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      Israelity! with Mark Kaplan
      by Mark B. Kaplan
      Mark Kaplan delivers his TV commentaries in the only way he knows—candidly, with a pinch of sarcasm, and straight from the heart.
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      Mark is the director of the Office for Israeli Constitutional Law (OFICL), advocating Jewish rights to all the Land of Israel under International and Domestic law and lectures and educates about Jewish legal rights.
      From 2002–2006, Mark was INN-TV's news editor, producer, and studio anchor, and he served as the General Manager of Israel Independent TV news from 2006-2009.

      Visit the OFICL web site at
      e-mail me:mkaplan@JusticeNow4israel.com

      Shevat 13, 5772, 2/6/2012

      Moshe Feiglin Tells Mark Kaplan Why He Won't Give In

      Despite Likud "tricks" to keep Moshe Feiglin from embarrassing Prime Minister Netanyahu in the January 31st party leadership elections,  Moshe Feiglin tells Mark Kaplan why those who are trying to hold him back are failing.]

      Because of time constraints, I had to edit out almost all of my commentary from today’s Israelity!, which is not a very “me” thing to do. So, read the rest below today's program.

      What I did not get to say is that I lived 35 years in Chicago before making aliyah in 2001.Chicago is called the Windy City, not because of its bitter weather, but because of its notorious collection of the political windbags.

      Having worked in television news in the Windy City, I’ve met many Chicago politicians. Needless to say, I understand how machine politics work.I also understand how elections work in Chicago.

      The former studio manager at the station I worked at in the early 90s once related what had happened when he went to vote. Upon giving his name to the election judge at the polling station, the judge went through the list of names and my former coworker saw his deceased uncle's in the file.

      My colleague said, “Hey, that's my uncle. He died years ago.”

      The judge answered, "Well, he's still voting every election."

      Yes, in Chicago, death is no excuse to stop voting.

      Apparently, the Likud has a similar policy, or at least according to what we are hearing, you don't have to be a registered voter to vote.

      On January 31, when Likud held its primary elections for the party leadership, Likud officials said, on the night of the elections,  that  Prime Minister Netanyahu’s challenger, Moshe Feiglin, received 36% of the votes.

      Amazingly, by the morning, the percentage of votes Fegilin received magically decreased to 24%.

      The Manhigut Yehudit faction is claiming many irregularities exist, including at least 500 more votes for Netanyahu in Beit She’an than there are registered voters in the town.

      I’ve personally seen how the Prime Minister will say and do whatever it takes to get his way. At the moment, he has given a strong verbal support for the communities in Judea and Samaria—at least in words. Is it really giving support by saying "settlements will continue." Of course, saying he supports settlements contradicts almost everything he has done since becoming Prime Minister. So, how can anyone believe the Prime Minister when he changes his policy, depending on who he is trying to please on any particular day.

      I asked Likud Knesset member Ayoub Kara that question.

      Kara was one of those labeled as “Likud Rebels” in 2005 for sticking to the true Likud ideology rather than support then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gush Katif expulsion plan.

      Kara answered:

      "The Prime Minister is the manager of a not simple coalition with a variety of widely differing opinions and worldviews. Once he will have more than 61 seats (in the Knesset), you will see other things that will satisfy what you want. I personally fight for your principles, and you know I paid with my Knesset seat (in 2006) to stop the Gush Katif expulsion plan. I cannot change attitudes, and that's why I'm a little behind, and some of my friends in the government have advanced ahead of me."

      If you want to play it safe in politics and advance politically, you ride the coattails of the popular leader, no matter how much you object to what he’s doing. But there are a few leaders, like Ayoub Kara, who have more integrity than that. As Kara stated, this has caused him to be left behind while other of his Likud colleagues have advanced.

      Moshe Feiglin is another Likud member who has been purposely held back by the Likud powers that be.

      Is that to Feiglin's benefit or loss?

      Shevat 7, 5772, 1/31/2012

      When Yesterday’s Friends Become Tomorrow’s Enemies

      Tevet 29, 5772, 1/24/2012

      Bibi or Erdogan: The Bigger Turkey Contest

      The French Senate passes bill recognizing the Genocide of Armenians perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks in 1915. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is furious.

      Israel knows they should do the same, but despite consistent Turkish attacks on Israeli policy by the Turks, Israel does not want to rock the boat.

      What's more important, doing the right thing or being diplomatically correct with a country that does not reciprocate?

      Tevet 27, 5772, 1/22/2012

      Why no indignation over challenges to our sovereignty?

      At a time when there is supposed to be a peace treaty in effect between Israel and Jordan, we need to be clear that there are red lines. Jordan speaks freely about how they want to see the political  map in the region look, but Israel refuses to rock the boat by standing its ground.

      According to an Arutz Sheva story: Jordan Returns Rivlin's New Year's Greeting...Why? Because it mentioned the capital of Jerusalem.

      “The Jordanian Foreign Ministry called in Israeli ambassador Daniel Nevo to protest the content of the greeting. “

      Excuse me, but, enough is enough,  Jerusalem belongs as an eternal inheritance for the Jewish People, it is not up for negotiation. Neither the Torah, Israeli Law, nor international law allows it to be given away.

      We should be protesting to Jordan over its official’s behavior which is much more than just an insult. We need to be firm and unyielding that they cannot act in such a manor or we will take diplomatic action.

      We need to stand our ground. When we don’t, we are not only considered weak, but we are weak.

      We risk becoming the Israeli version of what Martin Niemöller described of the intellectuals during the Holocaust:

      First they came for the communists,

      and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,

      and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews,

      and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

      Then they came for the Catholics,

      and I didn't speak out because I was Protestant.

      Then they came for me

      and there was no one left to speak out for me.

      (oops, I just used Holocaust symbolism again. I know I will receive some nasty e-mails now)

      The bottom line, folks—we must stand up for our rights and fight for their protection.

      There is a process:

      1) Self-identification   We must first be aware of what our rights are and understand that no one can violate out rights. Government is given its authority in order to protect our rights, not violate those rights.

      2) Interior education     We must make sure that Israelis, Jews and supporters of Israel worldwide are educated about the inalienable Jewish right to all the Jewish National Home and that these rights and our lands are not negotiable nor are they up for grabs

      3) Pressure on Israel’s Government   As long as Netanyahu knows his premiership is safe, he will not change his policy. If he sees a genuine threat to his rule whether it be from Moshe Feiglin, Avigdor Leiberman, Tzipi Livni, or any other party (from whichever side of the political spectrum the threat comes) Bibi won’t change. We need to raise a political movement that can force Netanyahu to send Ehud Barak home, or we will send Netanyahu home.

      4) Enforce limiting High Court powers to matters based on existing Law   Awareness and pressure to keep political questions away from the High court, and only allow them to rule on strict interpretation of law. How is it that there is a different rule of law in YESHA then in the rest of Israel, when Israeli law (1948 Area of Jurisdiction and Powers Ordinance) requires all Eretz Yisrael/Palestine territory under Israeli control be treated equally?

      5) Educate international Population   The world needs to know we have rights and we won’t back down or allow our rights to be violated.

      6) Back the demand with political  and lawfare action   Create a united political front to pass legislation to reinforce the rights of the Jewish People to Eretz Yisrael and fight the existing policy that violates the existing laws and use the legal system to fight the  violations of Israeli law.

      Tevet 24, 5772, 1/19/2012

      Danny Danon tells Israelity! What to Do with Tibi

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