The Quiet is Deafening

Quite suspiciously the world is relatively quiet in its hobby of ranting against and condemnation of Israel...The quiet is deafening...Time to get to work before it is too late.

Marc Prowisor,

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Arutz 7

The quiet is deafening.  Quite suspiciously the world is relatively quiet in its hobby of ranting against and condemnation of Israel.  Even the new Caliphate of the EU remains disconcertingly still. 

Of course barely anyone has what to say regarding the latest provocation by Hezbollah, sorry I meant to say, the Lebanese Army, against Israeli troops on the northern border.  The UN for some strange reason actually spoke out against Lebanon, which is again, very suspicious.

The pressure now is supposedly on Abbas to start in with direct talks with Israel; maybe that is the cause of this entire ruckus?  We wouldn’t want to disturb his thought process, as he figures out a way to continue to deceive the world and the Arabs into continuing the cash flow to his “virtual entity”, and keep his puppet government around under the threat of Hamas.

Even the Left Wing demonstrators, J Street, American Friends of Peace Now and all of the others have toned down their actions so as not to create more waves than necessary, less they, G-d forbid, shake the boat too much and cause Abbas and his henchmen to get confused and show the world that they (all of them) really are not interested in a peaceful coexistence with a Jewish State or Jews, heaven forbid.  

Even a bit more worrisome are the reports that Haim Ramon and Kadima, supposedly with the backing of President Peres, are advising the Arabs not to negotiate with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Hmmmm.

With all of these actors in this play acting in near perfect sync like a well choreographed musical, it might well lead one to think that there is someone behind the scenes, pulling the strings, or yanking the cords.  I wonder who has been footing the bill for this production?

On the other side, we continue to see more and more Jews, both from Israel and the outside waking up to this façade. I marvel at the ever-growing amount of Israeli Media people warming up to Yehuda and Shomron. More Jews are beginning to ask their “leaders” from the Conservative and Reform movements why they have abandoned their homeland and their history, and have been asking to come out, once again, to see where they come from.

Of course this is a major pain for the Israeli Left Wing, and they do their utmost to hide it, and act against it. Of course they have no limit to funding, as long as oil can be made into gasoline, so I am told.

Many of the local Arabs are even getting tired of the charade of their own and the world, and are indeed upset at the way they have been led down the wrong path again and again. So many of them long for when we were at “war” with them; at least then they could travel around Israel, at least then millions of Israeli (Jewish) dollars flowed into Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and the other major cities of Yehuda and Shomron every weekend, and of course they did not have to pay taxes. There were fewer acts of terror and much more cooperation between Jews and Arabs, not perfect, far from it, but still, much better than post-Oslo.

But that was war, and not peace, like we have now.

This quiet still disturbs me.

I have yet to see anyone work towards a true peace in this region that includes the basic rights of Jews to live here, only towards the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their historical homeland. The activists on the left side with their allies who dream of an Israel-free Middle East have no moral borders as they seek to wrench and displace over 300,000 (500,000 according to them) Jews from their homes and turn them into refugees. Lessons from the expulsion from Gush Katif fall on deaf ears, perhaps shedding light on ulterior motives behind that heinous crime.

Tensions are high, Hamas aches to show its muscle, Hezbollah boosts its ability to continue to kill Jews, and a mystery man fires missiles on Eilat, thank G-d not harming anyone in Israel.

Recent polls in Israel have shown that Israeli’s are waking up and realizing some of the mistakes made and working towards changing them. There is growing support for Yehuda and Shomron and realization that a possible expulsion and disengagement from Yehuda and Shomron would be a mistake, a big mistake… despite what you may read in Ha’Aretz.

The coming months may very well dictate changes in our everyday life, not just in Israel, but also all over the world.

We are waking up here. Wake up over there.

Time to get to work before it is too late.