Shiur:Rebbitzin Yemima Mizrachi

On Leil Hoshana Rabba, Rebbitzin Yemima Mizrachi, gave her first Torah lecture in English to English-speaking women at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem.

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לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7

On Leil Hoshana Rabba, Rebbitzin Yemima Mizrachi, gave her first shiur in English to over 160 English speaking women at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem. 



Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, an influential speaker in Israel, has attracted hundreds of women from all around the country to her shiurim, and the English-speaking community has shown great interest in her lectures as well. 
Rivka Segal, the director of L'ayla, a learning program for women at the OU Israel Center, relates, "Many people have heard of Rabbanit  (Rebetzin) Yemima Mizrachi in the Hebrew-speaking community. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to introduce her to the English-speaking community at the OU Israel Center."
During the lecture, the Rabbanit Mizrachi stressed the importance of "Maor Panim", literally "radiant face" , and meaning a person who welcomes others with joy and sincere friendliness and  whose bright  face reflects that warmth of feeling . She explained that according to the Vilna Gaon, the War with Gog U'Magog will take place on Hoshana Rabba and only those with Maor Panim will be saved. 
Rabbanit Mizrachi, a Sephardi Jew, incorporated humor in her lecture, quipping, "Americans have it, (Maor Panim) I have to say! The  Mashiach is American … Sephardi of course." %ad%

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