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      Israelity! with Mark Kaplan
      by Mark B. Kaplan
      Mark Kaplan delivers his TV commentaries in the only way he knows—candidly, with a pinch of sarcasm, and straight from the heart.
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      Mark is the director of the Office for Israeli Constitutional Law (OFICL), advocating Jewish rights to all the Land of Israel under International and Domestic law and lectures and educates about Jewish legal rights.
      From 2002–2006, Mark was INN-TV's news editor, producer, and studio anchor, and he served as the General Manager of Israel Independent TV news from 2006-2009.

      Visit the OFICL web site at
      e-mail me:mkaplan@JusticeNow4israel.com

      Cheshvan 6, 5772, 11/3/2011

      Who Does Assad Think He's Threatening?

      Syrian Butcher Bashar Assad told the British Telegraph:

      "Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake."
      Does Assad really think he's so tough, or his he lashing out because he knows there's a noose already sized to fit around his neck?"

      Let us know what you think.

      Cheshvan 3, 5772, 10/31/2011

      It's time to halt the Arab rocket fire.

      Arab rocket fire against Israel has gone on for far too long. It's time for Israel to take bold action against the terror groups and, this time, finish the job.

      As a journalist, I've covered Kassam attack after Kassam attack and Katyusha attacks in the North and the South.

      No other counrty in the world would tolerate any group attacking its citizens in such a manner, why should Israel? 

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