Operation No More Jewish Victims

Shuki Sofer, the policeman killed this week by Arab terrorists, is mourned by his fiance, parents and all of Israel. There won't be a UN meeting on it, unless it is to blame Israel, as did Fatah leaders.

Marc Prowisor,

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Arutz 7

Another senseless murder of Jews in the heartland of Israel once again goes unnoticed by the
Killing Jews in Israel by the hands of Arabs is all right...

I am not surprised, why should I be?  Killing Jews in Israel by the hands of Arabs is all right, it is on the same level of Muslims killing Africans in Africa or of Muslims killing other Muslims in any other Muslim nation, it is ok, no problem, Status Quo.

The PA actually blamed Israel. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/news.aspx/138070

As a Jew, I have a problem that the world has always accepted that the death of, or the killing of Jews and acts of violence against Jews is not out of the norm.  Indeed, Jews have excelled at dying and being victimized throughout our “stint” in Europe in the past, now present and most probably the future.  We were even good at it during the pre State period in Israel.

We learned many valuable lessons on survival, you know, keep low, don’t bring to much attention to yourself, hide your identity, if attacked, don’t scream too loud about it, and so on.  We took these lessons with us on our travels as we settled in other nations and cultures and we thrived… sort of.

It seems that in Israel the Jewish people there aren’t smart enough to learn or remember these lessons, and it just doesn’t sink in.  For some reason, we just won't sit back while Jews are murdered, we have a bad tendency to react and respond, sluggish at times, but we will respond.

We yelled and continue to yell when attacked, but learned that nobody is listening, we tried bowing, but learned that it caused more damage and death, so we stopped (most of the time), we tried to hide our Jewish identity, but have been noticing that it only caused more enemies to come out of the woodwork, even amongst our own.

The fact that we aren’t keeping up with the norm of being weak and “nice” Jewish people seems to really upset the world, mind you, it even seems to upset many Jews outside of Israel.  They are apparently afraid of the attention they are getting from non-Jews.

I will not apologize that we are not as “smart” as our ancestors in Europe, and that we are bringing too much attention to our brethren around the world. 

I will not apologize that we will stand up to our enemies and not accept their rockets, bombings and ambushes.

I will not apologize that we will not let Anti-Israel activists who would rejoice in our destruction, supply our enemies and assist them in their evil task.

For over 62 years we have been showing the world that Jews will not make good victims anymore, that we will fight back, we are not going to stop now.

No More Jewish Victims

(look for Operation: No More Jewish Victims on the web)