heights of Judaism. Yet the journey is a very physical one and involves simple to perform acts, just like ascending a hill...however if one is aware of the holy ground upon which that hill rises from, than even such a simple act of walking can be raised to a higher level of awareness.

      Aliyah as a universal calling is also a simple act and can lead to untold heights of spiritual blessing. It is important to be aware that each has his or her own destiny, and some are destined for a higher calling. However, supporting the call for Jews to make Aliyah to the Jewish Homeland is certainly an act that should rightfully entitle the donor to also be considered part of an Aliyah Community. Aliyah is a universal calling that will one day involve the nations rising to the task of guiding Jews home. That day will be a blessing for all the good peoples of the earth to share in...one universal Aliyah!          

      Please visit us on Aliyah Magazine


      Adar 11, 5773, 2/21/2013

      To The British MP Encouraging Aliyah

      An open letter to the Respect Party of the United Kingdom. 

      From the office of Aliyah Magazine, I address this open letter to the Rt. Hon George Galloway, a true friend of the Jewish State of Israel. Today, I learnt about your gallant exit from an Oxford University debate, when you discovered to your horror that your opponent was a Jew from Israel. That was obviously an unfair trick to have been enticed into an auditorium to share a debating podium with someone you detest, even though you never met him before. 

      The Respect motto includes the words Peace, Justice and Equality,,,very British and politically correct. You have also shared your enlightened opinions with the Jewish population of the United Kingdom, reaching out to them as a separate people, and G-d forbid having nothing to do with Israel. Well, I'm grateful to you for doing these wonderful acts.

      You see your Rt. Hon George Galloway, that I also once belonged to that elite movement of Jews thoroughly entrenched in British culture and far removed from living in Israel. Sadly, I didn't have a voice of wisdom such as yours, to remind me that being a Jew is something vastly different then being part of the Children of Israel. Surely, Judaism must be a later invention discovered on the green English playing fields of Eton...perhaps? However, you did see fit to actually show concern that Jews in England might be misled enough into considering themselves as part of the Jewish State of Israel. When you raised the question that Jews in England are somehow different, at the same time that surely would have got them asking themselves...different from what?    

      At this stage let me introduce myself. I am the founder of Aliyah Magazine, dedicated towards enlightening Jews that they should come home to live in their natural Jewish Homeland. Now they might have mistaken their true roots as being British, if you hadn't planted a seed of doubt in their mind otherwise. Accordingly, you greatly assist me in proving my point. Oh, and the more you suggest otherwise, the more you'll get the message through as to where my people truly belong. The truth being that a Jew has an inner yearning to be united with his people, and the more you try and convince them that 'you are their kind of people', well...the more they'll wake up and know differently.

      Therefore, kindly continue to demonstrate your wonderful acts of peace, justice and equality..for all but Jews in Israel. In fact, shout it out louder as I want them to get your message loud and clear. Once again, you are proving yourself a wonderful loyal ally to the Jewish State of Israel and will help me to encourage more Jews to realize where they truly belong!

      Dear readers, this article will be shown to that British Member of Parliament, so maybe you'd want to warmly welcome him through our comments section. That's if he'll consider himself able to actually read on the same page as yourselves?           


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