The Layman's Guide to Summits

The principles here are very simple.

Moshe Feiglin

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Throughout the years, we have suffered through all kinds of summit meetings. On the surface, the Netanyahu-Obama-Abu Mazen summit in New York was just a yawn. But under the surface, a new summit dynamic is developing.

In the past, Israel's leaders agreed in principle to surrender land and to halt settlement activity. But then they
Israel's prime minister has decisively implemented the land-for-peace principle.
would enter into lengthy negotiations, in which they would attempt to delay and minimize the implementation of this principle. Today, Israel's prime minister has decisively implemented the land-for-peace principle and has completely strangled the settlements in Judea and Samaria. But for Israeli ears, he says that he does not accept the demand to halt settlements.

In the past, American presidents accepted the Jewish nation's right to its own state as a given, but did not make any declarations of that nature. Today, the American president opposes setting the right of the Jewish nation to its own state as a precondition for negotiations. But in his speech to Israeli listeners, he does actually say the words "Jewish state".

The right of the "Palestinian nation" to its own state, on the other hand, is a precondition. There is really no need to argue the point. Binyamin Netanyahu already accepted this precondition in his speech at Bar-Ilan University.

The principle that surfaces here is very simple: land for words.

To analyze the results of the three-way summit, we need to understand the goals of its participants.

What does Abu Mazen want?

Abu Mazen, (who holds a Soviet doctorate for his Holocaust denial thesis) wants to destroy Israel - just like every other Jew-hater in the world. Like every reasonable Muslim Arab who lives in Dar Al-Islam (a.k.a. the Middle East) that is polluted by the Zionist entity, Abu Mazen would also be pleased to carry on with the murders, rapes and mutilations that we all remember from the Arab riots of 1929, 1936, Israel's War of Independence, and from every opportunity that the Arabs in the Land of Israel have had to express their unique talents.

But in the meantime, Abu Mazen's immediate goal is to perpetuate the current situation. At the present, he needs Israel to prevent the Hamas from taking over Ramallah and throwing him off a local rooftop. He also has to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state - at any price. Why? Because in addition to all the honor and authority that he enjoys even now as "head of state", he would actually have to take responsibility for the Arabs of Judea and Samaria. Abu Mazen is not a pushover. He knows that as soon as there is "peace" he will interest no one. What will he do then? Take care of the sewage problem in Bir Zeit?

In other words, Abu Mazen wants to see Israel destroyed, but slowly enough for him to use it to his own advantage.

What does Barack Obama want?

The places in which Obama grew up and was educated, the mentors and events that, as per his own testimony, shaped his personality and world view - do not leave room for sweet speculation. Obama is a dangerously radical leftist who willingly subjugates himself to the most fundamentalist Islam. Egypt's Hosni Mubarak did not even attend Obama's speech in Cairo University because Obama insisted on seating representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in the front row.

Obama wants to deconstruct American values and to appease all the dictators of the world - first and foremost, of the Moslem world - at Israel's expense.

What does Netanyahu want?
This is the hardest question. The analysts in Israel can't seem to decide if Netanyahu would like to retreat but cannot, or if he can retreat but does not want to. From an ideological viewpoint, we do not know who Netanyahu is; he probably does not know either. But that is not the main question.

Netanyahu is motivated by the mentality upon which the State of Israel was established. The State of Israel wants to be a normal country like all other countries, home to a nation like any other nation. To accomplish that, the Israeli leader needs to keep up normal relations with the US and the Western world. The paradox is that the more that Israel surrenders its strategic and tangible assets (its land, settlements, army checkpoints), as well as its
Abu Mazen wants to perpetuate the current situation.
principles (recognition of our very right to a Jewish state), the more that the nations distance themselves from her. The more that we surrender our unique identity and destiny, the more that we insist that we seek only peace - the more that we become an international pariah.

Yet Netanyahu cannot escape Oslo. The concepts of holiness, of Israel's uniqueness and of Jewish rectification of the world, are completely foreign to him. All that he can do is to continue to play the peace game, to hedge his bets that Abu Mazen will back down first and to hope that the cancer of illegitimacy in the eyes of the nations will not come to a head during his term in office.

In summary: Abu Mazen wants to perpetuate the current situation; Obama wants to appease Islam; Netanyahu wants the US and the West to stop pressuring Israel.

The only one of the three who will get exactly what he wants is, of course, Abu Mazen.