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      by Baruch Gordon
      A refreshing and optimistic view on Israel, Torah and events.
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      Baruch Gordon founded the Arutz Sheva-IsraelNationalNews.com website in 1995 and directed its English Media Department for 14 years. Baruch studied and taught at the Bet El Yeshiva Center, later serving as Dean of its Program for Overseas Students and Program for IDF Veterans. 

      Baruch is certified by the Dor v'Dor Institute to counsel married couples and prepare hatanim for marriage.

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      Tevet 26, 5773, 1/8/2013

      Israel Beer and Wine Festivals in January 2013

      If you're in Israel now, don't miss the Beers 2013 festival taking place today and tomorrow (January 8-9, 2013) at the Nokia Stadium in Tel Aviv.

      Regular beers are kosher, but the flavored ones may need a hechsher (Kashrut supervision).

      Just as Israeli wineries started a revolution just over a decade ago producing wines that are winning international competitions, so too, the Israel brewery revolution is now at its beginning stages. Click here for more info. 60 NIS entry gets you a beer mug and 5 tastes. Buy 5 more tastes for 30 NIS.

      And since we mentioned wine, make a note on your calendar to attend...

      Click here for the continuation...

      Tevet 19, 5773, 1/1/2013

      Naftali Bennett Answers: What Do We Do With the Arabs?

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      The Jews of Israel are struggling against the entire world for national liberation and the right to live with freedom and dignity in the whole of our land. The two-state solution is nothing short of an act of Western imperialism against the indigenous Jewish population which has maintained a presence in Israel for thousands of years.

      Proponents of this struggle must face head on the question: what do we do with the large Arab minority (1.65 - 1.8 million) in Judea and Samaria?

      Naftali Bennett, front runner in the new combined Jewish Home - National Union Party, released a video to answer this question. 

      Click here for the continuation and video


      Tevet 10, 5773, 12/23/2012

      Kabbalist Calls for Jews to Go To Israel

      A Kabbalist Elder in Bnei Brak told his students on Friday, Dec.21, 2012 that time is running out for Diaspora Jews to return to the Jewish State.

      Rabbi Eliyahu Leon Levi of Bnei Brak
      Delivering a lecture at the Kotel

      Rabbi Eliyahu Leon Levi, a 73-year-old sage of Turkish Jewish descent who continues a tradition of Kabbalah from his grandfather and father, issued a passionate cry for the Jews of the United States to purchase homes in Israel and begin planning their move. He said that just like in Iran before the Shah was ousted, the Jews were prospering...

      Click here for the continuation of this story.

      Tevet 1, 5773, 12/14/2012

      Boxing Title Becomes Hanukkah Battle for Bet El Boxer

      It happened at Armenia’s prestigious Demirchyan Sports Complex. Ten thousand people crowded the stands on November 25th for the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Youth World Boxing Championship - thousands remained outside for lack of space.

      Young contestants from 70 nations flew in for the event. Israel sent a small delegation of some eight boxers, each the national champion in his weight class.

      Click here for the boxing video and continuation of this amazing, true story!

      Kislev 22, 5773, 12/6/2012

      Full Video: Michele Bachmann on Israel - Dec. 2012

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