The Shameless, Deadly Silence

Do not waste your time with your petitions.

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Dr. Arash Irandoost,

Arutz 7

Many of you have been busy circulating numerous petitions to the United Nations regarding the brutality of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Please do not waste your precious time any longer, hoping for a miracle to happen from this incompetent, corrupt, anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic organization. Since June 12, 2009, despite numerous
The Iranian people are simply hopeless and helpless, and the United Nations does not come to their rescue.
petitions signed by Iranians and submitted to the UN, there has not been any strong condemnation from this pro-Islamist organization regarding the criminal conduct of the medieval Islamist regime against its own citizens.

Don't just take my word for it, please do your own research on this organization and how it functions. The UN is an organization rife with incompetence, corruption and mismanagement.

The Iranian people are simply hopeless and helpless, and the United Nations does not come to their rescue. Mass public hangings, as well as secret executions in prisons, are routine in the tyrannical Islamic Republic of Iran. From its past performance, or rather its absence of performance, we know that the UN watchdog is a true disgrace to dogs, since all it does is eat, sleep and look the other way. Furthermore, the dog has no teeth. The vet had to pull all its teeth before the dog became acceptable to the crafty cats that constitute the UN itself.

The founding purpose of the UN was to "bring peace and prosperity to the people of the world." In the age of terror and blatant human rights violations by many countries, such as Burma, China and Iran, the UN has failed miserably to meet its obligation and its purpose. The UN programs which were set up to help the Palestinians over the past half-century, have not only failed to produce decent lives, but have helped create a culture of hate and violence - fueled in large part by the UN's own anti-Israel agenda. It is not uncommon to hear anti-Israeli rhetoric in the hallways of the United Nations.

You have heard frequent complaining and condemnation from the UN that the self-admitted terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo are being denied their human rights, or defenseless Palestinians are killed by Israeli soldiers; yet, the UN has no time to speak out against documented human-rights-violating thugs in Iran. The UN has ignored the alarming surge in assassinations, rapes, killings, torture and the massive crackdown that the Islamic Republic has launched against pro-democracy activists.

The UN's never-ending silence on the crimes committed by the agents of terror in Iran is abhorrent. The UN has conveniently ignored the men and women being beaten, brutalized, raped and shot in the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities. The Security Council is silent; the Human Rights Council is silent; and no member state or any UN official has bothered to call for an emergency session to address these issues.

Why is the UN abandoning Iran's thousands of brutalized victims? Would Neda, Sohrab and Taraneh, and numerous other peaceful demonstrators, have been arrested, tortured, raped and killed if the UN had put the mullahs on notice, and expressed the world's outrage?

Pro democracy demonstrators are being killed daily by the paramilitary group, the Basijis and Hamas militias in Iran. Where is the UN? The UN was created and is committed in its charter to promote peace, freedom and "reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights."

The Islamic Republic also has started a nuclear program, not for peaceful purposes, as they claim, but only to prolong their unwanted existence long enough to get their hands on the bomb. Then they can feel invincible and continue their control over the armless Iranian people, and ultimately export their version of Shi'a Islam and terrorism around the globe.

Iran's regime is already in gross violation of a series of UN sanctions over a nuclear program the UN Security Council deems a threat to international peace. The same regime has now unleashed its security apparatus of
The UN is too cozy with Hamas terrorists and loathsome mullahs.
trained thugs and snipers on Iranian youth who have been, in huge numbers, demanding their basic rights. Surely, top UN officials such as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon should be leading the charge for liberty and justice, with the strongest possible condemnation and other measures against the mullahs.

But that's not happening. While Iranian protesters have been risking their lives to try to rid their country of immoral Islamic dictators, Ban Ki-moon congratulates Ahmadinejad, invites him to the UN General Assembly, and asks him to continue cooperating closely with the UN in addressing regional and global issues.

Do not waste your time with your petitions. The UN is too cozy with Hamas terrorists and loathsome mullahs. Do not expect any help from the UN; they are in cahoots with extremists and have deviated from their original human rights charter of treating the world as one human family.