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      by Ben Bresky
      Poetry submissions, concert announcements, Israeli and Jewish music news, interviews and new CD reviews.
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      The Israel Beat blog is a place for poetry submission, concert announcemnets, upcoming shows and musings on Jewish music. The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast brings you live in-studio performances with up and coming Israeli musicians as well as interviews with the stars of the Jewish music world. Plus your music requests and the free CD give-away air live on the show. Past interviews have included Matisyahu, Avraham Fried, and Miri Ben-Ari. The Beat with Ben Bresky broadcasts live every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio. For more info email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com.

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      Tammuz 22, 5769, 7/14/2009

      Poetry Submission: Israel Stands Alone

      Israel Stands Alone
      by Shifra Hoffman
      It's time to face the facts at last,
      To see the die which has been cast...
      For after all is said and done
      "There's nothing new under the sun"
      Israel is condemned by all
      Nations large, and nations small
      All join hands to heap their scorn
      On the Jewish state...reborn!
      The British sent their willing knave 
      To lecture us "how to behave"
      These paragons of humanity
      Who held Jews under lock and key
      The Soviets say :nyet, nyet, nyet"
      Israeli oppresion we cannot let
      Whose notorious iron gate
      Prevented Jews to emigrate
      Of French honor we surely know
      As their vichy records show
      Then,perhaps Israel should heed
      Germany's "moral word and deed"
      Of course, there's always the U.S.A.
      To whom we look to "save the day"
      Can it be...our only "friend"
      Joins all the others in the end?
      Oh, foolish Jews, have you not learned
      As far as this old world's concerned
      If Israel were to disappear
      These nations would not shed a tear
      For that which torah sages knew
      Proves time again to be so true
      Except for G-d, it's clearly shown
      Israel...stands alone!

      Tammuz 22, 5769, 7/14/2009

      Poetry Submission: Yehezkel Laing

      I Was Holding On To You
            By Yehezkel Laing
      In the darkest days of Europe
      When God hid his face from man
      The Nazi fiends built killing camps
      To fulfill their master plan
      And on one night in one of these camps
      The Nazi commander proclaimed
      All the prisoners must dig a pit
      And then they'll be a game
      This game could not be won
      It could not even end in a tie
      All prisoners must jump the pit
      And those who failed would die
      A very odd couple of friends
      Stood quietly and heard this news
      One pious and old the other bare head and young
      Both with the star of the Jews
      We'll never make it across that far
      Said the younger man to the old
      The cards of our fate have been dealt to us
      I think its time to fold
      It's forbidden to take one's own life
      Said the older man to the youth
      Even just to live one more second
      Before we reach the world of truth
      So if its dig a pit and jump across
      That they command the Jew
      Dig the pit and jump across
      Is exactly what we must do.
      They dug and dug for hours
      Till their bodies started to slump
      All to make this enormous hole
      Which they knew they could not jump
      Then the Nazis lined the prisoners up
      And the friends were told to run
      Towards this hole they could not cross
      So the fiends could have their fun
      As their tired feet pushed off the ground
      Their hearts made a thunderous thumping
      Yelled the Rabbi to his friend
      This is it! We are juuuuum-ping!
      With their eyes shut tight
      And their hearts in their throats
      They rose up into the air
      And time for a second froze in its place
      And Heaven seemed to stare
      And when at last, they opened their eyes,
      Certain that they had died
      They found themselves, safe and sound,
      On the other side
      How did you manage to do it?!?
      Asked the skeptic man to his friend
      One old man couldn't make this leap!
      It must take the strength of ten!
      Not I alone made the leap
      I could never do something so bold
      But called to Heaven in my forefathers' name
      Their coat tails I took hold
      And how in the world did you make the leap?
      Asked the bearded Jew
      Simple said his bare head friend
      I was holding onto you.

      Tammuz 22, 5769, 7/14/2009

      Wanted: Your Jewish / Israeli Poetry!

      The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast will once again feature listener submitted poetry for the 3 Weeks period. Please email your poems of Jewish and / or Israeli content to bbresky@israelnationalradio.com with the subject line: Poetry Submission. If we like it, you will have the opportunity to read your poem live on the air. "The Beat with Ben Bresky" airs live every Tuesday at 5pm Israel time on Israel National Radio and is available as a podcast. For archives click here: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Radio/Author.aspx/1180

      Tammuz 17, 5769, 7/9/2009

      Poetry Submission: Svietka Ora - Fallen Kingdom

      Fallen Kingdom
      by Svietka Ora

      After signing of a “war” treaty Oct.16,1993

      Sitting alone
      On top a Judean mountain,
      Looking down and beyond,
      Feeling like an ancient queen,
      Loving the kingdom-
      She is about to loose.
      Looking up
      To the calmness of the sky,
      Touching the stars as they stare back,
      Bleeding like an ancient warrior,
      Loving the country-
      He just lost in the battle.
      Standing un-sturdy
      In the dune sands of a dream,
      Grabbing the winds of a loss,
      Crying like an ancient people;
      Loving the land
      They sold to the butcher,
      Pound by pound-
      Never to nurture it again.


      He Has Giveth (Yom Ha’Zikaron)
      by Svietka Ora

      He gave you fluffy clouds
           As reminder of my hugs.
      He gave you big trees
            To conceal yourself from the enemy.
      He gave you cold streams to bath in
            After a knight’s long march.
      He gave you rain
            To mix in with your tears.
      He gave you smiles of children
            To remember in combat.

      He gave you the moon and the stars
            To guide you in your battle.
      He gave you the smell of earth
            As a reminder of your roots.
      He gave you a power of choice
            As in which unit you shall serve.
      He gave you a nation
            To belong to and fight for.
      He gave you a country
            To die for.
      I am not Him!
      I can only give you
      Yellow flowers
      For your grave.


      If you would like to submit your poetry of Jewish and / or Israeli content, email bbresky@israelnationalradio.com

      Tammuz 16, 5769, 7/8/2009

      Tzfat Klezmer Festival 2009

      The annual Tzfat Klezmer Festival will be held this year August 10th - August 12th 2009. Although I don't have a complete schedule yet, I just recieved the program for the Beirav Synaogue performances which will include, as usual Israel National Radio's own Binyamin Shmuel Nakonechny.

      Songs andf stories of Shlomo Calebach - Beirav in Gan Ha'ir Park

      Monday: Aaron Razel, Rabbi Eyal Ya'akobovitch, Binyamin Steinberg
      Tuesday: Yehudah Katz of Reva L'Sheva, Shlomo Katz, Meir Glazer
      Wednesday: Chaim Dovid, Ben-Zion Solomon, Binyamin Nakonechny

      Also performing will be Udi Davidi, Adi Ran, and of course, countless klezmer musicians from around the world.

      For more info visit www.beirav.org
      And our photo essay from a previous year: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/107187

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