Mishpatim: The Angels Among Us

On Sunday, the Ohel Ari Bet Knesset and Learning Center will be dedicated in memory of Rabbi Weiss' son, Ari Hy'd, who fell defending our people. Each IDF hero is "a sapphire brick..pure and bright as heaven" at the feet of Hashem.

Rabbi S. Weiss,

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Arutz 7

Our Sedra of Mishpatim shows Judaism's "sensitive" side. How we must respond to the needs of the poor, the widow, the orphan, the disenfranchised, even the slave and members of the animal kingdom.

But the Sedra's closing section seems, at first, to be of a completely different flavor. It contains several mysterious
"With this blood, the covenant is now sealed between you and Hashem."
episodes: First, Hashem says, "I am sending an Angel to protect you; respect
him, for My name is in him."

Then Moshe sends the youth of Israel to bring offerings; the blood of their sacrifice is sprinkled over the people and Moshe declares, "With this blood, the covenant is now sealed between you and Hashem."

Finally, Moshe, Ahron and the elders see a vision of G-d: Under His feet is a sapphire brick, whose essence is as pure and bright as Heaven. What does it all mean?

To me, the message is as clear as day - do you not see it? Who are the Angels among us? Who are the youth of Israel who protect us, who embody the finest attributes of Hashem - such as courage and Mesirat Nefesh - whose blood is sprinkled on the nation at large?

These can be no other than the proud young men and women who wear the uniform of the Israel Defense Forces, who selflessly place their lives on the line every day to defend Am Yisrael. G-d's name is in each and every one of these children, and it is in their merit, I am absolutely convinced, that we continue to frustrate the evil designs
of millions of our enemies who would destroy us, G-d forbid. In their z'chut the Yeshivot flourish, the tourists visit, the land blooms. These angels in green, these green kids who trade school bags for M-16s, are the single greatest source of pride in Klal Yisrael, the righteous Tzadikim of this generation.

Chazal comment that the sparkling blue brick under Hashem's throne was there to remind Him of the pain and suffering we endured in Egypt, when the cruel Egyptians would place Jewish babies in the wall when their parents'
These green kids who trade school bags for M-16s, are the righteous Tzadikim of this generation.
quota of bricks was not fulfilled. Each time G-d started to lose patience with Bnei Yisrael, He would take out that brick. Remembering our self-sacrifice, His attribute of Mercy would take hold and He would forgive us.

So, in reality, the end of the Parsha isn't so different in tone from the 53 Mitzvot enumerated earlier. It continues the same theme: Be sensitive and appreciative of others, especially those who serve us and risk their lives for us. Heroes like our son Ari zt"l, who fell in battle against Hamas terrorists and in whose memory we dedicate the Ohel Ari Bet Knesset and Torah Learning Center this Sunday IY"H.

They are the Heavenly bricks from which this great nation of ours is built.