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      by Ben Bresky
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      The Israel Beat blog is a place for poetry submission, concert announcemnets, upcoming shows and musings on Jewish music. The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast brings you live in-studio performances with up and coming Israeli musicians as well as interviews with the stars of the Jewish music world. Plus your music requests and the free CD give-away air live on the show. Past interviews have included Matisyahu, Avraham Fried, and Miri Ben-Ari. The Beat with Ben Bresky broadcasts live every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio. For more info email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com.

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      Tishrei 6, 5770, 9/24/2009

      Poetry Submission: Yom Kippur - The Shofar's Yearnings

      The Shofar’s Yearnings
      by Michal Mahgerefteh

      As the day draws closer
      my thoughts muddle, would
      the Day of Pardon consider
      my choice of offering, inner
      reflection, for the slaughter
      and the dashing blood?

      Since birth the tassels
      of the talit swing between
      the poles of the Ha-Aaron,
      leading the way into the
      forest of symbols, basking
      in its sheltering revelations.

      As I light the yiskor candles
      I hear piyyutim from the bowl
      of the earth, think of the angels;
      no enmity among  them.

      The verse from Sefer Tehillim,
      “a man [is] slightly less than
      the angels” surely has been
      lost in translation as I’m lured
      by the Three Trees tempted
      to taste   Birth   Life   Death.

      Enfolded in awe, I pace
      the synagogue’s steps ready
      to invoke the shofar’s tekiot
      as it weave loops of ashamnu
      brought forth by hearty viduyyim
      belted in sanctified writings.

      O' God, hear my pardon,
      Amen Ve Amen - Strike!


      Michal Mahgerefteh is an award-winning poet and artist. She is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Poetica Magazine, Reflections of Jewish Thought, www.poeticamagazine.com Her debut poetry collection, In My Bustan is now available through her web site, www.michalmahgerefteh.com.

      # # #

      To submit your poem of Jewish and/or Israeli content email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com with the subject line: Poetry Submission.

      Tishrei 4, 5770, 9/22/2009

      Poetry Submission: The Two Walked - Ilan & Assaf Ramon

      Dedicated to the memories of Ilan & Assaf Ramon
      by Esther Lixenberg-Bloch 

      There was a space of time between the two
      who went so knowingly together.
      The space that clamoured for their presence, knew
      how intertwined their fates would be forever.
      The task commanded, tested faith: Be true,
      and all adversity you'll weather.

      A distant view. His eyes saw far ahead
      and up to heights unknown before to man.
      “Your only son...” the voice had said.
      He did not query what or why the plan,
      but steadfast in belief, his tread
      led on to where our history began.

      The two walked silently, in par
      with dawn-touched creatures, stirring only now from sleep:
      Each scuttling lizard's footprint, an earth’s star;
      each snake coiling in waves, made paths to leap;
      the honing eagle, watching from afar,
      restrained her talons, stilled her descent steep.

      Along the way, a roaring river set its traps
      in white-frothed fists that punched and pummeled rocks;
      and though His black-winged servant urged collapse,
      and tried to shred his faith with blows and knocks,
      the path led on and up; perhaps
      to qualify our lives with paradox:

      Father and son - now sacrificed together.
      Time encapsulated, nulling rift of years.
      Command internalized – their mutual tether,
      like father and son before. They knew no fears.
      Embracing in His presence, no cords can sever
      their bond, enclosed in a sea of endless tears.

      # # #

      To submit your poem of  Jewish and/or Israeli content email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com with the subject line: Poetry Submission 

      Elul 28, 5769, 9/17/2009

      Poetry Submission: On Forgiveness – Erev Rosh Hashanah


      On Forgiveness – Erev Rosh Hashanah
      by Sarah Feld
      After struggling to be conceived,
      the spirit of forgiveness
      is passionately born
      in the appointed season
      In Elul
      it becomes a relentless force
      if we treasure
      our soul’s redemption
      HaShem, in this world
      of optical delusions
      help us
      to let go
      of our ego, pride
      and self- righteous anger
      Please HaShem,
      guide us to accept others
      Let Your Loving Light
      permeate our consciousness
      inspiring us
      to love – and forgive
      And please, G-d protect us
      in Your judgment
      in the coming
      awe-inspiring, Holy days 


      To submit your poem of  Jewish and/or Israeli content email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com with the subject line: Poetry Submission 

      Elul 27, 5769, 9/16/2009

      Poetry Submission: Wing Man - for Assaf Ramon

      by Phil Hermann

      There is a solitary beauty in solo flight

      Flying free with no one there just you alone

      A t first sight alone might feel right yet it's like flying with a part of the sky being out of sight

      A wingman brings life to that death's night

      Father, for too long you have flown alone

      Always with a dark spot where the light that should have shone

      Turn now and see that light shining bright both day or night

      Your son is here and his wing is now and forever tight

      Both now forever flying safe always in total light

      Silver wings now angels gold as father and son fly forever together never again to be alone


      To submit your poem of  Jewish and/or Israeli content email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com with the subject line: Poetry Submission

      Elul 25, 5769, 9/14/2009

      Poetry Submission: Elegy for Captain Assaf Ramon

      Elegy for a Posthumous Captain (for Assaf Ramon)
      by Brandon Marlon

      How bitterly Israel’s heroes are felled and fallen!
      Like sovereign Saul and loyal Jonathan
      Projected in the air above Bet She’an
      Dynastic champions are again claimed by greedy skies

      How bereft is the Hebrew tribe of its defenders!
      When its finest are tragically short-lived
      Like the sages of old in Latin times
      Spared the horrors still to come

      How dark is this hour among Jacob’s tents!
      We are all tempted to out-weep our mother Rachel
      Yet somehow the anguish is utterly too much
      Piercing the heart like an F-16 through the sound barrier

      How much ash must be doused upon Israel’s head?
      How deep should the gash in the garment be?
      Woe to the nation losing father and son…
      …from the heights of Gilboa to the hills of Hebron!

      To submit your poem of  Jewish and/or Israeli content email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com

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